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  1. Markstrom is a brick wall this year. I focus on him a fair bit and he is taking away so much of the net that there isn't anything to shoot at.
  2. Raise your hand if you had as your forward lines. I love this lineup. Miller Petterson Boeser Ferland Horvat Virtanen Pearson Sutter Leivo Schaller Beagle Motte
  3. His time in the Czech league made him a defensive player, but he has always had the offensive talent to score when he's given the chance. This next 2 years is going to be amazing for our prospects.
  4. When a one line team ices none of it's top 6. We win! yay! Nice play from our team though. Greenie has this team on the same page and the structure is obvious when the players are executing.
  5. A bit of an over celly, but the kid deserves it. He is getting better. ALL the kids are getting better. Jim Benning has created an Army. Props to Botch.
  6. I'd give up 2 first rounders for Miller. Damn he's solid.
  7. @SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME just creamed his pants. Nice goal Jasek.
  8. Taking more of a regular shift today. I caught some of the game this morning and this kid is like a dog on a bone when he's anywhere near the puck. For an 18 year old to play like this is very impressive.
  9. There is someone taking high quality video of the game though. It shouldn't be an either or thing. The Canucks have their own youtube channel. It just seems lazy to not be streaming the video if they're shooting the game to piece together highlights for their website.
  10. Hoglander gets his 1st goal of the season. It's great to have another player to follow in the SHL. The atmosphere in those buildings is really fun to see. #21 in green is like a pitbull when the puck is near him and he isn't afraid to go to the corners to battle. His puckhandling is also very good and he's getting powerplay time. It's going to be great to follow him this season.
  11. The guys commenting on the action are at the rink. Sportsnet 650 is doing play-by-play on the radio. It's the best I could find.
  12. That's terrible news. What will CDC cry about all day today? I guess there's always Juolevi's knee and Boeser's contract.