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  1. Pretty much my thoughts. Can’t believe I’m actually cheering for the Bruins.
  2. Judging by the comments in this thread, I don't think people are aware of just how much a 1OA may cost us. Just see the Lindros trade. Sometimes I feel like the pick itself is worth more than the player being picked there. I don't think Jack Hughes or even Kakko are worth selling the farm.
  3. I said it last year and I’ll say it again: the NCAA and USNTDP are the way to go nowadays. The USNTDP this year is especially strong. I’ll be happy with any one of Zegras, Caulfield, Turcotte or Boldy.
  4. Logic would be to use his three seasons here as a measure, not his 17 games with the Pens. Logic would be to take at face-value Gudbranon’s own admittance to playing poorly and moving on. Refusing to admit that you were wrong is an emotional stance.
  5. Lol, not even about monitoring your activity. You fill up threads with walls of text and cherry-picked stats. The difference was noticeable even for us more casual posters. But we can pretend like nothing happened.
  6. Accuses someone of not knowing what they’re talking about. Ignores the point about the sample size. Lol, even if you posted at the time of the trade, doesn’t change the fact that you went underground. Other posters called you out on it too. But you keep putting out those horrendously hyphenated paras, I’m sure the Guddy crew will upvote you regardless.
  7. You do understand that you’re not doing yourself any favors by conveniently disappearing for a couple weeks after the trade and then basing your argument on a 17-game sample size, right?
  8. The idea that Jake will instantly become more effective in the playoffs is repeated ad nauseum around this forum and should finally be put to rest for the simple fact that it’s not substantive. On the contrary, as others have explained, Jake has shown a decline in performance both in junior and in the AHL in the playoffs. You’re essentially arguing an idea that in fact contains evidence that points to the contrary. Let’s wait until we see how Jake performs in the playoffs to come to such a conclusion.
  9. You could say the same about posters like @J-Dizzle who came out of the woodwork when he was doing well and have now magically disappeared.
  10. Green makes perfect sense. This isn’t a league that gives gold stars and blue ribbons for trying your best, this is a league that requires players to get things done to consolidate themselves. A top-6 forward in today’s high-scoring NHL constitutes being a reliable and consistent producer. Same reason Green has kept Virtanen in the bottom-6. Green is managing a team based on merit, not draft pedigree or names (bye Guddy). I like what I see.
  11. Lol. His butt cheek would’ve have to open Twitter, reply to Mueller’s post, write Zzz, and post the tweet. Come on now. Not that it matters, we all know he has some growing up to do yet.
  12. Don’t forget Phillip @PhillipBlunt. Dude’s gone cold. #RIP
  13. Michigan has a great hockey program and they really value Hughes. This is good news.