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  1. Someone must have told Markstrom he's an all-star now.
  2. That's whose record McDavid beat. I think Petey is much faster than Hughes in a straight line. I'd like to see him in that race
  3. 3 on 3 was made for Quinn Hughes. He's gonna leave some jaws hanging for people who haven't got a look at this kid yet.
  4. It was like watching Petey deal back door tap-ins during his WJC and watching Alex Nylander whiff on them. I love the Burrows comparison for this guy. Awkward skating, plays hunched over with his stick on the ice and has great hockey IQ for a 200 foot game. I really think he is the perfect winger for Horvat.
  5. Ummmm What? It would be impossible to put the genie back in the bottle, when it comes to trying to take 100's of millions of guns away from US citizens. The problem with these shootings is mental illness not gun ownership. You don't honestly believe that the NRA is actively promoting gun violence do you? It's actually the opposite. If psychos are going to have guns, then regular law abiding citizens like the heroes in the video need to be armed as well. Their quick response time probably saved many lives. Watching the unedited footage gives you a good idea of what would happen if more people were armed and trained to defend themselves. The casualty rates of these mass shootings would significantly decrease with a well armed and trained public, but all it takes is 1 mentally ill individual with a gun to make everyone else look crazy.
  6. Cassy thinks she's doing a regional broadcast. It's fine and I'm assuming it's alot like listening to John Garret, who I also love.
  7. There's no way Tanev retires a team other than the Canucks. What a beauty. A healthy Tanev is a #2 on every team.
  8. The short pass Canucks is the best Canucks. Keep possesion and support each other. We need more Sedin magic on this team and they have the players to do it.