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  1. I like it. Simple, solves it.
  2. Tough to let our franchise player and no. 1 pick from the original fantasy draft go. I do not make these statements often but will do short an exception here. San Jose Sharks would like to thank Jamie Benn for his services and leadership that propelled us to the Stanley Cup win! You were the heart of our franchise. We wish you all the best with Dallas and will cheer for your new team in upcoming seasons and play-offs. You deserve another shot at cup! There is no turning back now and our team is in full rebuild/retool mode. We hope that next season will serve as a starting point but I do not expect us to be bottom feeders and play-offs might be a possibility. We are building our team around younger core now and are still open to talk players over 26. Also we might have given up too much in the trade (after long, creative and enjoyable negotiations that did not include Jamie at all in the beginning) but it helps us with a cap space going forward and acquiring another 1st and Crouse is something that complements our plan nicely. And yes, getting a legend such as Erik Gudbranson replaces a good looking aspect of our team that would be lacking after Jamie´s departure. GM pmalina
  3. Thanks a lot. I understand the cap reason. Is ARZ than much better than MIN for a cup push? Maybe... Ratcliffe will undoubtedly wreck this league´s scoring system while PO has yet to play pro hockey. Ehm, fine, that guy can accumulate hits but is he much closer to NHL than PO? Maybe... I am trying to see things from different perspective and your take helped. Is it still a fair deal? Maybe...
  4. If Fiala is not part of the deal I would say fair trade but he is there. Am I alone having a hard time to process this trade?
  5. The season in which the San Jose Sharks will not contend. NHL roster San Jose Sharks Saros Francouz Morrissey - Doughty Gudas - Stecher Mete - Miller K Gudbranson Gusev - Dubois - Boeser Burakovsky - Keller - Shaw Hintz - Kotkaniemi - Donskoi Crouse - Zacha - Leivo Sutter - Caggiula AHL roster San Jose Barracuda Shestyorkin Vehviläinen Lankinen Boqvist A - Persson McCoshen - Meloche Welinski - Honka A Fensore - Johansson F Struble - Bernhardt Zborovsky - Galenyuk Roy K - Boqvist J - Thompson T Kubalík - Elvenes - Jeník Kaše D - Stephens - Rousek Campbell A - Gustafsson D - Allison Filipe - Stevens - Smith-Pelly Brickley - Repo
  6. Nice 1st round picks @Nail!
  7. With the 81st overall in the CDC Puck Draft the San Jose Sharks select Domenick Fensore. @canuckledraggin is next to pick.
  8. Sharks are looking to move up in the draft with following ideas: picks 119 & 130 for pick cca 70-80 picks 119 & 139 for pick cca 81-90 picks 130 & 139 for pick cca 91-100
  9. With the 46th pick in the 2019 CDC Puck Draft the San Jose Sharks select "the curious case of Anttoni Honka". @cunningham19 with next pick.
  10. Sharks update: We are looking for both 2019 and 2020 picks and prospects. Asking prices for available players equal to pick: Devan Dubnyk (33, MIN, 4.33m until 2021) - late 1st Jonas Brodin (25, MIN, 4.17m until 2021) - 2nd Ryan Getzlaf (34, ANA, 8.25m until 2021) - mid 1st Jamie Benn (29, DAL, 10.50m until 2024) - very high 1st or mix of picks/prospects Tage Thompson (21, BUF, 0.93m until 2020) - 1st/2nd Dmitrij Jaskin (26, WSH, 2.15m until 2021) - 3rd/4th Chandler Stephenson (25, WSH, 0.93m until 2020) - 3rd/4th Kyle Clifford (28, LAK, 1.60m until 2020) - 3rd Retentions are possible. Prices are not set.
  11. Barring a trade @Master Mind is up. Please don't start with the finals are not finished, they are in puck.
  12. Haha if only I could do it as you guys having unconstrained time with a 1st round pick in my pocket.
  13. If it includes physical location switch at least for few weeks I am good to do it. You can enjoy Czech republic and I will happily sleep at nights not in need of waking up to check if my team is on the clock for the draft.
  14. Leaked scene. Meanwhile in Watermelons office: