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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    For whatever reason, players going north, more times than not, seem to outpace players going south. I don't know if this is psychological (e.g., Draisatl giving up on the backcheck at the blue line) or if it's because players going south have been on the ice for longer than players going north or any other reason. Jake's speed is impressive, but you know what would have been more impressive? If he scored on the rush or made a deep drop to the trailer (a la Thomas Vanek) for a better scoring chance (McDavid does taps Jake's stick at the last moment which may have done enough to prevent a grade 1 scoring chance). Hope we get to see more of this kind of effort and speed out of Jake next season.
  2. Re-Signing RFAs and UFAs

    IMO, none of the above players did much to warrant a significant pay increase. Baertschi still hasn't proven that he's a legit second liner, though he's been given all the opportunity to play a top six role. Still a 3rd-2nd line tweener and most teams he wouldn't be cracking the top six. So, if I'm JB, I'd offer him 2 years at $2.2M AAV. Granlund had one sort of break out year in 2016-2017, but with injuries and limited offensive output while he was in the line up (albeit he found an everyday spot as a checking third/fourth liner), I think he's still at $900k. Maybe he gets one year at $1.2M. Pouliot is still a project. After the good start, he sort of fell back to earth and showed he still has a lot to do to be an everyday 5-6 guy. If I'm JB, I'd offer him 2 years at $1.2M. I see Stecher following the AAV trend set by Tanev. So, one year deal at $1.6M or two years at $1.5M followed by $2.25M AAV, then something north of $3.5M two contracts from now. Virtanen did squat for the first 50-60 games (though I'm sure he worked hard and stayed on the "program" behind the scenes), finally starting to show why he was a high draft pick over the final 15 games of the season when there was really no pressure on any of the Canucks to perform. He hasn't produced Zack Kassian type numbers in his final year of his ELC, but I see Virtanen getting a 2 year at $1.75M (same that Kassian got). Total Cap Hit: Almost $8 million. As far as UFAs go, I'd like to see all three of Archibald, Dowd and Jokinen return -- Archibald for 2 @ $750k; Dowd for 1 @ $700k; Jokinen @ $1.25M. Archibald brings a unique set of tools to the lineup; Dowd, IMO, is a solid depth centreman (and you can't have enough of these guys in the organization); and Jokinen, with or without the Sedins, actually looked like he had something left in the tank, and it's never a bad thing to have a veteran as your 13th forward.
  3. (Proposal) Sign a College Defencemen

    I guess we have a different perspective on what realistic and positive means. My reality is Juolevi has a 75% chance of making the NHL next season because of what how he's developed and shown this past season...a college UFA has about a 10% chance. In my world, it's being positive having the expectation that Juloevi makes the jump from a men's league to the NHL. Now, if you said something in the lines of, let's go and sign a college UFA d-man for additional depth in the organization, then I could easily get behind your idea. But saying that signing a college UFA as a back up plan in case Juolevi doesn't make the Canucks is in a word, ridiculous. But another thing you are right about is that signing a college UFA doesn't cost "us" anything, so what hey...let's go out and get "us" one of these college UFAs just in case Juolevi doesn't make the team this coming season.
  4. (Proposal) Sign a College Defencemen

    You really think a college UFA, aged 22 who was never drafted has a better shot at making the NHL than Juolevi next season? You probably missed the memo that Juolevi has been playing in the top paring on TPS for the past couple of months and has been dominant in the Ligia playoffs, going 10GP-2G-5A-7P-Plus 5. The only rationale that I follow with you is about Pratt. Pratt is a plagiarist who might be the biggest know-nothing in the Vancouver media since Neil McRae. I'll dance on Pratt's media grave the day he's done as a POS media personality in Vancouver.
  5. Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    So this guy^^^^ takes Botchford's single line where he states "Olli Juolevi, the team’s top defensive prospect, looks a couple of years away from being an impact player" as Juolevi won't be ready for the NHL this fall. According to this guy^^^^, a prospect has to be an impact player to be in the NHL. Riddle me is a brain-dead Hutton who is barely an AHLer (okay, an exaggeration) in the NHL (albeit he's been a healthy scratch more times than I can remember)? This guy's^^^^ "analysis" makes me laugh .
  6. Proposal (Hiring new defensive coach)

