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  1. Mathew Barzal

    [REPORT] Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner

    Speaks volumes about our team when Gudbranson is lauded as the team tough guy. Yeesh.
  2. Mathew Barzal

    Pettersson or Bo

    Horvat has seen this ship rise from the bottom and been the driving motor for it throughout, he's had the chance to learn good habits and a winners mentality from our former core. He is the captain.
  3. Mathew Barzal

    Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Never liked this kid. He did well riding Pettersson's coattail for a bit, but he clearly does not have the hungry mentality needed to make it at the NHL level. Get him out of here.
  4. Mathew Barzal

    [Rumour] Oilers Open to Moving Pujujarvi

    If time has proven anything, it's that the Oilers are capable of masking solid NHL talent with their pathetic development system. I would take a flyer on Puljujarvi.
  5. Mathew Barzal

    2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    So, have Utica lost Gaudette for good now?
  6. Mathew Barzal

    Lukas Jasek | RW

    Kid's a monster on the boards and plays a really cerebral game, we're going to have a hell of a third line in two years.
  7. Mathew Barzal

    [PGT] San Jose Sharks at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 11, 2019

    Just wanted to correct the notion that our defense left Demko out to try. They didn't. They were simply outclassed in every way. There's only so much an AHL defense can do against an elite NHL squad.
  8. Mathew Barzal

    Josh Leivo | #17 | LW

    Goldobin's ceiling is Nylander-lite and he has shown no signs of coming close to that. Leivo is the kind of 40 point workhorse you want come playoff time.
  9. Mathew Barzal

    [PGT] Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 09, 2019

    Each of those paragraphs describe a miracle scenario.
  10. On the fence about this, Pettersson this year showed what being physically unprepared for this league can lead to even if you are prepared in terms of skill. I guess management knows best though.
  11. Usually hate these premature highlight videos but that was fantastic! Well executed angle cuts.
  12. Mathew Barzal

    [Signing] Maple Leafs re-sign Auston Matthews

    Man, I'm praying Boeser signs for 7 mill or under long term. Multiple contracts like that really hamper a team and we can guarantee Pettersson will be getting that when his ELC is up.
  13. "It is what it is." - a lonely star

  14. Mathew Barzal

    [Rumour] Artemi Panarin to NSH or BOS ?

    I hope it's Nashville. I like a team that isn't afraid to tread the line in terms of nasty play.