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  1. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Don't mean to be a downer but Dahlen isn't nearly as much a sure thing as Elias. It's kind of unfair to lump them together as a duo in the case that he doesn't pan out while Pettersson does. This is an awesome friendship to have blossoming regardless though.
  2. [Signing] Wild sign Dumba

    50 pts last year wtf? Good for the kid.
  3. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Converting a defenseman to forward... and then making him play defense. That's that 5D chess I expect out of the Canucks organization.
  4. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    Brandon Sutter. #TeamTank
  5. 2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    In what world is Granlund going to be sent down? I'd sooner trade him than risk losing him to waivers.
  6. goals,goals...from who?

    The Virtanen projection is actually realistic.
  7. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    That was actually going to be my initial proposal, but I didn't think people on here would fancy splitting up Bo and Bo. I definitely would prefer that.
  8. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    Since this is a throwaway year anyways I really want to give big minutes to Baertschi and Granlund to see what we have in them. Baertschi - Granlund - Virtanen feed this trio second line minutes the entire year.
  9. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    I'd rather give that money to Dorsett or Weise and watch them run around the ice. Gagner was brought in to be a PP specialist and provide secondary scoring. It's clear he was overrated in that regard coming off a career high season. I wouldn't even mind it if wasn't completely obvious the dude thinks he's a premier scorer. He tries things above his pay grade which often result in turnovers or fumbled pucks.
  10. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    Following this model... 1. Canucks 2. Sabres 3. Islanders 4. Ducks 5. Avalanche ... 26. Leafs 27. Penguins 28. Oilers 29. Flames 30. Knights
  11. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    If he can transition into a third line two forward when the rebuild is finished I wouldn't mind keeping the kid. Anyone remember all the drama when he was sitting alone on the plane or something? People thought he was an outcast on the team.
  12. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    Stecher. I don't think Hutton has the decision making skills to crack it as an NHL regular on a competitive roster. Good kid, sounds and performs like he's dumb as bricks though. I would genuinely be fine with Stecher remaining a Canuck long term if we didn't have guys like Hughes, Brassard and Utunen in the pipeline who provide similar features with bigger upside. If Stecher can somehow turn his marshmallow of a shot into something half decent his stock would go way up.
  13. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    Stecher holds the same weight as Baertschi to me. Drafting Hughes just dropped his stock even more. He's average defensively and doesn't provide anything dynamic offensively other than mobility with the puck. Give him a two year prove it contract, tops.
  14. I'm now scared for the potential of Barzal becoming a Leaf.
  15. Here's what we got now !

    Okay, thank you for your valuable insight.