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  1. Go Canucks go! Let's start the season at home in a good fashion! I bet the first goal will be for Captain Bo!
  2. Thanks for your quality feedback. I have to say I never saw him play live and I haven't payed attention to his age before. So thanks for pointing this out to me. But still his playoffs numbers are very impressive. And you can work on your skating, see with Bo. (But not everyone has the same workethic than Bo, I agree )
  3. I am quite suprised Raphaël Lavoie isn't mentioned more in this thread. To me his stats are very appealing, especially during playoffs! Actually he has better playoffs stats than Pierre-Luc Dubois. I'm not saying he will be the same player as Dubois is, but to me he fills a lot of what we need: big scoring winger. Have some of you ever watched the kid play live? What are your impressions?
  4. Goldobin + DelZotto for Jesse Puljujärvi ? (P.S. I also want to see Kassian back for the toughness he brings, especially after last game against Montreal...)
  5. Problem was he was coming so fast ! Too fast actually haha
  6. Leonardo Genoni doesn't look good on the second goal. But man Switzerland please don't take dumb penalties and score a goal.
  7. Here is a full clip of Elias Petterson breaking the record and being congratulated by teammates, coachs, etc. Great, just great
  8. Haven't seen this clip posted yet, what a beautiful assist by Elias Pettersson, followed moments after by a goal. Here is a link for you: