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  1. America gonna America. Doesnt help that tensions are high currently between USA and China.
  2. Seems a little more far fetched, The Wuhan Lab was already known to be studying coronavirus in bats for years before the outbreak and there were security concerns ranging back to 2015 that the lab was not up to standards for a level 4 bio lab.
  3. I dont see how it is racist, he clearly just hates wet markets and the fact people are still eating bats even though they are high risk to carry viruses. I personally believe 100% it came from the lab in Wuhan due to lack of satefy precautions.
  4. Its a good idea, America does it and it will help prevent free loading from working aboard then retiring here. Canada will have a tough time coming up with all the tax money to support the pensions of the baby boomers, and the younger generation will be stuck with the bill. Now the Covid bill as well.
  5. Its not shutting down the country, its stopping passanger flights from China and Iran, would not have cost $150 billion. maybe 1 billion in tourism.
  6. Your better of trying to grow GDP at a faster rate than your debt is increasing and the debt will shrink over time as a percentage of GDP. Rather than print a bunch of money to pay it off fast.
  7. Most of BC's cases came from Iran, They had the chance to suspend flights all from China and Iran but didn't. Now they have a 250 billion dollar deficit instead.
  8. @stawns Its still relative to other currencies, if you are a country that imports everything can cause serious troubles.
  9. There are reasons, ask German after world war 1 when they were given a bill for the damage to France.
  10. Tell that to the countless extra people who have been infected and died due to China's censorship during the coronavirus. Im sure Communism has never almost ended our existence.
  11. This is no different than pretty much every persuasive documentary, you state your position on a specific topic then find facts to back it up with, while ignoring any facts that contradict your stance. Its up to the viewer to form their own view and pretty easy to fact check these days.
  12. I feel like it is all middle ground, you are free to say what you want, as long as it doesnt offend anyone and is in line with the general public.
  13. If your money is invested in stocks or property, it is some what protected from inflation as they will rise with inflation. Keeping your assets in cash over the next few years is not smart. The poor definitely suffer from inflation as well, as it probably means they can afford basic amenities.
  14. LE and Beagle are the obvious choices
  15. Regular Doritos and Sun Chips HC both have really tough first round matchups