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  1. Watched the highlights and Juolevi had some sick passes this game. If he manages to get his skating up to NHL level we have a top four TWD.
  2. Awful hit on Gaunce today. Hope he's okay.

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    2. -AJ-


      Gross. Say goodbye to your NHL hopes, McCarron. If the AHL has any credibility that will be at least 10 games.

    3. J-23


      Garbage play.


      I hope someone on Gaunce team &^@#ed that guy up.


      Apparently he hurt someone the other night as well.

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      A reason I don't really like top prospects playing in that sh*t-show. F*ckin deplorable

  3. Strange how much this contrasts to this Utica fans perspective. He's been posting clips and consistent updates game to game about Juolevi's shortcomings.
  4. Honestly, the only forwards with value that would bring back defenseman WORTH obtaining are not up for grabs (Boeser/Horvat/Pettersson). I honestly think it's Podkolzins fate to return us a young bonafide top 2 dman. In the two years he spends in Russia we will likely solidify our top six in some shape or form. He'll be the odd man out.
  5. Well that was a &^@#ing early era Vigneault team if I ever saw one holy $&!# ahhahaha
  6. Forgot Gaudette was there to send off the Sedin's. Whatta beaut.

  7. No, we need to shed bad contracts as early as possible.We might have room to re-sign our big guns but once we start accumulating quality depth there is going to be some tough cap decisions with the way our team is structured. There are too many overpaid bottom six bodies.
  8. TyMy is gonna be one of those rollercoaster players. At least he isn't boring to watch.
  9. Nope, it's the truth. I hope Baertschi clears and comes back stronger later this year.
  10. Wouldn't have been surprised if he did with Baertschi given their obvious chemistry.
  11. People there are generally more casual fans, but they tend to be a lot more level headed than on hockey specific forums. At least in the Canucks subreddit.
  12. According to a Utica fan who attended the game on reddit Juolevi is not looking great. Says he would not be on the roster if not for his draft position.
  13. He'd probably have a decent year on the third line but I think our depth gives us the unique opportunity to let him marinate in the AHL for a bit. Let him learn to dominate the pro game at that level playing 20+ minutes a night and then bring him up around January/February when the inevitable injury train rolls around.