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  1. Hockey Writers 2016-17 Predictions

    Now everytime we are at the bottom of a ranking, we can't just say they are an amateur or unqualified source guys...
  2. [Article] Should the Canucks trade Chris Tanev?

    Yeah, but to win you need team chemistry and pretty much everyone we traded away brightened up the locker room. It's not 100% on ice to win a cup
  3. [Article] Should the Canucks trade Chris Tanev?

    Besides, who will be the next Canuck who stays here there entire career? JUST KEEP TANEV
  4. [Article] Should the Canucks trade Chris Tanev?

    NO. Why do we want to trade all our fan favorites and players from the cup run???
  5. Are you kidding me? I dont know him but just looking at his points he isn't that good, unless he is a Tanev type player
  6. Well now we have to many Dman. Let Hamhuis walk at free agency or a trade coming up?
  7. You could tell by the way Jim Benning talked about him. Like in interviews he always said that McCann had a "chance" to be apart of the future
  8. Canucks To Introduce Individual Goal Songs

    Some guy named Jesse Roper told his Facebook followers to spam the Canucks page. Almost 90% of the responses are Hurricane's Eye. Don't really like it :/
  9. General Hockey Questions

    Will 2015 draft be a good draft with good players?