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  1. Remember when I said Matthews is a generational player and you said he isn't, even tho he surpassed everything Eichel did at the same age? Remember when I said if Matthews was a few days younger he'd go #2 behind McDavid and just barely, followed by Eichel a notch below and you said Eichel would go 2? 



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    2. Scottish⑦Canuck


      Oh God... Matthews is the new Ronaldo...

    3. Shift-4


      Next up, TRR will write a letter to Hitler telling him invading the rest of Europe was a bad idea. :lol:

    4. Qwags


      While we're here, let's make fun of his rotting corpse.

  2. Vote thejazz97 has dispute with Kaz and then Kaz is killed by the vig.
  4. Man that trade is a fleecing
  5. Go to your collections scroll to the back and click consumerables, you should have some contracts you can trade. Click on the contract post for a random start price (above 5k please) for 3 days. PM me your team name and I'll send over some stuff. Once I'm done I'll pm you, go to the action tab you should have 1 active item, click on that tab and it will say you have 1 new trade offer.
  6. Marner wasn't ready thats why. How the heck is he over ripe? he needed to add weight and even now he needs to have a good offseason to make the Leafs out of camp. Nylander is the same as Marner, he needed to add weight and work on the defensive side of the game. Also you say these player are over ripe but Marner, JUST LIKE VIRTANEN AND MCCANN went back for his +1 year, same as Nylander (spent to all in the AHL/SHL) They are by no means overripe.
  7. What I do is budget out my week. I leave $10-20 for eating out and then when I make meals on the weekend there are lots of leftovers. Pasta is a good one to make, it usually makes you 3-4 meals. Rice (if you're asian or you like it) is also fairly cheap and easy to cook. Buying foods like Safeways rotary chicken is a good source of protein and is good for sandwiches.
  8. Nov 2014= Last season silly
  9. You can't, but post a contract and I'll send over some stuff
  10. UMMMMMMMM Most of Torontos kids have had less than 1 season in the AHL, yet they are over ripe
  11. Kucherov is GOAT

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Nikita Clutcherov?

  12. Alflives is back

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    2. TheOgRook


      I didn't know that you ever left this place Alfy!  Musta been somebody else's choice ;) 

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      gordon shumway was out chasing cats...

    4. Kazmanian Devil
  13. Thanks, but I already sent 3 sources saying he can play wing