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  1. Seems illogical, in Boeser’s case specifically, to offer a bridge contract when we have more bargaining chips on our side now. If next year he stays healthy for the full season and scores 30+ goals, he’ll have more than enough reason to ask for more money.
  2. I just hope that management is aware that we’ll have to fit these new signings along with new contracts to Boeser and eventually Pettersson and Hughes.
  3. Am I the only one who rates Hutton? The guy was the fittest he’s ever been in his career and barely missed a step playing 20+ mins near the end of last season. If he can build on that and eventually improve on the 25 points he showed in his rookie season, he can be a very solid top-4 defenseman. Considering how people like to show unwavering support for our own draftees, which is logical, I’m surprised people aren’t more supportive of a player taken in the 5th round who’s developing the way Hutton is. That’s a feel-good story if I’ve ever seen one.
  4. Our star player is 20 years old. Our (hopefully) stud defenseman is 19. People who think we’re getting close are in for a rude awakening.
  5. He’s a good player and he’ll make them a better team if he goes. Dude just has to stop with the dirty antics.
  6. Seriously nervous at the $$$ GMJB will throw at Myers. CDC will fervently defend the signing irregardless.
  7. Exactly this. Or how someone on hfboards put it, this move increases the team’s chances of being good in the short term but decreases its chances of being great in the long term. It’s no secret that this fan base is one of the most impatient in the league; the sea of empty seats when things go south is pretty evident. Benning and co probably know this too. Horvat is our oldest core player at 24, Boeser is 22, Juolevi 21, Pettersson 20, Hughes 19. I for one don’t think we’re at the stage in our rebuild to start trading away 1st round picks, though I think, unfortunately, that most won’t care if it turns out that the team can immediately compete for a playoff spot, even if we end up getting trounced in the first round.
  8. Not what I said. If we don’t even make the playoffs, we could still theoretically win this trade if the Lightning end up drafting a Gaunce. However, if they hit the pick out of the park, the expectations will have to be proportionate. Again, we need to wait to come to a conclusion.
  9. I disagree. Just making the playoffs is a low bar if the lightning end up drafting a very good player, especially if we end up getting bounced early.
  10. Well it’s no secret that the same posters are defending the move tooth and nail. Personally, I’m going to reserve on my concerns to wait and see what player the lightning end up drafting with our 1st round pick. That’ll give us a better idea on whether this was a mistake or not.
  11. I respect Jim for taking the high risk high reward pick. This is how it should be.
  12. Elias deserves it based on his regular season play but that doesn’t mean that we should be diminishing Binnington’s success. What he’s accomplished is crazy for a rookie goalie.
  13. We need forward prospects. On defense, we already have 4 very good ones in Hughes, Juolevi, Woo and Rathbone. For forwards, Gaudette, Madden, Gadjo and Lind? Far less quality imo.
  14. This. They basically just removed the “Vancouver”, which is great. Also think it’ll look better when it’s being worn by the players. It’s as if people expected management to reinvent the wheel and come up with a whole different design.