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  1. Ugh, as much as it kills me to say it, given what he had to work with compared to the others I would say it should go to Torts.
  2. BS. Yes we could and slaves didn't build the pyramids. It's been demonstrated numerous times that a team of skilled workers, with the technology of the day, could build a pyramid.
  3. Don't you think "There's thermal anomalies in the pyramid? It must be a power plant then!" sound a bit ridiculous to you?
  4. Actually I was talking about the pyramids producing energy. However if you actually read the link you just sent me, the answer given also discusses why the artifacts at Hueyatlaco shouldn't be considered reliable proof that humans were in the new world 250K years ago.
  5. Or Linden is just face palming that he even has to say it to satisfy some people. Most generally took the moves at the trade deadline as a clear sign that the rebuild was on.
  6. Underpants is a funnier word.
  7. Wow, that actually is huge considering the Canucks would usually get picked apart in the 3rd.
  8. Great analogy.
  9. Because Linden can't wave a magic wand and move every player over 30.
  10. There. He said it. Now everyone can stop getting their underpants in a knot because he wouldn't say the word "rebuild".
  11. I don't think anyone is saying he's the superior player now. Just pointing out that calling him the lesser Granlund seems premature.
  12. Considering what Markus was able to do with a bum wrist on a crappy team, I wouldn't be so quick to call him the lesser Granlund. Mikael is the better player at this moment but it'll be interesting to see how Markus develops over the next season or two.
  13. I'm fine with that. Gallant and Krueger were the only other coaches that interested me.