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  1. Well, sadly the world has been always like this. The only change is the appearance of media/internet. Now you can hear from / read about every little nasty thing that's happening out there. And sometimes I wonder, do I really need to know about this? I don't mean to come off as an ignorant person, but reading about stories like this - and i don't know about you guys - but they make me really depressed in an "unhealthy way". And I stay in this mood for hours and I don't know... Every day it's either school shoothing, or suicide bomber, or god knows what... there's nothing i can do about it, and still, it makes me miserable, but at the same time I can't really avoid it. Obviously this doesn't compare to having acid thrown on your face, I'm just saying this takes a toll too.
  2. Movie junkies! Can you name me the source of the  music/spoken words (yt video, 10:01-10:10)? They sound so familiar, but I just can't remember which movie they're from. Thank you.



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    2. Bocivus


      The song.

    3. Rubik


      Thank you thank you thank you.

    4. Bocivus


      Glad I could help!

  3. [Signing] Blues sign Patrick Maroon

    It was a 7-minute 5 on 3, lol. And here's the scrum, though not as vicious as I expected.
  4. Name That Canuck!

    "Todd Bertuzzi #44, Mattias Ohlund #2 and Bryan Allen #5 of the Vancouver Canucks sit on the bench during the Brad May and Friends Hockey Challenge at the Pacific Coliseum on December 12, 2004 in Vancouver, Canada. Players from the NHL and the WHL Vancouver Giants played two exhibition games to raise money for Canuck Place hospice in Vancouver. Tonight was the first game Todd Bertuzzi has played in since he was suspended last season for punching Steve Moore."
  5. What was it? I missed it
  6. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Louis Domingue

    Because of you, I've just learned a new term. Thank you.
  7. Name That Canuck!

    A little explanation for those who are confused by the Giants jersey.
  8. Name That Canuck!

    Ohh right... :D But you might wanna reconsider your guess on the third guy.
  9. Name That Canuck!

  10. Name That Canuck!

    Is this the most badass photo ever taken or what?
  11. 2003 Playoffs goals



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    2. diesel_3


      That series was an absolute battle.

    3. RRypien37


      Ah...childhood days. This was back when the crowds actually made noise. Good times. 

    4. J-23


      Great times, always loved them simple jerseys as well. Looked awesome!

  12. Name That Canuck!

    I think you're right.
  13. Name That Canuck!

  14. Name That Canuck!

    Rory "almost an Allstar" Fitzpatrick?
  15. Name That Canuck!

    @-Vintage Canuck-