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  1. So.. masks don't protect you very well, got it. But.. they do somewhat prevent you from spreading it. So.. if everyone wore masks, wouldn't that be the ultimate protection? I'm confused.
  2. What ways would those be? If a player doesn't want to play on the farm team, forcing you to trade him, what do you tell the media?
  3. Excluding Petey, this team can't execute a clean pass. That means limited offense and poor defense. Fix the passing, fix the team.
  4. So you're saying Boeser has looked like the Boeser we all fell in love with in his rookie year to you? Remember when he hit the crossbar in OT from outside the blueline against the Leafs? That kid believed he could score from anywhere and he could. I haven't seen that from him lately.
  5. He's missed quite a few shots, and some have hit the post. If some of those go in/hit the net, we're not having this conversation. Out of everyone on our team, I worry about EP the least. Boeser is another story - he was so dangerous in his rookie season, now I barely notice him out there.
  6. Hope the stream is pause-able, I have little ones to put to bed.
  7. So we get to see a potential Horvat line, and then 3 lines auditioning for the 4th line. Gotta love pre-season!
  8. Went to the game in Victoria. He made a lot of bad decisions with the puck that led to chances (some that he corrected). He definitely has potential, but he still needs to develop.
  9. I suppose we got to see all the players throughout training camp, but that lineup is going to disappoint a lot of people here who were hoping to see our most promising players.
  10. To be clear, I don't mean to hate on him, I just expect more. If you single him out when watching live, his lack of hockey IQ and fitness is apparent. I'm a Canucks fan and I want him to do well. I hope he can mature before it's too late.
  11. Had a lot of fun there today - went by myself (no kids) so I could take it all in. Miller really impressed me all camp - great pickup. Petey is a man among boys. Just unbelievable. Stayed again after for so long to sign something for everyone - no one else out there with him. Bo looked really good in the scrimmage as well - had some really nice moves. Virtanen has no idea what he's doing out there. Bumps into people on the boards sometimes and skates to the bench. Gaudette looks much improved which is great to see. Just need to get Sutter out of here so he can take his place in the lineup. As I was leaving (stuck around for the start of Group C), I ran into Baer, Gaudette and Schaller walking down the street. Didn't say anything though.. should have.
  12. Went to the arena for the second group today (well, end of the first group). Had my 3 and 1 year old all over me, but managed to take some of it in. Sutter stayed behind and signed autographs for a good 15 minutes after their session. Petey stayed around for almost half an hour taking pictures and signing stuff. Miller has a deadly shot. Not a lot of guys were scoring in the drills, but he was. Stetcher came to camp ready to go. Gadjovich was exhausted during the drills - not sure about the bag skate as I had to leave before that. A lot of the guys were all business. Not a lot of smiles/joking around. Hughes is so shifty, and has a sneaky shot from in close. Looked great.
  13. Why do you care so much? People are going to speculate, that's half the fun of sports, movies, tv shows etc.. Oh, and it's obviously fitness related.
  14. I doubt he's bringing it up. The media keeps asking him the question, and he keeps answering it in the best way possible.
  15. I wonder how many of your posts are in this thread alone. Many Swedish players go to the NHL and handle all kinds of coaches, whether they yell or not. As a professional, you need to take what you can from your coaches and perform when given the chance. Dahlen didn't, so he went back to much lesser league where he's comfortable. It's obvious that he doesn't have what it takes to make it over here, and that's ok.