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  1. canuckledraggin

    [Speculation] Dahlen on the block?

    If you believe the Chicago would move on a young D thread, then I'd move him for Jokiharju. Tough to move on a guy with his potential though, it would need to be a good young D coming back.
  2. canuckledraggin

    [Report] Connor McDavid suspended 2 games

    Great hitting technique. Close eyes, turn head and hope for the best.
  3. canuckledraggin

    Quinn Hughes | D

    I know Sid has been saying that, but every other pundit is saying it's 10 games. I'd still like to know definitively what that rule is, because 10 games is manageable if we want to keep him under that number, but he will for sure get 1 game.
  4. canuckledraggin

    Quinn Hughes | D March 2 is their last game and they're not going to the Frozen Four tournament. *Edit. They still play in the Big Ten tourney after that so it's not certain when his season will end. it could be as early as Mar 8-10. and Mar 23 is the championship game if they make it that far.
  5. From "The 23-man roster limit is in place from the conclusion of the preseason until 12:01 am on the day of the NHL’s Trade Deadline. After that teams are allowed to have an unlimited active roster at the NHL level, provided players are signed to one of their 50 contract slots."
  6. @coryberg I'd keep him in Vancouver as insurance. No roster limits after Monday.
  7. No Kulbakov goes to the Zoo. Leighton and McKenna share the net.
  8. I think you're right. Looks like they haven't updated that yet. I'd still take McKenna though, then you have a spot for a College guy if they have any on their radar, which they should.
  9. We're only at 46/50 contracts and we likely don't re-sign 5 of our free agents next season. I doubt DSP makes it past Edmonton, but I'd definitely take McKenna back to give Utica a veteran pair in net for their playoffs.
  10. I've never seen a team with 12 forwards 7 defense and 4 goalies. They even have Neuvirth still on IR. I guess their going to hold onto them all and hopefully unload one or even 2 at the deadline? That's a strange one.
  11. canuckledraggin

    Kole Lind | RW
  12. canuckledraggin

    [Trade] Canucks trade Sam Gagner to Oilers for Ryan Spooner

    If he jumped in a car and started driving up the freeway from Bakersfield to San Jose, when he learned of the trade, he could be there already. I'd expect Goldy to get back in though.
  13. canuckledraggin

    Cory Schneider's Decline

    Schneider wins! Schneider wins!
  14. canuckledraggin

    The Goalie of the Future

    I'm the eggman