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  1. Hawks are going to get another legendary BC dman. Figures.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Could be worse. He could get drafted 4th by Colorado. 

    2. Coconuts


      I'd rather the Avs get him than the Hawks tbh. Avs are fun to watch and I'm so goddamn tired of Chicago. Still can't believe they jumped up, &^@#ing garbage. 

  2. Kakko, he plays a style of game that will translate well to the playoffs with his skill level and physical build. I also think Kakko is on par or only a smidge behind Hughes offensively.
  3. Bronn. What was the purpose of setting him up as an assassin if Cersei and Jaime just died together? Jaime. His whole 7 season arc had his moral compass flipped on its head, then it gets thrown out the window for 'poetic' death with Cersei? LOL. Dany. Sure, she can turn into the mad queen for all I care. But the reasoning behind doing so was not fleshed out at all in the show. It was such a leap in logic from the few uncomfortable 'I don't fit in' scenes she had, to completely burning a town of innocents (all while not even trying to go after Cersei mind you). Varys and Tyrion. Initially intelligent and cautious individuals become blithering idiots by the shows end. The Dragons. A decent sized boulder defended Jon from dragon fire and now that $&!# just blows up buildings on command? Not to mention Drogon's evasiveness stat must be +100 compared to Rhaegal. The Golden Company. ... why even bother showing up?
  4. The only thing that would have made the Arya scene cornier is if she woke up with half her face burned. A bunch of character arcs were wasted in this episode.
  5. I mean, is that not what Pouliot was this year too? I guess they both aren't whipping boys.
  6. Dude what. Markstrom has one year where he exceeds our own standards (all while not exactly breaking ground statistically) and suddenly he deserves a lengthy extension? Give him a 1-2 year prove it deal and then we'll talk long term extensions.
  7. So what did Tampa do wrong? What if Boeser and Pettersson end up being playoff equivalents to Stamkos and Kucherov? Where would Benning have failed to account for that while he 'builds' this team?
  8. This is ridiculous, what do you even mean by that? By any logical measure, Tampa Bay destroyed the league this year. It's not their fault the playoffs are a different animal.
  9. Not mad at what went down but the way they portrayed it in the episode was some Transformers level writing. I hope Cersei wins now.
  10. God, what a terribly written episode. I'm going to watch the rest of GoT and hate every second.

    1. canuktravella


      i thought it was epic just because  they switched up the ending  doesnt mean it was bad it seemed like they could have had a bit better plot   but it was pretty awesome  maybe a bit more light during fights   sansa and tryion in crypts and arya fighting  like a ninja was awesome.  samwell crying the whole episode not so good 

  11. Hutton and Virtanen offer a marginal plus to the 10th overall. They're not worth including.
  12. Tuch is a monster. Vegas is not going to move him, they're a lethal threat BECAUSE they have that kind of depth.
  13. Kerfoot and Virtanen are literally the opposite in every aspect of playing style lol.