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  1. bigbadcanucks

    Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    My view on Goldobin is that he's where Baertschi was a year after the Canucks got Baertschi from the Flames. Like Baertschi, he's had to learn the defensive side of the game and he's more of a playmaker than a finisher. They're about the same size too, and can skate very well. IMO, Baertschi has turned into a good top six player, though that's difficult to say definitively given that he's missed so many games over the past few seasons. I like how Goldobin has quietly gone about his business this season and has taken the opportunity to play on the top six and has run with it quite nicely. I also have been impressed with his ability to gel with Pettersson, which to some degree is tough to do unless you have the talent to keep up with Pettersson. I wouldn't call it a break out season just yet (maybe at the end of January we can say this) for Goldobin, but he's definitely on his way. A top six that consisting of the following over the long term looks pretty good to me. Goldobin -- Pettersson -- Boeser Baertschi -- Horvat -- Virtanen Throw in a bottom six of the following for the foreseeable future, and I think the Canucks have a forward group that can compete with pretty much anyone in the NHL: Eriksson -- Sutter -- Leivo Motte -- Beagle -- Roussel Granlund/Gaudette Gonna state the obvious...Tim Schaller's days look like they are all but over.
  2. bigbadcanucks

    Favourite Christmas Movies

    Elf. Will Ferrell at his best.
  3. bigbadcanucks

    [Proposal] Benoit Pouliot and Tim Heed

    One of Mike Gillis' "BOLD" moves that he proclaimed he would make as GM of the Canucks. I suppose a $10MM deal for Sundin qualifies as such.
  4. bigbadcanucks

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 16, 2018

    This might have been the best I've seen the Canucks play this season. So many good things about this game -- loved the way Gudbranson laid the body tonight...the way Horvat's line minimized McDavid's line's overall effectiveness...not much more I can add to what's already been said about Boeser and Pettersson (especially loved the way Pettersson bounced back from the first period give-away with fire in his game)...loved the way Markstrom played (especially on b2b's)...and that sneaky Goldobin (again, doesn't seem like he's doing much all game but shows up on the scoresheet with a sweet dish to Pettersson). I can watch talented players play a hard, lunch-bucket, blue-collar, workman-like game every single night of the year. That's the way the Canucks played tonight.
  5. bigbadcanucks

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Nashville Predators | Dec. 13, 2018

    Seven pages and not a single post on Goldobin. He doesn't look like he's doing much, but he keeps finding a way to sneak onto the scoresheet.
  6. bigbadcanucks

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane...got to see a ton of Gretzky while growing up in Winnipeg. Lucky enough to have had parents who had season tickets. Section 13 row 8 seats 7 and 8 in the old Winnipeg Arena on Maroons Drive. Gretzky and his magic torched and tormented the Jets for most of the 1980s. Have to say that I haven't seen a player that reminded me of Gretzky until Elias Pettersson. Could Boeser be Kurri? Could Horvat be Messier? Could Virtanen be Anderson? Could Demko be Fuhr? Could Hughes be Coffey? Could Juolevi be Lowe? Wouldn't that be something if all this came to be for the Canucks?
  7. bigbadcanucks

    Jack Rathbone | D

    Especially a Harvard Business degree. A Harvard business degree and a Harvard MBA = 40 years of annualized income of $650,000 as a hedge fund manager or middle management for five years to 10 years and 30 years as a senior exec for a Fortune 500 company equates to $26 million lifetime earnings, plus stock options. That's a nice fall back position to find yourself if a pro hockey career (probably three years at AHL $160,000, and 10 years NHL AAV of $30 million, plus 27 years post hockey income of $650,000 equivalent) doesn't work out. There's something to be said for getting a college degree from an Ivy League or a "new" Ivy League school (friend of mine went to Rennselaer Polytech Institute in Boston on a full hockey scholarship (even though it's not an Ivy League school and even though he didn't play a second of pro hockey, there's a picture of him wearing an RPI jersey in a game situation in the HHOF) and he has probably has established himself with a net worth of $50 schmill or so on the strength of his college degree). Like Mr. T says, pity the fool who ditches school. EDIT - gonna bet that Patrick McNally doesn't give a rat's ass that his pro hockey career didn't work out. In spite of his one year academic suspension, with his Harvard degree, I'm going to bet that there's a bunch of opportunities coming his way. EDIT 2 - ixnay Edit 1. Looks like McNally is still living out a pro hockey dream with signing on with Division 2 teams in Europe.
  8. bigbadcanucks

    [Waivers] Brendan Leipsic (Kings claim Leipsic)

