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  1. What the hell did I ever do to you, Jimmy? Why are you sending him my way?
  2. Yes. Generally if one guts the CDC and does away with the pandemic task force, while initially calling the pandemic a media hoax, people will speculate that someone else would have done a better job handling the situation than the guy who did what I mentioned.
  3. It's hilarious because would you rather join a team on the rise, with the next Swedish superstar on it, or a team that was on its way to the worst NHL season since the 95/96 Sharks?
  4. Someone on Twitter figured it out. The *elevation* of Seoul is 38 m. I.e., Trump, or someone preparing his remarks, Googled Seoul and mixed up the population with elevation.
  5. This is particularly sick when you realize that the hotels on the strip are empty.
  6. No one ever thinks it's be their face getting eaten when they vote for the Leopards Eating Peoples' Faces Party.
  7. And then, Trump being Trump, followed that up by later saying he wanted churches to be packed full on Easter and and accused governors and hospitals of lying about how much PPE and ventilators would be needed. So no, the dip$&!# wasn't really taking it seriously then.
  8. Well, it's China, so I would have to assume they'll lock down as many people, cities and provinces as needed.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that.
  10. At worst? It could kill you.