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  1. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Right, because no one was even remotely curious what happened to EP. It's not like they have screens everywhere on the bench. This is an embarrassing moment for this organization, period. I'll think otherwise when I see someone like McDavid, Marner, Matthews, Laine etc.. get concussed on a dirty play with no response from their teammates.
  2. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    So defenseman never get into it? After the whistle? Across the bench? TV timeouts? Never knew that - thanks for enlightening me.
  3. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Yea, I've been pretty pissed since it happened. I just don't see why he wouldn't do anything - it's the only thing he's really good at.
  4. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I won't lose any sleep over it if I'm wrong. You're right though, we shouldn't say anything on this forum unless we know it's 100%. Speculation shouldn't exist here. /s
  5. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I like Guddy, but they should almost trade him now just to make a point. He's not great defensively, he's invisible offensively, the only reason he gets paid is to protect his teammates. If he won't do that, then get him out of here.
  6. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Guddy won't do anything, they're buddies. There's a reason Guddy was invisible in that game.
  7. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Seems he's out for a minimum of 7-10 days
  8. This. This kind of thing can happen to anyone if the player making the hit is a POS. These guys are on skates, being off balance/vulnerable at various points in a game is normal, regardless of size.
  9. EP isn't the smallest guy in the league, yet this doesn't happen all the time. Strength is important, but this kind of thing can happen to anyone if they're caught off balance (very easy to do on skates).
  10. The point is that players are in vulnerable positions every single game. The thing that saves them from being seriously hurt is that other players typically don't want to injure each other (anymore, as much). Mattheson intended to injure the kid on that play, plain and simple. There's a code, and he broke it, yet no one even gave him a clean hit. That's why people are upset. It's not that hard to understand.
  11. When you're off balance on ice it doesn't matter if you're 175 or 200lbs. Someone got mad and took advantage. It was gross to watch, period. It wouldn't have taken much to give him a whack on the shinpads the next time he was on the ice. That's all someone like Guddy had to do. I like Guddy, but if he's not even going to do something like that, I don't see why he's on this team.
  12. What could EP have done differently in that situation? The guy took advantage of him being smaller. We're not talking about a regular hit here.
  13. EP just passed the puck, no one was watching the hit that happened immediately after? No one saw him unable to stand? I don't buy it.
  14. Sven said it looked like a wrestling move. They all knew.
  15. What a joke. Really ashamed of the response, couldn't believe my eyes.