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  1. NJ has current picks #28 (NYR), #51 (BUF), #55 (EDM). Believe these may shift based off of playoff results if applicable. Looking to use these assets to possibly move up. Dylan Strome and other characters in NJs system are in play. Contact me if you wish to move down from the mid to high first range. Happy to talk a potential trade up.
  2. Congrats Bowie! Welcome young Gunnar! go get em tiger!
  3. GML Point Break Down Atlantic Division Total Points: 35, 017 Top Point Getter: Detroit Red Wings (4858) Bottom Point Getter: Toronto Maple Leafs (3941) Play-In Qualifications: (8/8) Metropolitan Division Total Points: 30, 530 Top Point Getter: New Jersey Devils (5550) Bottom Point Getter: New York Rangers (2969) Play-In Qualifications: (4/8) Pacific Division Total Points: 30, 223 Top Point Getter: Vancouver Canucks (4911) Bottom Point Getter: Vegas Golden Knights (2965) Play-In Qualifications: (7/8) Central Division Total Points: 26, 531 Top Point Getter: Winnipeg Jets (4910) Bottom Point Getter: Minnesota Wild (2218) Play-In Qualifications: (5/7) Updated Points - for awards.
  4. I have the third overall pick in one of our fantasy leagues here on CDC. I guess I have some reading up to do lol. I have no idea who to take at 3. Anyone have any suggestions? lol I was expecting to pick between 4-10 but the SJS to OTT pick netted me third. I have another first in the mix for 1st but that is a long shot. I am guessing Lafreniere.. then whooom? help guide me lol. I will read back these pages for opinions. If you are interested in joining a league check out the several in our fantasy section. Take over a team, trade, draft, and sign players to term. (No opening currently but they pop open throughout the year).
  5. Phase 1 Draft NHL Draft Lottery RESULTS (2020 Edition) 2020 GML DRAFT LOTTERY ODDS Draft Position GML Team GM NHL Club Post Lotto +/- 1) TBD TBD TBD TBD +8 2) Chicago Blackhawks (3169) Sludge + 2 3) via NYR Columbus Blue Jackets (2969) Rush17 SJS 0 4) Minnesota Wild (1930) Dak Prescott - 3 5) Vegas Golden Knights (2570) FlamesFan98 - 3 6) Philadelphia Flyers (3695) theo5789 - 1 7) Pittsburgh Penguins (3757) ActionJax09 - 1 8) Carolina Hurricanes (3822) Tony Romo -1 Pre Lotto Standings - LAK's gain 50 pts for: Lady Byng Trophy - Gentlemanly Play Auston Matthews (+50) Runners Up - Ryan O'Reilly, Nathan MacKinnon (3 others tied for 3rd)
  6. Congrats to all the winners this year. I want to take a moment to mention the great work done by @Sergei Bobrovsky this season. I voted for him for the Darren Wilby Memorial Trophy this season. The turn around by the Nashville Franchise deserves some recognition. Congrats though to both @Mike Vanderhoek and @canuck2xtreme who split the award! I had strongly considered these two as well. Mike dominance continues to impress and youthful injection made by c2x has been transformative in Winnipeg. Very fun having you all here. I look forward to many more great years here in gml! We will tally point additions to teams and provide an accurate 2-8 list for yesterday's draft lottery!
  7. I don't own my pick so I am happy to field the best possible roster. If the team that owns my pick wants to trade it back too me tho! hit me up. I'd love to add a pick in this years draft. The NJ Devils recently acquired an elite young forward. We are open to possibly moving him for a high pick in this years draft.
  8. We will see where the picks all land later tonight once @canuck2xtreme has reported the Awards. Fingers crossed to all of you out there!
  9. Thanks for them buyouts.
  10. Win. If we lose with bitter defeat we can accept we have a chance. It's time to win. No more losing culture in Vancity. Its playoffs or bust every year now baby!
  11. Thanks mate. It's either 3rd or possibly 2nd if the awards knock me down one in the standings. How cool is it a play in team wins it. Watch Vancouver win then find out we would have won the lotto if we lost lol
  12. Each conference has 12 teams competing in the the play-in rounds. The 7 teams that make up the draft lottery will consist of 3 Western Conference Teams and 4 Eastern Conference Teams. The East has 1 more team in the Draft lottery due to their region having 1 additional team in the current 31 Team format. (The West has 15 teams and the East has 16 teams) League awards could impact team standings in the draft lottery. So please note the chart on the last page is not 100% updated and accurate.
  13. Phase 1 Draft NHL Draft Lottery (2020 Edition) 2020 GML DRAFT LOTTERY ODDS Seed Ownership Original Team GM Top 3 Odds #1 OA NHL Club 1) Minnesota Wild (1930) Dak Prescott TBD 18.5% DET 2) Vegas Golden Knights (2570) Monty TBD 13.5% OTT 3) New York Rangers (2535) Rush17 TBD 11.5% SJSOTT 4) Chicago Blackhawks (3119) Sludge TBD 9.5% LAK 5) Philadelphia Flyers (3695) theo5789 TBD 8.5% ANA 6) Pittsburgh Penguins (3757) ActionJax09 TBD 7.5% NJD 7) Carolina Hurricanes (3822) Tony Romo TBD 6.5% BUF Qualifier Team A -- 6.0 percent Qualifier Team B -- 5.0 percent Qualifier Team C -- 3.5 percent Qualifier Team D -- 3.0 percent Qualifier Team E -- 2.5 percent Qualifier Team F -- 2.0 percent Qualifier Team G -- 1.5 percent Qualifier Team H -- 1.0 percent The eight potential losing teams from the qualifiers will be represented in the First Phase of the draft lottery as unassigned picks. The first drawing of the First Phase will set the team selecting No. 1 in the draft, the second drawing will set the team selecting No. 2, and the third drawing will set the team selecting No. 3. If a team not in the bottom seven wins any of the first three drawings, a Second Phase will be conducted among the eight teams eliminated in the qualifiers. That would take place between the end of the qualifiers and the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. No date has been set for play to begin. Believe this is accurate up until the awards are handed out. Please note this as a rough guide as these may not be 100% accurate. @canuck2xtreme may be able to provide us a 100% verified chart. Unfortunately this whole seasons timeline has complicated things for the league.