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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    The teams first line has moved on! So while Jack Hughes might slot in, they might not be as strong as they were this season. But here's to hoping they rip it up with Quinton. I would really love to see what a Juolevi - Hughes pairing could do. I know I'm rooting for Juolevi to make the team and force Benning to do some trades.
  2. Green seems to be reluctant to put two rookies together on a single line. That's partially why vets get overplayed and rookies find it hard to get into the line-up. So I don't really see Gaudette and Pettersson on the same line. One of them could possibly be on a line with Virtanen though, since Green now knows approximately what he can expect from Jake. I also don't see any of the veteran free agency pickups (Gagner, MDZ) being left out of a spot. This might be more of an image thing. If they play some of their free agents in bad spots despite their good play (Gagner was great at the end of the season), then it might deter others from signing. Also, Green seemed to hint that they would try Pettersson at every position, and that apparently Benning sees him as a pivot in the future. I think Pettersson is going to get a couple of games at center to start off with before giving others a look. Goldobin/Leipsic - Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - Pettersson - Eriksson Roussel - Sutter - Virtanen/Gagner Schaller - Beagle - Gagner/Virtanen Goldobin/Leipsic, Gaunce, Granlund Pettersson surrounded with veteran leadership, defensive prowess and top 6 talent. Goldobin/Leipsic given that chance to succeed on the top line. I feel like Gaunce is going to get sent down to Utica. In an ideal world I'd prefer to have Granlund on a line with Roussel and Sutter though. That could be our shut-down line and Virtanen to be on a line with more potential to score and Granlund has good chemistry with Sutter. So we'd have our Dorsett - Sutter- Granlund shutdown line back. On another note. I love prospects, and I adore being part of a winning group. I think if Hughes goes back to Michigan and plays with his brother, it'll give him the chance to elevate his game to the point where he would be the undisputed best defenseman prospect next year (Dahlin, Heiskanen retire the prospect status). That will give us something great to brag about, it would give us a great story for the end of the year and it will be better for Hughes because he gets to avoid the transition. The Sedins retiring means we need a change of leadership, we need guys to show up and grab spots and most of all we need some of these veteran contracts to expire (MDZ, Hutton, Edler, Nilsson, Gagner,...). I think next season is prime time for him to come in. And instead give a spot to Juolevi this year. We need him to take it more than we need Hughes to take it. I see this as the last year of sucking before we start moving up in the stands. Edler - Stecher Juolevi - Tanev MDZ - Gudbranson Pouliot - Biega - Hutton Waivers: If no trades happen from now to the start of the season then I see us going with 14 forwards and 7 defensemen. Either way, one forward or one defenseman will get waived (Goldobin/Leipsic/Hutton/Pouilot/Biega are the prime candidates). I think we could easily send down Gaunce and Granlund with minimal risk. I don't see other GM's being too keen on grabbing a guy who has scared one goal with his stick (the rest with his feet), nor Granlund who had a bit of a down year. Goldobin/Leipsic would be claimed. I think Hutton would be taken if waived (but that wouldn't be too big of a problem if he were), and Biega could probably go down without any worries. Pouliot would be picked up for pedigree alone. I could see a guy like Shero wanting him in NJ.
  3. Evan McEneny | D

    So this was written on the 5th of December. The estimated timetable should now be through and McEneny should be healthy. Does anyone have any details, or know where to find any? Twitter has no information about McEneny that I can find. I still have hopes that he could be our #1D on Utica this year. Him being healthy could really elevate the team to Calder Cup contenders. If I remember, his D partner on Utica was Chatfield.
  4. Although I personally want Del Zotto shipped out, trading Edler is an underrated idea. This is his last year of the contract, there would be tons of GM's interested in getting a solid guy like him for the playoffs, meaning he has a decent track record in the post-season. We could always retain salary in case a team can't fit him in. The difficulty is convincing him that to accept the trade. From my standpoint, from the deadline to the end of the playoffs you have roughly 3-4 months. Since the roster has been overturned completely and it looks like Kesler, Burrows and the Sedins are all gone from the NHL, It might be possible to convince him to waive if we promise him a contract extension in the summer. He doesn't have any of the old teammates holding him back here and he could go on a team and really help them out, maybe win the cup as well. The time he'd be gone is quite a lot, but he could leave his family in Vancouver. Either way. It'll be interesting to see how the trade deadline shapes up this year with a few expiring contracts.
