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  1. He has been playing in the AHL likely on a conditioning stint and has 1 point in 5 games there, they likely put him on waivers to keep him there. No risk of him getting claimed
  2. Better chance next year with Petey and Hughes both on ELC, as long as they can move out Eriksson's contract.
  3. It would have to be a big add because of Loui's extra year, both are on their way out of the league.
  4. He was getting a little too old for TV but I respect his right to call people out and voice his opinion like he has for the past 35 years. As soon as he mentions immigrants, its all of a sudden its not alright.... Shouldnt have been fired for this, although the end was probably near anyways.
  5. I was thinking maybe a worse Russian Landeskog.
  6. Podkolzin also only played 12 games in MHL likely after just turning 17 years old and had 8 points and was a +9, not terrible. I would like to see more offensively from him too though, but too early to panic in my opinion. He is not in the mold of a Goldobin type player that needs to put up tons of points to be effective.
  7. Artyom Manukyan is the all time MHL leader for points in a draft year, stats aren't everything at that level.
  8. Loui needs a stint in Utica IMO, maybe permanently. He is living way to comfortably for the effort we have got from him.
  9. Strong German class this year Stutzle and Reichel are off to really great starts for a U18 player in that league. Peterka also having a good year in DEL.
  10. I agree Sven - Horvat - Virtanen Pearson - Sutter - Gaudette Schaller - Beagle - Leivo Should be the lines IMO, Loui doesnt really bring much.
  11. Should we be worried about Woo's slow start? Was hoping he took another big step this year, but it doesnt look like that is the case so far.
  12. I dont see his contract as having negative value, he just isnt getting an opportunity to play here. When injuries hit later some team will come knocking. I dont expect much for him but I dont see us adding to get rid of him unless he gets injured again.