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  1. WANT - Zegras - Krebs - Broberg O.K. WITH - Newhook - Seider - Boldy - Söderström - Caufield - Kaliyev - Podkolzin
  2. The thing that might scare me off is looking at a player like Jack Campbell who was also said to be a stud.
  3. If he doesnt think there is a top line forward or top pair defenseman on the board, taking a swing at a potential hall of fame goalie could be good value wise.
  4. Doesnt look like a lot seperating picks 5-12 based on this chart
  5. If Benning has Knight ranked as the BPA when we pick would anyone be upset if we took him? He is being touted as having the potential to be the best US goalie ever and is ranked in the top 5 and top 10 by some teams according to B Mac
  6. Ya there is a good chance Jake plays over 800 games in the NHL good enough for a mid - late first round pick for sure
  7. Benning is just checking in on Ghost so far. Young players on ELC who are almost ready to make an impact are very valuable to playoff teams.
  8. Weird move, Lightning dont have lots of Goalie depth. Im guessing he asked for a trade.
  9. You cant really trade for a legit top 6 forward or top 4 Dman without giving up a young player or picks with the pieces Canucks currently have.
  10. If they are asking for a legit 2nd line center then they can pound sand, they arent getting Horvat.
  11. My personal belief is you need a good mix of all three as you have no idea what kinda team you will be matched up against in a playoff series. All of a sudden a guy like Tom Wilson could be looking like a Allstar.
  12. In the playoffs, if you are not able to contain large fast forwards on a team like Vegas, its gonna matter real quick.