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  1. Maybe Bode Wilde and a 2nd for Virtanen?
  2. Don't mind the snub, is a contract year. No need to inflate his tires too much.
  3. The more NHL players that get the virus the more fear there will be among players and executives that could lead to the canceling of the season.
  4. If you need to go out clubbing at least wear a mask, it wont kill him. NHL players need to be more cautious that the general public as the spread of the virus to teammates could result in the lost of 100 millions of dollars in revenue for the league and millions of salaries for players if they can not return to play safely.
  5. Yeah they should just wait and do the lottery as soon as the playoffs end, if there are still playoffs.
  6. If we lose out on the first round and dont winning lottery, I think Braden Schneider has got to be our guy. Exactly what this team needs.
  7. Miller on the third line didnt work too well for Tampa Bay in the playoff, I think Ferland is too much of a question mark to have him on the first line with Petey, If he comes back a shell of a player he used to be, he will drag down that line.
  8. Vancouver would make a lot of sense, but will probably be in Chicago or Boston knowing Bettman.
  9. Miller-Petey-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Ferland-Gaudette-Virtanen Roussel-Beagle-Sutter Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev Benn - Stecher Markstrom Demko
  10. It was probably just clear to the organization that the Sedins were carrying him, he only played one more season then was out of the league.
  11. America gonna America. Doesnt help that tensions are high currently between USA and China.
  12. Seems a little more far fetched, The Wuhan Lab was already known to be studying coronavirus in bats for years before the outbreak and there were security concerns ranging back to 2015 that the lab was not up to standards for a level 4 bio lab.
  13. I dont see how it is racist, he clearly just hates wet markets and the fact people are still eating bats even though they are high risk to carry viruses. I personally believe 100% it came from the lab in Wuhan due to lack of satefy precautions.