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  1. I would hate to not be able to appreciate good hockey when you see it. It's not the playoffs yet, I don't need to pick sides too hard.
  2. It's hard to rag on him because he's definitely trying to play a more patient game but his brain just doesn't process the game fast enough yet. Can can keep up physically but mentally he's always two steps behind when he plays in the top six. He's producing in spite of that deficiency which is nice.
  3. These Blues remind of the prime LA Kings, just a well oiled machine in terms of systems play. Every single player is in sync and has bought in, a treat to watch.
  4. I'm still extremely worried about our back end. Hughes is the only sure thing at this point, and the last thing I want is to end up as the Leafs 2.0. That being said, he's definitely redeemed himself somewhat in my books. #1 GM in the league though... Heh.
  5. Hard to gauge. He's an elite prospect... not sure what we have to offer a rebuilding team other than more 1sts.
  6. Pearson. And if I'm completely honest, I still don't really like the type of game he plays. He's got that LA Kings style of grind it out and throw everything on net hockey. I guess even I have to admit he's producing in spite of not passing my eye test. Good for him, hope he keeps it up.
  7. Me too, I think we match up poorly with heavy teams. If we get a skill matchup I think we stand a chance.
  8. If we're in the 12-15 range I hope we take a strong look at Helge Grans and Jack Quinn.
  9. Wow tough loss for the Flames. 42 - 21 shots for in their favour.
  10. It's going to be a fantastic race this year, Edmonton is currently stomping the Coyotes and might tie Calgary for first temporarily depending on how the Flames fair in their game right now!
  11. Just to elaborate further, you can use that ageVariable in conjunction with an 'if' statement to do your math based on the answer you get. Not savvy with Python syntax but essentially, If (ageVariable < 40) { // do math }
  12. I hope he does swing at someone with his stick. The moment players go full vigilante is the moment the DOPS will have no choice but to start taking cheapshots seriously. Jake was definitely out of line with that hit.
  13. Hard to explain, but when I watch him it looks like his stickhandling is batting the puck back and forth as opposed to corralling it on his blade.