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  1. High sticks to the face and trips will always be called no matter the team. This isn’t playing with grit, it’s just flat out being undisciplined. One of the biggest things that failed for the Wild in this series was their PP. Had it not been completely ineffective, we could have just as easily lost the series. Would you be saying the same thing if we were eliminated?
  2. For those of us who believe that these draft lotteries are fabricated, today’s NYR ball fiasco wasn’t surprising. The league is now trying to build up the Rangers franchise. The New York market is lucrative, so it makes sense.
  3. You can play hard and still keep out of the box. Myers took a lot of stupid and undisciplined penalties that could’ve easily cost us the series. Mean streak ≠ 18 PIMs in 4 games.
  4. I’m just happy it wasn’t Edmonton, Pittsburgh or Toronto.
  5. It's gonna be a tough match-up. Regardless of how we've matched up with the Stars in the past, Dallas is currently going through a very rough patch. It would've been far better to play them. The kids will learn a lot from this series though.
  6. If there’s any team that deserves Lafreniere, it’s the Wild. Hope they get some draft luck instead of the Penguins or, god forbid, the Oilers.
  7. Silver lining - maybe Marky looks at his playoff performance and settles for less in contract talks.
  8. These are all legit penalties.. Green’s gotta have a talk with Myers, he’s gonna cost us the game.
  9. Myers’ physicality is needed, but it doesn’t excuse the stupid penalties. We can’t be this undisciplined in the playoffs if we want to have some success.
  10. Regardless of whether Hartman dove or not, Pettersson's going to have to skate with his head up the whole time.