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  1. can someone please pm me a link to watch the game online? thanks
  2. Does anyone know how I can watch it online? I don't have cable.
  3. There have been many complaints about Dorsett's 2.65M and Prust's $2.5M contract. However, I argue that Benning knows what he is doing. Benning has been trying to create a team with more grit, heart, passion, and energy. He wants a "team" effort. In order to achieve that, you need to use a cap structure which has less spread between your star players and your fighters. In the Gillis era, fighters were paid minimal. What is there to fight for if you're earning $850K? You need to reward toughness and those who stick up for their teamates. When the team is being paid with more balance, I argue that those in the bottom 6 feel that they are worth more, hence they will contribute more. I'm not saying you overpay every 4th line fighter, such as Sestito, but when they play with grit, passion, and energy, you need to reward that. This will breed the right culture. Think about it. Why did Dorsett text Benning to thank him for Prust? That is a clear indication that our team lacks the toughness and "team effort". Of course, by paying your 4th line more, you have less $ for star players. So the tradeoff for teamwork, grit, heart, passion, and energy (Prust) is ultimately skill (Kassian). I'm not saying what Benning is doing is 100% correct, I'm just asking you to consider the other side of an expensive 4th line.
  4. Sedin Sedin Burrows Baertschi Bonino Vrbata Higgins Horvat Hansen Matthias Richardson Kassian Canucks in 4... GG
  5. [PGT] Canucks @ Kings

    Horvat's EN was icing on the cake! Suck it Kings!
  6. [PGT] Blue Jackets @ Canucks

    Vrbata, Bonino, Matthias have been invisible lately. Remember Matthias worked well with Richardson and Kassian last year? Sedin Sedin Vrbata Matthias Richardson Kassian Higgins Bonino Burrows Kenins Horvat Hansen
  7. Richardson

    This guy is the real deal. One of my favorite players. Check out the kick pass... He's so versatile. PK, faceoffs, on-ice vision, forechecking... definitely exceeds expectations as a bottom 6.
  8. we have gone 4-4-0 without Richardson. He provides consistency to our bottom 6 and we badly miss him on the PK and taking faceoffs. Excellent defensively, perfect for 3c. Even better for 4c.
  9. [GDT] Canucks and Penguins

    Burrows, Horvat, Dorsett 3 stars so far
  10. [GDT] Canucks and Penguins

    what's the linup? Sedin Sedin Burrows Matthias Bonino Vrbata Higgins Vey Hansen Dorsett Horvat Kassian scratched: kennins
  11. literally sanguinetti "a SHOT"
  12. we need to give sanguinetti a shot before veterans like salo
  13. When Kassian is back: Sedin Sedin Kassian Higgins Bonino Vrbata Matthias Richardson Hansen Burrows Horvat Dorsett Sedins need a net front presence and someone to work the boards
  14. [PGT] Canucks @ Canadiens

    horrible effort by the Canucks. They look dead tired.