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  1. Toronto selects Oleg Zaitsev. @D-Money @Primal Optimist
  2. Hughes wants to emulate Keith is where that comes from. Minus the cheap shot to Daniel Sedin he is a prototype defenseman, who has an unlimited gas tank. A perenial all-star 2 time Norris winner. Yuck
  3. Think about what? The kid hasn't been to the playoffs yet and likely won't be for a couple more years. Also he plays defense and you didn't mention any defensemen as comparables. How about Tory Krug and Matt Grzelcyk. They seemed to do alright in the playoffs.
  4. Arizona here he comes. We'll take that extra 3rd you have in this year's draft.
  5. Toronto selects Simon Holmstrom @cunningham19
  6. And the following season, he and Markstrom will battle it out to see who gets traded. VGK picked a lot of goalies and defense in the expansion draft and I can see Seattle following suit.
  7. If Podkolzin is there at 10 you take him. He didn't score at the u-20 tourney,but he was a powerful, puck possession guy who was noticeable when he had the puck and Russia very rarely plays any 17 year olds. Apparently it's easier for an underage player to get out of a KHL contract, because they have provisions for players eligible for the draft. Newhook is a good straight line player, but I'm afraid he's a smaller version of Virtanen. That's just a feeling and I don't think that's entirely accurate, but it's a reality when players have a physical advantage in their league, like Newhook's skating.
  8. There are 7 different sizes of rink in the SM-Liiga 28m x 58m 2 arenas 28 x 60 3 arenas 28,5 x 60 1 arena 29 x 59 1 arena 29 x 60 2 arenas 30 x 58 2 arenas 30 x 60 2 arenas
  9. JB can't take credit for Bo and I was responding to a post about JB, but that is a huge piece to be gifted. Other than that the previous regime left him Hutton from the draft. Growing pains hurt, but this team is going to be a contender in a few years if they stay the course.
  10. I think he needs another year or even 2 to complete his vision of draft and develop. He inherited this team... Then this team somehow makes the playoffs and they realize, we have to get younger. Pettersson and Hughes are 1C and 1D and I have faith that Demko is a 1G. Virtanen and Juolevi are good complimentary pieces to go along with late rounders like Gaudette and Madden. Draft and develop is working and I would be upset if someone else came in and started trading away our young talent. The best teams are the ones who grow up together and I wouldn't trade anyone under 24.
  11. That AHL thing just isn't going to happen. He may have been better served by going to Utica for a conditioning stint, but he made huge gains in Vancouver and proved that flying across the continent to work out in a different gym, would have been a waste of time. If he had a provision in his entry level deal that the AHL was off the table, what would make anyone think that his next deal would be any different? I'm happy to hear that you're pulling for the guy. From most of what I've read in this thread, I thought you were against his return or had written him off. The potential of this guy is off the charts, but we are all just waiting to see what the next phase of his NHL career will look like.
  12. They already have Zaitsev and Marleau that want out, so that's 10 million right there. They still have Gardiner, Kapanen, Johnsson and Marner to get signed so something has to give.
  13. There's no risk if TO matches, we just end up screwing over the Leafs and make them pay a million more per year then they ordinarily would have. It's a no lose situation for an offer sheet. Pool party could be had for very little and teams will be smart to take advantage of the Oilers new GM and his willingness to make a deal.
  14. This will be the year of the offer sheet. I believe that Benning gained favor with Dubas this year with the minor deals they did this season. Either offer him the 2nd it will take to get him in compensation or just offer Kapanen the 4 mill+ that TO likely can't match. He's a top 6 forward for the Canucks and it would be a huge get for us.