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  1. Lol. "People are taking me to task for the dumb things I'm saying! I'm tired of it!"
  2. Fire can't melt steel? Christ almighty, son....
  3. I'm not invested enough to go looking for clips but watch 1:00 minute into the first video. It's not a blow up but I'm guessing Sessions isn't fun to be around when he doesn't get his way.
  4. Funny, Sessions seemed way more mad and flustered at Franken's questions than he did describing the events that lead to Comey's firing. It's almost as if Drew Liquerman and STOCK MONSTER might be editorializing things a bit.
  5. If nothing else, Brown seems committed to doing more than just making statements:
  6. From the way Virtanen tells it, that's the opposite of how things work between them. Green's never held back when he that Virtanen was deficient at something and Virtanen likes it that way.
  7. He probably gives himself a thumbs up and takes solice in the fact that he's able to provide his children with an extremely comfortable life.
  8. To hell with the Calder. Steve Mason won the Calder. It's a feather in the cap to be sure but I'd rather Boeser keep improving all aspects of his game and win a Smythe or two.
  9. Yep, there was another lockout on Bettman's watch that year. It was a half season. On a tangent, there was once a Japanese CEO who killed himself in the board room after utterly failing. Just throwing that tidbit out there.
  10. Is that a recent photo? Looks like Donald has been doing some serious stress eating.
  11. I said this elsewhere but if there's any justice in the world, acting schools will teach Drunk Acting 101: An Intro to Jim Dunsworth; in the future. Dude was stone cold sober in all of his scenes.
  12. Or the one before that? Or the one before that? I'm sure Kim Dotcom is just about ready to blow the lid off everything....as soon as he gets granted immunity.