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  1. I do agree Biden is a better choice than trump imo. That said I don’t think he is a good candidate either and more of the same old guard so to speak. Both guys are dinosaurs and both have issues with their mental state/capacity although I would lean towards Trump having more difficulty in that respect. That all said, as a Canadian, I don’t have a say either way so whatever happens as long as my family is good and the money is still flowing in I can live with it.
  2. Philly vs Montreal - Philly in 5 Tampa Bay vs Columbus - Tampa in 7 Washington vs NY Islanders - Washington in 6 Boston vs Carolina - Bruins in 6 Vegas vs Chicago - Vegas in 6 Colorado vs Arizona - Colorado in 5 St. Louis vs Vancouver - St. Louis in 6 Dallas vs Calgary - Dallas in 7
  3. With the Pens, Oil and possibly Leafs out the NHL is going to have a hard choice on who to give the #1 pick to.
  4. Isnt that the "art of the deal"? IE: Make one then totally disregard it and/or do some shady shizz and screw the other party.
  5. This pretty much. You would think they would care and want to know if their donations are being fraudulently used by the heads of the charity but of course it will be about taking guns away...
  6. If it’s concussion related, unfortunately I think so as well.