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  1. Damn, more of that by mail voter fraud Trump swears up and down will conspire against him:
  2. Yeah, that's pretty funny considering @Chicken. posted about how Bernie and Biden had formed a committee to come up with a unified policy platform yesterday.
  3. Maybe if Trump didn't insist in ranting on Twitter so much, there'd be less of that in the Trump thread?
  4. There's no way this one isn't photoshopped. How does a man whose parents aren't siblings look so much like Sloth from The Goonies?
  5. Deleting the tweet. Eric really is a special kind of stupid.
  6. This is about the most Herman Cain thing that could have happened.
  7. Trump wishes he had Ted Dibiase's charisma and mastery of the sleeper hold.
  8. I wasn't going to say all of that but it's out there now!
  9. I'm absolutely not saying she got the job because she &^@#ed Trump...but she most certainly got the job because Trump wants to &^@# her.
  10. Unless Alf was hitting the scotch hard that day, I can't see him actually doing enough to get banned. I hope he's alright.
  11. Unfortunately they can't keep their stories straight:
  12. No idea. But the fact that he's having lunch with people who will gladly throw out a white power sign for a photo says a fair amount him.
  13. Meanwhile Trump keeps saying "If we didn't do so many tests, we'd have less cases"...intentionally.