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  1. anyways just read for yourself, don't take there word for it, that wouldne't make much sense would it mr p ? ps you are a townie
  2. dude, don't give them a reason to post about nothing.
  3. you seem to forget you said you werent going to reply to me? and now you are talking about baths? why dont you start playing mafia hmm? lmao and you also seem to forget if i didnt come in and post there would be no activity at all so i'm pretty sure you are the one who can't leave at anytime, watch....
  4. yeah sure whatever you say bud, stop posting then, why do you feel the need to defendyourself? obvs my argument has basis, thanks for validating it!!
  5. i'm not sure you know how to read, anyways i thought you weren't going to reply? or do you really feel the need to defend yourself from sill trolly apparently non-sensical horvat... ? anyways let me go take a bath please?
  6. Yeah? So what do you think will happen in the thread if i stop posting? you and your friends will either stop posting like you did for 10 minuetes, or you'll start clogging the tread with nonsense again, or you'll pretend to/try to be constructive, even though you don't really have anything to go on... so those are your options have at it, i'm going to go take a bath or some $&!#
  7. just so the TP know why can disregard these guys trying to defend themselves rn, they are the only ones posting hhahaahahahahahahah
  8. are you that dumb to think that?
  9. then why are you posting? do you have a life for 20 minuete intervals? if you're busy you can go man nobody is forcing you to post right now...
  10. Sigh, like Virt values YOUR OPINION, nobody believes you are confirmed TP except other potential mafias such as 112, jazz, TL, Milk, MR and Teows
  11. No lmao, i just left for work hahah
  12. refering to Jazz, Aladeen, and TL
  13. look at this^ 3 mafia posts pretty well back to back, after litrally 10 mins of nothingness lololol
  15. I like how the mafia quit cloggin the thread when I show up