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  1. There there care bear. What is with you snowflakes thinking that people are stalking you? I couldn't possibly care less what you say or think unless you just keep repeating the same tripe over and over and using stat watching as a way of evaluating development.
  2. I heard the exact same thing on TSN radio yesterday. Are you one of those tards or just special all on your own?
  3. Bury your head in shame for the rest of your life. You suck for the rest of eternity and we will never let you forget it.
  4. Go make a Jim Benning sucks thread or wait until these players wash out of the league. It's way too early to be declaring that these kids are a failure and even disappointing.
  5. It gave this active volcano a jolt as well.épetl
  6. He still had the speed last year to get him to the open ice and do his chip and chase move off the boards, but he could only go for 30 seconds max. It's clear to me that he was doing too much power lifting and changed his body too much with slow twitch muscle. Now that he's training quick twitch muscle and endurance, he's looking like an NHL caliber player. It likely took him a whole year of proper diet and training to get himself into NHL game shape. It's a damn shame that the team isn't allowed to train the players directly in the off-season. Showing up to the gym 5 days a week doesn't mean jack if you're doing the wrong type of training.
  7. He was an extreme longshot to make the team out of camp and it is clear that the Liiga is the best place for him. He can essentially have a personal tutor from one of the best Canucks to have ever done it. I'm not concerned over his recent play and I hope he gets a chance to play with Tanev in the last few games and feel what it's like to be an actual NHL tandum.
  8. I've seen people say that it's an exaggeration to compare him to Laine, but that's the shot he most reminds me of. The Ovechkin spot has some new company and that's no exaggeration.
  9. Fun fact: for the 1st time in Jake's pro career he won't be the youngest player on the team. With age and experience he appears more mature in his personal life and his game. He is making better reads on the ice and his pinches, the way he is sealing the boards then releasing into the slot at the right times, proves that his time in the AHL taught him something. I know some will insist that IQ is inate and there is no way to learn the game beyond the level that you were born with, but I am seeing with my own eyes a player that has learned how to play the pro game. It must be a miracle. I seriously hope that he starts the year in Utica, because I saw something in the last game that I had never seen before and that is Jake on the penalty kill. I think it would be another valuable coaching tool that could be used to further increase his awareness and positioning that would translate to his 5on5 play.
  10. Did Goldy side step him and fish the puck out of the meathead's feet? cuz that sounds like a smart play to me. Gaudreau and Kane make a pretty good living shying away from contact.
  11. Not a star in the bunch, but I bet we make the playoffs this year. I'm always open to trades if they make sense. Even if they don't, I don't care. Good luck to all and to all good luck.
  12. Did we just become best friends? Yup...
  13. I knew who you meant just buggin. The truth is Neill was ok as the Captain of Sherbrooke, but when he got traded to Charlottetown, where Brisebois played, he was less than impressive. And that was his overage season. Not surprising that he didn't get picked up.