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  1. I voted Dallas. I think the Blues would be better at matching up against our best players and neutralizing them. The Stars would try to outscore us and I think that's a battle we could win more easily. Gonna be watching tomorrow.
  2. The best game in the world is hockey. I hope the rest of the world realizes that fact after these next couple of months
  3. What's the over/ under on the playoff beards of Petey and Hughes. I'm predicting a dozen hairs between the 2 of them.
  4. Hey if you want to just make it like a regular game have a guy on standby with a groan button every time there's a close shot I was looking forward to hearing the players way more, but hey it's hockey in July with the Stanley Cup nowhere in sight. I'm really hoping the ice holds up into August, but with no people in the stands it should be ok.
  5. But I'm not just dreaming that though right?. The whistle blows and it gets quiet right away? I'm starting to trip out lol
  6. Are they pumping background noise into the arena? Sure sounds like there's a buzzing crowd sound effect going on...
  7. A placeholder gets 1st overall? Gross.