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  1. What I gather from the brief summary of your relationship is that this aspect of her is the only real draining portion of your relationship, in which case I'd definitely advise you to at least take some serious steps towards trying to remedy the situation before you break up with her. Now, this isn't about reassuring her or making her feel good about herself to try and somehow goodwill her into being a more confident and assertive person. It's a big personality change that she needs to make in the way she approaches and treats other people. She needs to not only be willing to make this change but hold herself accountable for being the primary catalyst in changing. None of this should be on you because you won't be there to oversee every social interaction she has. It's hard to quantify changes like this so if you're up to it one suggestion I might have is to start bullet journalling together. It was one of ways I personally held myself accountable for making changes in my life that I believe helped me grow as person. Each day/week you can talk about your successes and failures in regards to the personal goals you set and it'll help keep you in the loop with her progress without having you take responsibility for her changes. Anyways, this was just my take on the matter. It's entirely understandable if you break up with her over not wanting to change because of the 'doormat' situation. That's a mentally exhausting thing to deal with as a partner and you'd probably grow resentful after a while because of it. All the best.
  2. Hand em out while you can! This nostalgic feature will be removed by tomorrow, post below to register yourself for a downvote train!
  3. Is there a way to this threads negative rep anymore?
  4. Who would have thought playing at 150% effort levels the first month or so wasn't sustainable? The boys look gassed, and the difference in top talent and forward depth is showing against the top teams.
  5. Kind of glad they won, would have felt like a tainted dub after that 3rd goal. God I hope Calvert's okay.
  6. Given Horvat's struggles I really think we should give him Miller and Pearson and give that line a chance to rekindle the pre-season chemistry. Pettersson and Boeser will find a way to produce regardless of line mates. Leivo's lacked finish but hasn't looked out of place in his brief stint. Leivo - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Miller Baertschi - Gaudette - Virtanen Eriksson - Graovac - Schaller
  7. McDavid is unfair. 

    1. MikeBossy


      So much talent wasted in Edmonton - same with Leon. They deserve a better fate.

    2. 6string


      Connie's good.:ph34r:



      Fckin Coilers. It had to be them.

  8. No qualms with Makar taking the Calder, what a freaking talent. 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. BrockBoester


      @Pears Bet accepted but how much savings are we talking here?

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      it was interesting when benning was asked about taking pettersson. he said they had him picked over the other forwards taken in the draft. but when asked if he would have taken pettersson if makar was still available? he said that would have been a tough call, as he saw makar as a franchise d-man.

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I think you could make a case Quinn is the better dman without the puck but yeah, that offensive skill set is quite something. I do think we're going to have RoY finalists 3 years in a row tho which is a nice feat for Benning. 

  9. Hope he can add some finish to his game. He creates so many opportunities for himself I'd hate to see him follow in the mold of so many other speedsters who can't put the puck in the net.
  10. This &^@#ing guy can't help himself. God damnit Edler.
  11. Watching Petey's Allsvenkan highlights ... he really loves that dab celly.

    1. BrockBoester


      Pete all about dem memes

    2. -AJ-


      I bet Petey's secretly the dankest memer on the team.

    3. BrockBoester


      @-AJ- He's a big fan of these things