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  1. Lot of assumptions going on in this thread. Jeez.
  2. We would have been a bubble team already last year had we been healthy. Jim Benning essentially went all in for a playoff push this offseason. We are a cap team that sacrificed a future first rounder and dropped about 15 mill on new assets. If Bennings investments don't push us into the playoffs and he isn't fired it'll be because the man is an oversized sock puppet who the Aquilinis shake every once in a while to make him say and do what they want.
  3. Can Myers be exposed for the expansion draft?
  4. Fine with me. If we don't make the playoffs he'll be fired at the end of this season anyways, management has no problem cutting lose ends. This way we ensure he makes no hasty decisions to save his neck mid season.
  5. If you open the tweet the replies are a series of Pod highlights!
  6. I think Makar will take it, Pettersson showed what a difference an extra year of development can do for a player at that age. Makar is battle tested in the playoffs and will likely be quarterbacking one of the best powerplays in the league. Not to mention being entirely reliable in his own zone, Hughes will likely need to be sheltered with a defensively sound partner.
  7. Big seasons incoming for Lind and Gadjovich. Can't afford to have missed with both those second round picks given the players available in their round.
  8. Really looking forward to watching Jasek play this year. He's probably the Utica player I'm most keen on following. If he takes another step forward offensively I think he's capable of hovering around PPG.
  9. Rewatching Boeser highlights and just realizing how slick Vanek was.


    The three goals in a row in this vid were pure brilliance.


    1. Coconuts


      Vanek was fantastic for us, from his production and what he brought off the ice to the return we got in Jokinen and Motte. Jokinen wasn't kept of course but he had a respectable showing here. And Motte's a gamer of course. 

    2. Baer.


      I'll always miss that breakaway slapper

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      What impressed me the most about Vanek when he was here was how good his hockey IQ is. Not surpised he had some pretty good chemistry with Boeser.

  10. What a great week to be an Arsenal fan! 

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    2. Alain Vigneault

      Alain Vigneault

      Good chance we get Tierney as well!

    3. ReggieBush


      Need a center half. I would try to get someone like Rugani, or Demiral from Juve.

    4. Stamkos


      Canucks fans talking about soccer: 

      meeting startup GIF


      Canucks fans talking about hockey: 

      riot GIF

  11. Yep. Having so many unknowns going into this season is a bit unnerving. It was a big sink or swim off season by Benning, now we just have to wait to see how it pans out.
  12. This is probably a poor take but IMO if you're on the smaller end of the height spectrum and provide little to no contribution in the offensive end you have to Hamhuis-level in your own end. Stecher could get there but he isn't just yet. I don't see him being part of our defensive core moving forward. He's a serviceable third pairing defender currently but he doesn't have any dynamic qualities that make him worth keeping. He needs to separate himself in some way from the rest of the players.