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  1. [Discussion] Draft 2018

    I gotta echo your sentiment. I feel like somehow playing our best hockey at the end of the season instead of tanking; sending the Sedins off in class and getting contributions from our second tier talent, all bode well to walk hand in hand with Lady Luck on lottery day. I’m predicting a top 3 pick this year and would love it if those wins to 6th landed us Dahlin.
  2. Ok, we are drafting from 1-3 with a lottery pick, or 6-9 without. The mean pick is 6th, the median and mode are both 7th. The pessimists will insist we are drafting 9th, even though there is only a 2.1% chance of that happening. My questions are, is Dahlin the unanimous pick at #1? Who is the consensus for #2? Can someone create a poll for each of the draft slots or show me how to do that?
  3. When I read this topic description I was expecting a very different argument. Your proposal to turn Jordan into a new type of versatile yet specialized role is interesting, but has lots of variables. How big are his defensive holes and are they likely to be fixed with a bit more experience? Would asking this type of adaptation from him at this stage derail what could otherwise be a worthwhile tragectory as a defender? If he is likely to never quite make it as an NHL defender, could he actually become a useful PK forward, 4th line guy? If so, with the ability to qb a pp and jump back when a d-man goes down, he could become a valuable asset indeed. Very interesting proposal. If I had a plus I'd throw you one.
  4. It's official, the Vegas Knights select...

    wish I had a minus to give.
  5. It's official, the Vegas Knights select...

    I agree with both the hunch that his future production will surprise anyone who is just paying attention to his stats this year, and the suggestion that his success was hampered by his deployment by "Twitchy".
  6. It's official, the Vegas Knights select...

    When they said they were taking some UFAs from teams where they didn't like the prospects I was hoping they chose Miller, setting up a Tanev trade that involved Lehtonen.
  7. Lucas Sbisa. I'm a little disappointed but not surprised. I was hoping they'd go Boucher or Miller and leave Sbisa to us. But, that's who I would have taken in their position.
  8. Canucks release protected list for expansion draft

    Here's the entire nhl's list:
  9. (Proposal) Van+Buffalo

    Personally, I like this proposal. It'd be especially interesting to make a trade like that before the lottery balls drop.
  10. 5-4-3-2-1 Canucks pick from 1st to 5th!

    Boo! What a terrible, negative thing to say.
  11. Positive Takeaways from this Season

    Great op! Love optimism when I see it. Add to the list the fact that we have very good draft position plus some extra picks in later rounds (c'mon SJ). Also, I think we are better positioned for the expansion draft than most teams which is another plus.
  12. Ok, being an idealist, my mind is wandering to the best case scenario, where Lady Luck decides to make up for all the times she's shafted us in the past. Here are the 4 events that could really put us solidly on our way to a perennial playoff team: 1) win the lottery (1st or 2nd) and pick our future 1C. No Connor McDavid, but like I said, Lady Luck is doing what she can. 2) San Jose wins the cup - landing us a gift of an extra 1st round pick that could snag us a decent prospect or be packaged as an asset in a further deal. 3) Vegas snubs us at the expansion draft and leaves our assets intact. 4) Some teams are distressed enough by who they loose to Vegas to create a trade environment for JB to get maximum possible return for Edler, Tanev or Hutton on D and perhaps for Sutter as well. Perhaps packaged with SJ's first round pick we are able to steal a Taylor Hall caliber forward. There we go, my optimistic hope that for a semi-realistic best case scenario for this summer.
  13. [GDT] Boston Bruins at Vancouver Canucks | Mar 13 | 7PM | SN |

    Well done! Our men are battling for the honour of our city tonight! 4-2 'nucks win. Horvat, Granlund (pp), Baer, Stetcher (empty net). the Canucks to play one of their best all round games of the season!