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  1. How can you choose that over this beauty?
  2. "When asked if there was a younger player in the league whom he admires, the Chicago Blackhawks centre did not hesitate to come up for an answer." It seems to me that he could've chosen anybody else...
  3. But yeah, pretty much the same, although I'm really curious what Fantenberg can bring to the table.
  4. Damn, I loved Lapierre's reaction.
  5. lol. I see it now. NHL's greatest dynasties: '70s Canadiens, '80s Islanders and Oilers, and the '20s Maple Leafs.
  6. Are there any jerseys of which you would prefer the white version?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. AlwaysACanuckFan


      North Stars too




    3. J-23


      The Islanders throwback white one would have looked sick if it didn’t have the orange and blue stripes

    4. thejazz97


      @AlwaysACanuckFan Whalers' blues were superior IMO


    1. Rubik


      I've been getting into baseball recently, and this channel is just &^@#ing awesome imo. :lol:

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      That 3 minutes is the only way I'd ever watch whatever league this is. Better than MLB by a long-shot.

    3. Rubik


      @Green Building Oh, but usually he talks about MLB. :lol: But it is crazy how fast his channel is growing. A month ago he had like 25k subscribers, now he has 221k. o.O Btw, why the hate for the MLB? :)



  8. Great contract for an 18-year-old kid.
  9. Bobrovsky was born on the 20th of September, 1988, while Markstrom was 31th of January, 1990. So there's really not much of a difference there.