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  1. The reason for the backlash is the actress looks desperately unhappy in all the shots she's supposedly enjoying her gift. It's not "you can't buy an exercise bike for your wife" it's "Wow. How did anyone from Peloton approve a commercial that makes them look like $&!#?". Funnily enough, Ryan Reynolds immediately tracked down the actress and cast her in a commercial for his gin company:
  2. I mean, those are already out there. But I'm sure, somewhere down the line, someone involved will talk.
  3. Well, TheGuardian certainly claimed Hughes was the worst choice, and lowest rated, out of any of the top ranked D not named Dahlin in that draft. Didn't let little things like aggregate draft rankings that mostly had Hughes as top D after Dahin stop him either.
  4. As it doesn't involve players, staff or on ice performance, it's got to be something huge. With everything the team has said wasn't the cause for the firing, I wonder if a criminal investigation is incoming but just hasn't occurred yet?
  5. It's not so much that black people need a black candidate to vote for but more that neither Clinton nor Trump really made an effort to appeal to black voters at all; so they stayed home on election day.
  6. Sounds like they're continuing the good work of Dick Pound. Yes, I just wanted an excuse to type his name.
  7. Please just get the W while wearing the skate jerseys. It'd be awesome to associate them with winning because they're just too sexy to lose in.
  8. Probably somewhere between the two? Personally, I would have used the opportunity to tell Melania and Geatz to pound sand and get over it but that's just me.
  9. Or like when her husband mocked Greta Thonberg. Where was Melania then? Oh, yeah. I forgot.
  10. This is laughable because Karlan's comment in no way demeaned Barron Trump whatsoever. Meanwhile, Melania and Republicans are outraged about using a child as a political prop...while using Barron as a political prop without a shred of irony.
  11. According to Aliu, Peters walked into the dressing room and yelled something along the lines of "I'm tired of hearing your n***** $&!# music!" Sure, try to justify it by with the old "they say the word in songs" routine but that certainly doesn't make it acceptable for a middle-aged white boss to yell that a young black employee.