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  1. Central Park is NY’s Kits Beach. No longer feel safe going for a run here. IMG_6294.MOV
  2. Forget the timeline. If anyone really believes the numbers that are coming out of China now, I have a bridge in Saskatchewan to sell you.
  3. Why did you wait until now? Things started getting bad in Spain at least 2 weeks back.
  4. Look, I get your point. Maybe something can be done to improve hygiene in sites where congregation is an eventuality, like supermarkets and the like. The point is that every single city that has managed to successfully flatten the curve has done so through the successful isolation/quarantine of its citizens. There's only one solution that actually works. Even if you theoretically perfect hygienic practices in all stores, the virus will still propagate at a high rate if people go out; Even if people wash their hands every 5 minutes, use hand-sanitizer religiously, put on gloves and masks, elbow tap, etc. I'll just end saying that you're correct in that people have to break their isolation for food runs. The point is to do so as little as possible and to go out as briefly as possible. This is one of those times where you learn about your own self-control. If you end up being one of those people who absolutely need to leave their house for alcohol and/or junk food, maybe you have bigger problems on your hands than Covid-19. I hope that eventually, social discussions center around how society can help people stay at home longer. Here in NY, the municipal government has set up "grab and go" stations designed to feed the student population a bit like a drive-through, minimizing wait times so that food pick-up is as quick as just a few seconds. Ideas have also been floated on door delivery. Future solutions will have to be along these lines.
  5. I understand that everyone needs to leave their house eventually, but if you're healthy and have the luxury of working from home, you really only should be going out once or twice a week to stock up on food and supplies. Now that schools and most workplaces are shutting down, most everything else can be done remotely. For context, I'm riding this out in NYC (I know, probably not the best place to be atm). It's only when it gets really bad that you start to realize what the "essentials" really are. I have neighbors who think they need to go to the liquor store to grab some wine, or who think they have to make a trip to the supermarket just stock up on snacks and popcorn. It's these same people who get infected. BC is relatively okay right now compared to some other places, which is why it's imperative that British Columbians understand that there's only really one way to combat the issue. In all actuality, both of us are missing the entire point. This specific strand of Coronavirus is especially bad because unlike other types, it's managed to successfully and quickly replicate within humans at a high rate. When all's said and done - given its high contagious rate - more than half of us will end up getting infected, probably more. Honestly, just go outside only when you need to while taking the necessary precautions. Gloves/masks/etc. will only protect you so much - in all reality you will probably get infected if you end up in the vicinity of infected people who are there/who have recently been there. It's a bit of a lottery in that sense.
  6. People should just self-isolate. Micro-analyzing the use of sanitizers/hand wipes/soap/washing stations isn't going to do much if you're walking around outside, especially now that it's been proven that the virus can survive on surfaces for up to three days, can be airborne for up to half an hour, and is easily transmissible through people that show no symptoms. We're pretty much being asked to stay on our couch, it's not that confusing. No matter how hygienically responsible you are, if you're leaving your house frequently, you're part of the problem.
  7. Infections ≠ intensive care.
  8. I see the bad taste comments have come out in full glory.
  9. It's almost as if they're embarrassed that the entire world has had to pay for China's questionable gastronomical choices.
  10. As has been mentioned before, Italy has one of the oldest populations in the world, with over 60% of its population aged 40 and above (and 23% of its population aged 65 and over). This is in line with what's been reported about the Coronavirus disproportionately affecting the elderly. I assume you have a source for this. I literally just gave you quotes from Johns Hopkins doctors lmao. This isn't coming from me. But the more and more I read your posts the more I realize you're set on believing this narrative of yours, no matter which sources I cite.
  11. There needs to be further clarification on this post. Due to the fact that over 80% of cases are mild, there are MANY cases that aren't reported. So the 3.4% mortality rate reported by the World Health Organization is actually much lower. Simply put, you can only record what's on your radar. People aren't going to report to the hospital for a runny nose or a mild cough. And this is coming from leaders in the field. I repeat, part of the problem is the paranoia, and this, in part, is due to the vast amount of misinformation and ignorance that is going around. If you're not elderly and don't have any underlying health concerns you have little to worry about. Doing your part is not only limited to staying away from large groups and washing your hands, but also not participating in all the fear mongering.
  12. Those panicking need to take it down a notch. If you’re under 60 and have no underlying health issues you have little chance of dying. Heck, if you contract the virus, you’ll most likely have a small cold for a few days, if you even notice the symptoms at all. Paranoia feeds on paranoia. Those that are informed should be doing their part to not only protect the vulnerable but also educate those who don’t know wtf they’re talking about.
  13. A team is not playoff calibre when they have to rely on their starting goalie to bail them out night-in night-out. Once you realize that this implosion becomes much easier to stomach.
  14. Putting down a player we previously thought was a good prospect just so one can convince himself that JB pulled a rabbit out of his hat reeks of impatience. Don't understand CDC's need to immediately come to a conclusion on trades that involve high picks and decent prospects. Most importantly, we need to see whether we can sign Toffoli. I don't buy the "we can still win this trade even if Toffoli ends up being a quarter-season + bit of playoffs rental" angle.