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  1. [VIDEO] Penguins Prospect Goalie Scores a Goal

    Is he really still considered a prospect at this point?
  2. Pretty much. Trump won't be around forever.
  3. Trump also blew off visiting Arlington cemetery on Monday. Instead he choose to tweet about the recount in the Florida election and demand that only ballots from election night be counted. As American service members vote via absentee ballot, and there can be delays in getting the ballots through the mail, Trump essentially called for the disenfranchisement of military members the day after Veterans Day.
  4. Not much else to report right now but Dreger is saying it's happening:
  5. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Bob’s on board (kinda). May Shotgun Jake be the NHL’s Yes! Movement.
  6. I'm guessing you're a PA on Breakfast Television.
  7. Oh, snap! Thanks for the reminder. Here I was just twiddling my thumbs at work.
  8. So I'm assuming you've never actually heard EP speak to the media before and are choosing to judge him on a quote you're taking the wrong way. I am amused at how seriously you carry yourself for a semi-famous person though.
  9. Why would I want to read a comic book about Brad Marchand and Kevin Nash?
  10. Man, that's like the absolute bare minimum for a president on Veteran's Day.
  11. NHL eyeing European expansion????

    The issue with that is, you essentially have to build an entire European league/division from the ground up in one go; as opposed to adding teams gradually. I just don't see how this can be feasibly done without a dramatic imbalance between North American teams and European teams.
  12. NHL eyeing European expansion????

    Yeah, I just don't understand how this would be feasible where travel is concerned. You think the Canucks have it bad? Imagine the western roadtrips for a team based in Sweden.
  13. Makes sense. I'd also prefer the government to be run by people who give a $&!# about the human cost of military actions; rather than using the military as a dog whistle to their base. Hell, veterans might actually get a decent support network from the government if more of them were in it.