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  1. Feel free to add you're favorite thoughts and videos of this or other games.
  2. Yup he is very good. He was the 4th line center during the US national team 2 years ago. Then he was the top line right winger to Jack Hughes after 1 game. Madden isn't a throw in and a 2nd rounder is a crazy add...
  3. nope. I love Toffoli. I just hate giving away Madden. That will prove to be a 1 vs 1 in the future. Not to mention that 2nd pick...
  4. Virtanen works with Petterson, because Petey's brain can compliment for Jakes speed
  5. Petey scores a lacrosse goal tonight. If he doesn't he's going to have a monster game.
  6. I'm not crying. You're crying.
  7. The Canucks covet speed and Bailey is top 5 in team speed easily. 6' 4" makes him a player at this level.