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  1. The ghost of Pavel Bure is alive and well. EDIT: I see that this Hoglander "incident" is at least a few days old...and I see that HockeyHarry already made reference to Pavel Bure, and went as far as posting the epic Bure elbow on Churla. I need to up my game here on CDC.
  2. Classy move by JB, though it's not anything that another GM would not do for a highly regarded character player which Alex Biega is (e.g., Dubas trading Leivo to the Canucks for Carcone). I really liked Biega as the no. 7 guy on the point. Probably one of the best 12-14 minutes per game d-man in the NHL. I haven't seen his advanced stats, but I'm going to guess his numbers per 60 minutes are quite strong. It is just when he was asked to play more than 15 minutes per game, his game would fall off. Loved his heart...gonna miss him and wish him a successful time in Detroit. Maybe Alex Biega will find his inner Brian Rafalski during his time in Detroit. I hope he does. On Dave Pope...turns out he's the second Pope to be on an NHL contract with the Canucks. Anyone remember the first Pope? I digress...good luck and success to Alex Biega.
  3. A bear and a rabbit are sitting side by side on a big log taking a poop. The bear looks at the rabbit and asks, "Excuse me Mr. Rabbit. Do you have any problems with sh!t sticking to your fur?" The rabbits responds, "as a matter fact, Mr. Bear, I don't." So the bear grabbed the rabbit and wiped his @$$ with it. As bad as the joke is, that's the best I got.
  4. I thought that got done when Canucks cut loose Pouliot. Sorry...bad joke. Couldn't resist. Said it before, will say it again -- the off-season just passed would have been a resounding success if JB would have found a taker for Eriksson. It is looking like the only way to get rid of Eriksson is to give him the Alex Burmistrov/Anton Rodin treatment.
  5. I'm with you on this debate...I have always wanted a Canucks team that could beat you up with their fists and beat you up with goals and skill. The 1994 Canucks team was the closest that I've ever seen for my ideal team make up. Pat Quinn, as gentlemanly as he was, knew that hockey was about beating the opponent on the ice and in the back alley. I am all for a fourth line that gives you 10 minutes of physical, high pressure, knuckles in your face hockey. Sorry if I sound like a dinosaur...but this is what I wish for the Vancouver Canucks to be. At the very least, they are moving in the right direction.
  6. ^^^^this is hands down the worst analysis of the Canucks' prospects that I have EVER read in the ten+ years that I have been sniffing around CDC. OP showing complete lack of analytical capabilities resulting in what amounts to some seriously questionable conclusions. There's being a contrarian, and then there's being clueless. Gonna guess that analytical thinking is not one of OP's strengths. Epic failure.
  7. LA is the perfect place for an easy going, laid back dude like Hutton. Hand and glove. Good on Ben.
  8. On a completely other subject on dogs, for all of you dog owners/lovers...who loves you more? Your dog or spouse? To find out... Put your wife/husband and your dog in the trunk of your car...after driving around for a few hours, open the trunk and see who is happy to see you.
  9. May I suggest that you put Timrafan on ignore? That's what I have done...this way, the only time I read his dribble is when someone engages him, which I wish didn't occur. The Eriksson and Dahlen thread would be a much better place if everyone simply ignored Timrafan and didn't respond to his zzzzzzzzzz argument (singular on purpose).
  10. Methinks OP is suffering from the side effects of the Federal legalization cannabis for recreational use.
  11. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Dr. C...I vividly remember this particular issue, with JB, McGill and Boimistruck on the cover. Benning and Boimistruck the two smallish PMD and Big Bad Bob McGill that threw it down as good as anyone during his day. Hate to admit it, but was bit of a Leafs fan as a kid growing up in Winnipeg. Thought the three "babes" were going to be something special. Never really panned out for the three of them. I must have had a subscription to THN since 1979. I used to read it cover to cover. I think it cost less than $30 for the entire year. I loved the draft preview issues.
  12. It took Chara five years in North America and at the age of 25-26 before he finally put it all together. IMO, Tryamkin is a little behind on his development curve, but by the time he's back for a full season, I'm thinking (more like hoping, TBH) that he'll be producing at the rate that you're calling for. I don't think Tryamkin is that far off.
  13. Brock Boeser = Superstar Hockey Player = Out of this world Superstar Son. If I had a son, I would want him to grow up to be just like Brock...Duke must be one helluva of a father to elicit this sort of love from his son. Prayers to Duke and the Boeser family.
  14. The world according to a furry alien^^^. No matter how you analyze it, Loui is still an NHL calibre hockey player. It's a question of whether his $1M or so cap relief is of greater value by having him in Utica vs. having him as a roster or 13th man in the NHL. He's obviously not a fit on the Canucks and a difficult contract to move and moving him is on evereyone's wishlist, but please stop spewing the nonsense that Loui is too slow, lost his hands, too soft, etc. If the Canucks sign Boeser to a $6M AAV, then all it takes is moving one of Gaudette, Schaller or Eriksson to create the cap room...if it's $7M AAV, then it's two of the three mentioned that needs to be moved to the minors. Of the three, Eriksson is the least likely to be moved. Get used it, you furball.