    When I look at the Canucks d-group, I only see four legit NHLers at this point in time. That being Tanev, Gudbrandson, Del Zotto and Edler. And on most teams, these four are 3-6 on the depth chart. Couple this with the fact that three of these four are never at full health, you have guys who should be 3-6 players playing at 75% to 80% of their full capabilities when they are in the line up, and this becomes a recipe for group underachievement. IMO, Stecher and Pouliot will become legit NHLers, but they are in the NHL prematurely. Hutton and Biega on most good teams are call ups that should be injury/depth fill-ins. So, IMO, the issue with the Canucks defence has more to do with personnel than anything else. But this is the same old same old here in Vancouver. The only time the Canucks really had any true success was when Hamhuis, Edler, Erhoff, Salo and Bieksa were firing on all cylinders. As soon as injuries felled this group, the team essentially imploded. Getting rid of Bomber and replacing him with a guy like Rick Bowness (another fringe NHLer, who BTW was barely a fourth line RW -- I know this because I saw him sloth his way on a really bad Winnipeg Jets team in the early 1980s) is not going to solve the issues with the Canucks defence. All championship teams have that one d-man (or two if they are really lucky) that can log up to 30 minutes per game and control the pace everytime they are on the ice. With the group of young forwards that Benning has assembled, if the Canucks can find that one gem, I believe a Stanley Cup won't be far.
  7. Good point. But to be honest, I didn't expect too much out of these guys when they were signed, so I am delighted that they have become the players that they've become. My point was, that there are more misses than hits, but I get your point -- you can't win the jackpot if you don't buy a lottery ticket.
  8. Notley is threatening to cut off BC from AB oil

    You mean Justin Jagger, the love child of a drug-induced romance between Maggie Trudeau and Mick Jagger?
  9. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    While watching some of the highlights someone posted on the Sedins magic, the puck always seemed to find Burrows, or to put it another way, Burrows always seemed to be able to either be in position to be on the puck or hound his way to retrieve the puck, a knack that really complemented what the Sedins were doing. Watching Leipsic over the past few games, it looks like Leipsic's got that similar sticky stick blade where the puck seems to stick itself to him. And Leipsic has demonstrated that he can make something happen once the puck is on his stick...very much like what Burrows was able to do with aplomb back in 2008 to 2013.
  10. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Is it just me, or does Leipsic look like the second coming of Alex Burrows? Leipsic has got the sort of skills that Burrows showed while playing with the Sedins and he seems to have some of that edge to his game that Burrows had. And apparently Leipsic is killer at running his mouth. Wishful thinking on my part?
  11. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Two things strike me when I see this photo...the first, no wonder anabolic steroid use among Russians is widespread -- looks like Putin condones its use; the second -- what the heck is Putin doing on Mike Tyson's tiger from the Hangover?
  12. Canucks turned down offer of a 2nd and 4th for Gudbranson

    1,000,000,000,000,000,000% It's so high, I don't even know what that number is.
  13. Canucks turned down offer of a 2nd and 4th for Gudbranson

    I miss the Canucks with Hordichuk, Rypien, O'Brien, Glass and Bieksa messing up other teams. Throw in a yappy chihuahua like Burrows and a young Kesler who was willing to fight...and gritty d-men like Willie Mitchell and Aaron Rome. Skilled players with size like Samuelson, Salo, Erhoff, and when Edler had 40+ point seasons while banging bodies. All this size allowed the Sedins to work their magic. Those were the days.
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    This^^^^^gets my vote for the rant of the year. I could not have ranted better myself, Mustapha.