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  1. I really like it tbh, but i'm perfectly fine with the current one. Can't wait for the 50th anniversary patch to be gone though.
  2. Ok, is this guy (and reaction videos in general) as cringy as i think he is or is it just me who's the bitter cynical idiot who can't enjoy things in life anymore?
  3. haha, &^@# Doughty :lol:



  4. ok, so after last night's huge win, we have 80 pts, having played 70 games. We're on a 2-game winning streak, let's push for 3.
  5. Rubik

    RE3 Remake

    didn't finish the game, but omg, this was the only game ever that really creeped me out / "scared me". Or i dunno, it wasn't actually that scary, but whenever Nemesis appeared i always got so nervous, i was just like "ok, game over dude" :D :D
  7. This guy owns like 200+ jerseys, so it's a good place to get ideas from.
  8. The Ducks are once again using their orange alternative on the road.  Yesterday in Vancouver, now in Calgary.

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      It's desperation sales for that market. Saw miles of tents/tent city homeless, a stone's throw from their beloved Honda Centre

    3. HerrDrFunk


      @Nuxfanabroad You can throw a stone from Skid Row to Anaheim? I'm impressed!

    4. Rubik




      oh, it makes sense now)

  9. Highlights of the 4OT Dallas game from 2007


    1) goddamn, i love these jerseys

    2) my favorite Luongo mask (+ the one from the 2010-11 season)

    3) at 2:47, that was kinda cool from Bulis

    4) at 9:47 louie louie