    Heard Elliotte Friedman make a comment a couple of weeks ago (paraphrasing) something of the likes of, "my sources tell me the Canucks brass is privately happy that the team is being competitive but isn't winning. They are angling for another year of being a bottom team to have one more year of a top draft pick". Not sure if this is 100% true, or if it was just voices I'm hearing in my head. Is there anyone out there who may have heard this on Sportnet 650 who can confirm this? Back to Leipsic - wished for his demotion after the Vegas game. Got my wish. Thanks JB. I remember hearing the commentary (I think it was either Friedman or B-MacKenzie) that Leipsic is one of those guys who appears to have a tantalizing set of skills, but frustrates the be-jeezus out of you because he can't do anything with the gifts he's been given. So happy he's gone.
  9. bigbadcanucks

    Dan Carcillo on hazing

    Sweet justice for Carcillo: 11 seasons in the NHL. The 19 and 20 year old monkeys on the Sarnia Sting team from Carcillo's rookie season: 77 games. Yup, those leading the hazing did themselves proud with their pro hockey careers. Losers.
  10. bigbadcanucks

    {GDT} Canucks VS Knights Nov. 29th, 2018

    Garrett...what a homer. Gives two of the three starts to the Canucks. Brock and Bo had good nights, but c'mon Cheech. How about a little more objectivity?
  11. bigbadcanucks

    {GDT} Canucks VS Knights Nov. 29th, 2018

    Please Jim...throw Leipsic on waivers and hope to God that someone picks him up. He's a waste of a roster space.
  12. bigbadcanucks

    The maturing of Bo Horvat

    Well...I didn't want to sound over exuberant. I'm with you; I think Pettersson-Horvat combination will be better than the Sedin-Kesler combo. All in due time though.
  13. bigbadcanucks

    The maturing of Bo Horvat

    I'm liking how the Canucks are shaping out down the middle for the future. Horvat is one of those uber-special, team-first, do-the-heavy-lifting, players that can do it all (and do it all very well). I'm an old guy, so offensively, he reminds me of Jacques Lemaire (Guy Lafleur got all the love, but Lemaire was the guy who made Lafleur shine) or Bryan Trottier (who was the same for Mike Bossy)...defensively he reminds me of Pat Bergeron, Jonathan Toews and Doug Jarvis. Horvat is as good, if not better than Ryan O'Reily, without all the contract drama. Gonna go out on a limb and state that the the Pettersson-Horvat combo will be as good as the Sedin-Kesler combo.
  14. bigbadcanucks

    (DISCUSSION) Bold Predictions...or Wishful Thinking for 2018-2019

    Thought I would bump this post that I started on July 6th... Obviously, I'm not much for prognostication. I hope CDC allows me a bunch of mulligans. Some of the predictions made by other CDCers back in the middle of summer were obviously way more accurate (and insightful). Now that we've had a little more than 20% of the season play out, I am curious to hear what has surprised CDCers to date. For me, the surprises are as follows: 1-Just how insanely great and competitive Pettersson has been...both offensively and defensively (especially defensively). I thought he would be very good, but I didn't think he had the makings of being lumped together with the likes of Matthews, Laine, McKinnon, Gaudreau, Ovechkin, Backstrom etc. (i.e., anyone not named McDavid/Crosby). 2-The emergence of Virtanen and Hutton. 3-The play of Gudbranson to date. 4-Timely saves by both Markstrom and Nillson. 5-The subtleties to Gaudette's play that makes me believe he's a bonafide NHLer. 6-Just how well the Canucks have weathered the early season injury bug. 7-Just how competitive the Canucks have been in every game they have played this season (kudos to Travis Green and his staff). I'm sure everyone would agree that these are exciting times for us Canucks fans. I stand by part of my last bold prediction: no. 11 on the list above - the Canucks make the playoffs. I have no idea what will happen after they get into the playoff tournament. What's surprised you, CDC? Also, please feel free to pump your own tires or amend your bold predictions you made in July.
  15. bigbadcanucks

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    This isn't to disparage Teemu Selanne in any way, but Teemu did all of this as a 22 year old, with an uber talented Alexei Zhamnov as his centerman and a group of top flight puck moving d-men made up of Phil Housely, Teppo Numninen, and Freddy Olausson (though I was living in Vancouver by 1989, I grew up in Winnipeg, and was a Jets/Selanne fan during the 92-93 season when Selanne broke into the league). What the young 19yo (soon to be 20yo) Pettersson has done in his first nine NHL games is something I haven't seen since Gretzky ruled the Smythe division. The pessimist in me is waiting for the drop-off in Pettersson's game to come, but based on what I've seen so far, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Without doubt, Pettersson is the most electrifying rookie since Pavel Bure that I have ever seen in a Canucks jersey (and I have lived in Vancouver 20 of the past 30 years, and have been a transplanted Canucks fan since 1994 Cup run). Here's hoping that Pettersson can sustain what he's doing for the remaining 67 games...should that be the case, he'll be knocking on Art Ross's, Hart's, Calder's, Rocket Richard's, and Ted Lindsay's door, and the Canucks will be punching its ticket to the playoffs.