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  1. What the hell bud? What game are you watching? Myers worked and hustled his tail off tonight. Physical. Great passing. Zone entries. Moved the puck well. I thought he was our second best defender tonight maybe tied with Edler. Those guys battled so hard and you say Myers must go. I don't understand how anyone could criticize his game tonight. Enlighten me please. With all due respect.
  2. No doubt. I was thinking during the game that if and when we get in, I could see Miller putting the team on his back a la vintage Kesler and dominating for a series or two. He's my co MVP with Marky. Distant second for many others. BTW I know we were all pretty hard on Demmer but I think when all this is said and done he may have needed this experience to take the next step. He's getting better and more calm in net every game. Chalk those first few after Marky went down to growing pains or trial by fire. Our goaltending tandem may end up better than ever once Marky gets back. Great win tonight against another good team. We matched up really well against them and brought a solid effort right to the buzzer. Still don't understand how we allow so many shots as the eye test feels like we defended pretty well against a team with some pretty scary weapons. GCG!
  3. Toffee always there for Petey. That's the ol' LA Kings mob mentality from a few years back. They had some heavy tough teams for a bit.
  4. I’m a subscriber. I barely read it these days. Dry, statistic based blasai reporting. Worthless without Botchfird. Thx for reminding mi that I need to cancel my subscription. TONIGHT MUST WIN
  5. I think he has better hands than Sutter and brings a physical element to the forecheck as well. Sutsy kills penalties and is pretty good in the dot but as games get heavier and tighter down the stretch MacEwen might be a better fit on that third line. With Louie on Horvats wing and another spot needed for Jake Sutter is in tough on that last winger spot. JB called Mac an NHL player while interviewing at the deadline.
  6. Was remembering you were at the game tonight. That must’ve been so fun to watch. How was the energy in the barn?
  7. Man you are so hilarious. Such a good presence around here. GCG!
  8. Yeah I’ve gone to the bat for the guy so many times. Still believe he has value when the pressure starts to build but honestly his overall player has been so average of late that I don’t know what role he fills on the team anymore. Even his penalty killing hasn’t looked super strong lately. Maybe he’s nursing something. Who knows.