  5. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    I honestly believe that Leipsic and Goldobin will likely not pass through waivers. Its this part that makes everything so much more difficult. That said, it might make sense to keep one of them as a 13th forward and rotate between them until there is an injury. So at the moment, I envision something like: Leipsic - Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - Pettersson - Eriksson Roussel - Sutter - Virtanen/Gagner Schaller - Beagle - Gagner/Virtanen Leipsic being a speedy, playmaking pest means he could be a nice fit on the top line or a missing element. That allows us to surround Pettersson with top 6 vets that are competent and simultaneously decent defensively. All 3 of them can distribute and shoot and Eriksson could pick up the gritty goals in front of the net, so I see that line having great potential. Then you plug Virtanen along with Sutter and Roussel for the speedy, somewhat gritty shutdown line. All of them can shoot, but they're missing the playmaking, so I don't see that line having much potential, but you could also just plug Gagner onto there and have Virt play with Schaller and Beagle. That leaves the last line. Beagle wanted better line mates. Gagner can distribute nicely enough, and Schaller can score and definitely brings a lot of size. That leaves Gaunce and Gaudette to be sent down. It leaves Granlund and Goldobin as the two left-over forwards (unless someone gets traded). Goldobin to be the first pick to replace a top 6 guy (Baertschi isn't very tenacious there) and Granlund to replace a bottom 6 spot. Gaudette plays 1C minutes to develop against bigger guys, and Gaunce can shore up the C depth and work on his goal scoring. Motte, Boucher, Archibald, Gaunce, Gaudette, Kero would all be decent callups, so such a line-up would be decently stacked. Edler - Stecher Hughes - Tanev MDZ - Gudbranson That leaves Hutton, Pouliot, Biega and Juolevi on the outside. I would personally prefer Hughes go back to Michigan. I don't see this year being a good start, but also because that would allow us to plug Juolevi in there instead. Hughes playing with his brother could also increase his stock tremendously. He could honestly end up being 1.5ppg next year if he goes back. Juolevi just needs that opportunity. I like Pouliot as our 13th. The easiest solution for me would be to trade MDZ, as a I like Hutton more and it's not like we are hurting for more veteran leadership in the form of hits. Something like this could be a balanced formation: Edler - Stecher Juolevi - Gudbranson Hutton - Tanev Pouliot I think this exercise shows us that the line-up can turn out any way imaginable. We must have like 50 legitimately different line-up suggestions already just for the forward group. There's a lot of versatility. We also have a couple of guys with expiring contracts that might be interesting trade targets for the deadline (then allowing Gaudette/Hughes/Gaunce/etc to come up). MDZ, Nilsson, Edler, Gagner would be the big trade opportunities. That's a lot more than we usually have. We could convince Edler to go chase the cup, promise him that he has a contract waiting for him for next year. I would like to think he wouldn't be against moving for a couple of months in order to chase the dream. Also some underrated guys who could seriously impress. Evan McEneny, Darren Archibald, Tanner Kero, Reid Boucher might all make a huge push for a job.
  6. [Roster]Opening day forward line up

    I'm going to try and change things up and suggest two potential line ideas that I haven't seen suggested that much. Goldobin/Leipsic - Horvat - Boeser We all know that Horvat and Boeser played well with Baertschi, but we all saw both of these combinations at the end of the season as well. And they worked nicely. I'd be keen to change the LW on the line and tailor it to the situation, so the team we're up against. I think Goldobin might be given the chance to shine in a top 6 role with these two guys, as they could really use a playmaker. But I almost think Leipsic would do a better job there, only he is more versatile and could be put on another line. Baertschi - Beagle - Sutter Beagle wanted a larger role and he could get it. By putting Baertschi to his left, it gives Baertschi a bit more of a defensive role but allows him to setup the other two in the hopes that they embrace the offensive role. Sutter on the RW is also underrated. We could very well see him transition to the wing for a couple of games The rest of the line up would then be something like: Roussel - Pettersson - Eriksson Leipsic - Schaller - Virtanen The idea would be to give Pettersson big minutes but under veteran supervision. That line would be decent defensively, with a couple of possibilities in the offensive zone. Roussel and Eriksson can get some gritty goals. And Roussel would be the agitator/ pest/ deterrent for Pettersson. The other line has a bit of everything, but mainly a ton of speed. I actually really enjoyed watching Leipsic with Virtanen and Gaudette with Virtanen, so as soon as a center goes down we could call up Gaudette and plug him in there. Granlund would be our 13th forward. I don't know what to think about Gagner. I didn't like the signing last year. His play at the end of last season was a bit too late to redeem himself for me. I would like to see him traded. In the case that he isn't, we could plug him beside Pettersson for the enhanced playmaking. But as many others have already mentioned. The line-up looks a little too full to me. Something has to fall.
  7. Well.. there go the playoff hopes for the Marlies. Not with Subban on their team.
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Darren Archibald

    Welcome back Archie! We now have our grit replacement in case one of Schaller, Roussel, Beagle go down. These signings will also allow Gaunce and Gaudette to go down to Utica and rip it up (if that's the plan). That makes the Utica center depth Gaunce, Gaudette, Kero, Darcy and MacEwen. That could potentially be some seriously nice depth! We've got Archie protecting/leading them, and then wingers like Bancks, MacMaster, Jasek, Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich and Boucher. Obviously not all these guys are going to make the final roster (it happens every year), but damn. Compared to even last year, I don't think we've had so much potential for the Utica line-up. All these guys are young too. If the plan is to make a sick AHL team and if Demko starts down there, they could really make a run for the cup next year. I'm hoping most of these guys stay and contribute to Utica, then come up as a team in the following years. Archie is a big part of that. Really happy for the guy!
