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  1. I would love to take part in this thread. im not sure i have it in me though until i know roughly where we are at the 1/4 mark of the season. Maybe ill give it a try later this summer. looks like some fun conversations going on over here.
  2. Horvat wants to play and be a leader on this team. i dont see bo drawing the process out to long into camp. he will want to make a good impression on green and remain in the good books of the org. i dont see bo letting himself get pushed in any direction because of his agent. bo will find a way. bo's next contract will probably be in the 7-8 million range over 4 or 5 seasons. (next as in 1 after this one)
  3. there is no need to stress he is an rfa.
  4. 4.5 over 5 is my latest prediction.
  5. i agree hockey iq is a large percentage of offensive players. i would even argue its 70% about hockey iq. but players can get by on average iq with other attributes. i personally think jake has pretty good hockey iq but hes played a certain north south hard style for a long time. jakes defensive game has excelled when hes been in the nhl/ahl. offensive iq lind may have more though but whos to say? jakes other assets like his blistering speed and physicality make him more impactful then just his hockey iq would. the only reason i would take jake over lind would be his blistering speed and deceptive shot that compliment his north south game so well.
  6. i guees this list doesnt include draft selections? if we include that we might be top 5 imo.
  7. it was a close call between Jordan Subban and Kole Lind for me. I gave subby the edge for his phenomenal ahl point totals. super clutch and a vastly improved d game. obviously subby is considerably older but his offensive potential is hard to over look at this stage. i would far from surprised if Lind becomes the better player but subby deserves some love. gj Kole on 9th place.
  8. yeah its exciting that our team will likely be rising as the stl, min, la, and ana's of the central start to slide. it really leaves a good opportunity for the Alberta teams in particular. as long as lucic s contract doesn't handicap the oilers they may have several conference final runs ahead in a few seasons time. oh how exciting it would be to face Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton in the playoffs on a regular basis. i feel bad for montreal. they need to capitalize on this window thry have. i hope drouin can add some offensive stability to their lineup.
  9. i had a similar feeling last season. I think i just called it to early. if we can be in the hunt come early march ill be happy. i think when Juolevi makes qn impact we will see this team climb up the standings. the one area we need help on is offense from the d men. Maybe del zotto adds some but i think we need much more contributions to have a serious push. this year im expecting we will be a bubble team but finishing in the 9-12 range likely out come early to mid March. i would love for us to make the playoffs but unless Juolevi and or Boeser make serious impacts i dont see us seriously challenging. LA i have no concern with but its that top 8 and dallas that have me concerned.
  10. who is jd burke? edit: is he part of canucks army? i dont pay attention much to names.
  11. Looks like a landslide victory for Jake "the snake" Virtanen.
  12. yeah it has that early 2000s look imo. curious abd curiouser.
  13. I wonder if dipietro would be a possible fit? is there a chance Dipetro may jump to the echl or is he bound to the ohl? hes probably chl or nhl right?
  14. Garteig just be different lol
  15. im concerned as well about getting straddled with bloated contracts. My biggest question is where Gudbranson's contract will end up. If his contract is around 5-5.5 i think we will be ok. if Erik demands north of 6 though we are going to be hurting if his game doesn't reach that next level. him returning to fla level of play id be comfortable in the 5.5-6 mill range with the hope he would grow into the contract. a player who is willing to drop the mitts imo deserves at least half a million in extra salary for standing up for the bell.
  16. you make some very good points. wish i could +5 you for such a balanced view on both players. I think McCann will be a situational player as well. I would not be surprised if he played significant wing time too. All your comments on the guddy acquisition are spot on too imo. Great post! +1 (& +4 in spirit)
  17. fair- Dipetro may slip in ahead of lind though. he seems to be popular! love his intensity. can't wait to see how this plays out over the next week or 2 and training camp!
  18. #10 is going to be wide open. Lockwood Chatfield Briseois Gadjovich Lind are going to be battling it out. Zhukenov Dipietro are both intriguing prospects. i think Dipietro will probably be in the 12-14 range. Zhukenov will probably slide out of the top 14. my predictions!
  19. i would think Subban's ahl numbers would put him at 9. we shall see.
  20. To me. His contract extension next summer will be the determining factor. I like all he brings minus that gross movember stashe. McCann is intriguing but guddy has those intangibles. it all comes down to contract talks next summer. if we get him at a good dollar and decent term i will be very happy. i hope he doesn't grow that stashe again. it hurt me to look at him. that stashe was op lol
  21. yeah goldie looks promising. i think his floor is a top 9 offensive contributor. he to me on the high end would be a top 6 complimentary player like a kessel or hossa. very exciting to have such a pletheria of talent. im on the fence whether goldie will put it all together next season. i really can't get a read on him. i am excited to see how green utilizes him. goldie played well in utica at seasons end. but how much of that was Greener and how much was that goldie being comfortable at the ahl. it looked like green just let him do his thing in the o zone. that could work well for us. but can he do that at the nhl level is the question.
  22. Gaudette really is an interesting prospect. i really hope he returns next year and signs with Vancouver. The kid like you said brings so much to the table. we could see this kid anchoring the 4th line or helping carry utica deep in the post season the following year. it would be sweet if we got him at seasons end. but i really hope he has a strong ncaa season! he said all the right things at development camp so i hope he does come back and sign in the 2018 calender year. is it almost 2018 already? ladies. gentlemen. we are nearing the 2020's. 3/4 of the way there now. crazy thought lol.
  23. yeah if only gillis had stockpiled players this good! aw well we got a fun era ahead and i am very excited about some of our up and coming youngsters! Pettersson, Juolevi, Demko, Boeser, even Dahlen! so much raw talent on the rise.
  24. I 100% agree with you. I'm glad we can actively engaged with other passionate fans of our team in this form of disucssion. I think its important we really question our statements when we are so heavily scrutinizing young players. i would just hate to see jakes career derailed due to the scrutiny he faces. controversy is good for hardening a player. but there is a line between controversy and plain old pooping on someones head. im not accusing you or anyone else of that. but we do see it from time to time. even though it often starts as a joke or troll. thanks for your thoughts and the additional info on Tkachuk. i honestly am to often focused on Vancouver so intensely i often miss the rest of the story.