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  1. Yeah, but it's the nature of the NHL. If you can put up goal totals like that, you're going to get paid regardless of whether or not the rest of your game is lacking. On that note, can you imagine how terrifying Laine would be with Pettersson's work ethic?
  2. Not sure if you're following the 2019 election thread....but fortunately for Canada, I'd say they have a ways to go before they reach our level.
  3. Oh, I forgot, you're a Jets fan too. No wonder you seem touchy about the Trouba trade.
  4. Just weird to see a mod snapping at and belittling someone like that for fairly innocuous posts.
  5. People still use Telus for email?
  6. My new favorite scam technique is the emails where they say they've installed malware on your computer and used it to make a video of you "enjoying" some type of embarrassing porn; which they'll of course distribute to everyone if you don't send them so-and-so Bitcoins. I always tell them "if you think that'll ruin me, you ain't done your homework".
  7. The near daily mass shootings aren't helping an organization that lobbies for gun manufactures either.
  8. Referring to the meniscus, a small piece of cartilage in your knee. I know Trudeau was found to have violated ethics in that instance but knee-capping him seems extreme.