  9. Correction. Seeing as his birthday is October the 16th, he will be 36, going on 37, at the end of that contract. Season can potentially end in April (let's hope not), that could mean there are 6 months until he is 37. Year 1: 32-33 Year 2: 33-34 Year 3: 34-35 Year 4: 35-36 Even then, Beagle is very active at the gym. If the Sedins and Jagr are anything to go by, it's easily imaginable that he can play well till he is 37. He may slow down a bit more, but that never stopped guys like Chara. He can still be a great 4th center. Just reduce his minutes bit by bit each year. With Sutter and Schaller around, we don't need to overwork him. Play him as much as his body will let him.
  10. 1) The caps have a different prospect pool and have the guys to take over Beagle's spot in the line-up for much cheaper. The replacement won't be as effective, but what can you do. 2) We just saw what it took to resign Beagle, the Caps have no cap space, having just resigned Carlson, etc. They are considered lucky to be coming back with their entire top 9, top 4 and top goalkeeper still there. 3) They still have their share of gritty guys, losing one doesn't make a difference. 4) Beagle is from Calgary. Maybe he wanted to come back closer to home. We don't know what influenced his decisions.
  11. I thought I'd mention a different aspect of a signing like this. I actually love Roussel as a player and as a person. I watched a couple of his interviews the last two years when he competed for France internationally and he really is a stand-up guy. Clearly we see the leadership connection. But the aspect I wanted to mention was more about marketing for the Canucks. In the last couple of years with the score of Swiss players we had in Diaz, Sbisa, Baertschi, etc the team's fanbase grew somewhat! Now with the addition of Roussel, it leaves the possibility to get more people to watch and love the Canucks. Roussel along with Bellmare basically embody French hockey. This could mean more French people joining the boards. Either way, as many have already stated, Roussel is basically Alex Burrows 2.0. He's slowly developing his offensive game too, and occasionally got the chance to play the 2LW in Dallas, although he was more on the 3rd line. He could be the key to bringing back the Granlund - Sutter - Dorsett line. Meaning we may see Roussel - Sutter - Granlund be our new shutdown match-up line. There's also the possibility of playing him with Pettersson when we visit the Californian teams. It could really deter others from even touching Pettersson. He could also be another mentor for Virtanen. The constant physical play could rub off, show Virt another side to physical play, how to take opportunities at the right times and such.
  12. Jay Beagle was apparently a great leader and motivator in the locker room for the Caps and essentially an elite 4th liner. The term is long, but even in this case, 3million is nothing special, we can just bury him in the minors worst case scenario like we did Higgins. My question now is if this means that Gaunce and Gaudette may get sent back down to Utica. It would improve our center depth immensely, give us a bunch of guys to call up too. Beagle is rather tenacious though. I don't see him out on injuries often. This also opens up a possibility to trade one of Gaunce, Goldobin, Granlund or Gagner. (wow that's a lot of G's...) Our kids are gonna be safe guys. Good times are coming.
  13. 2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    I listened to a couple of interviews with Cull at the end of the season and my takeaway was that MacEwen will be tried at center, at the very least in preseason. And I really hope that Hamilton doesn't get resigned. Haven't heard anything suggesting they would.
  14. It's shaping out quite nicely but there are still a couple of decent holes that need to be filled. We still need a #1C. Pettersson hopefully translates, but it he might stay on the wing. If not a 1C, we need an elite LW that has puck possession/ puck retrieval elements to his game. Maybe Leipsic can take over that job, since the LW job isn't very pressing. I'm also not convinced I'd want Stecher as my top RHD. We've got Woo and Tryamkin for the right side now, we also have Gudbranson and Stecher for the long term at the moment, but we could really use another elite RHD piece. I'm hoping Chatfield can develop to be Tanev-lite. I have a feeling the next draft is the last one for the rebuild, then it's about getting the depth pieces.
  15. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    The golden question is who are the guys that Benning has spoken the least about. In my eyes, he hasn't really said anything about anyone. But Hughes/ Boqvist seem like two guys he has avoided saying anything about. Wahlstrom and Tkachuk were vaguely mentioned. Dobson and Bouchard were brought up by media when speaking to Benning. Also sample size. This happened once in the last draft. The draft beforehand it was pretty obvious that the selection was between Juolevi and Tkachuk. The time before that Boeser came out of nowhere, but it was far too open. It could have been any of 20 picks.