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  1. To be fair there are no witnesses or evidence that collaborates their story, they will likely get a smallish payout to sign a NDA from team to avoid PR backlash. To be fair, I would let Fin drop kick me in the spine for season tickets
  2. There was zero consent he was drugging people.
  3. We'll see what the emails say, if someone sends an email saying hey I want to sleep with you and then it happens that's not assualt. If there was no consent then yeah that's assault.
  4. I think some are victim's and some were more than willing to do whatever it took to reach the top. The ladder will be used to help destroy the credibility of the actual victim's.
  5. If you wait to close to the ED its very hard to get full value for players in trades as teams know you are in a pickle.
  6. I dont think he has much chance to win this, but I bet his lawyer is really good and he probably embarrasses a lot of the witnesses on the way down.
  7. Kid had to learn the hard way, dont mess around with gritty or he will sock you one.
  8. Apparently Gritty is in trouble after supposingly punching a 13 year old kid as hard as he could. 

    1. Aladeen


      Kid probably deserved it, I support Gritty and his judgement and discretion in this matter. 

  9. You never stated which goalies you think get picked up instead of Markstrom or Demko? I believe the concern is real, both are really good goalies in the Leauge for next 5 years at least. I would be pretty upset if we lost Demko for nothing.
  10. Jacob markstrom is top 10 in save percentage for goalies under 30 years old, and Demko is one of 7 goalies who are under 25 years old to play more than 10 games this year. These 7 goalies will all be protected except for maybe Georgiyev (who is on the trade block) and Saros (who I think will be protected).
  11. Some people might not fly direct from China, could be a layover. If they see a Chinese person looking a little under the weather I have no problem with them screening them to be safe.
  12. They dont get much easier than that at that level. Right place at the right time.
  13. His forechecking is very good, uses the body and stick well to create turnovers.
  14. Yan Kuznetsov I feel is very underrated in this draft, he is 6'3 and 200lbs. Playing defense in the NCAA in his draft year and doing quite well. The last U18 defenders to play in NCAA were Hanifin and Werenski in 2014-15
  15. Yeah he is committed to go to University of Denver next year too which is a good school.