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  1. Really enjoyed his writing, even with his far-fetched takes on some of what was going on. He always seemed to bring in new information about the Canucks with every issue of the Provies/Athletties. This guy is invaluable and irreplaceable to the Canucks. I owe a decent part of my Canucks fandom to Botch, he really got me excited about the team. And he is definitely the only reason I subscribed to the Athletics. Following the Canucks will never be the same without him. May you rest in peace, Jason. To me you'll be as big a part of the Canucks as any other person surrounding the team.
  2. I feel like there could be a trade incoming before the draft that might involve Sutter. It would make sense as it's a shame to waste him on the RW of Beagle, and a good 3/4C is still a premium position. I'm sure there are teams out there who would be interested in Sutter, and we can afford to retain salary if necessary. If we do, I could imagine us getting back a 2nd or 3rd. It would be awesome to have another 2nd or 3rd rounder to play with. That said, I think Harley is likely available at the end of the 1st round - around the 22nd-26th spot. Truthfully, I'd be a little disappointed if we were to draft him so high. But I would give Brackett the benefit of the doubt. He does fit the speed-mantra we've been preaching, and he's a good puck mover. I still think we should go with a forward, as that would be BPA, and find ourselves a great D in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Any candidates for the 2nd and 3rd rounds? A guy like Kaedan Korczak, or Alex Vlasic, are interesting.
  3. I really wonder if it'd be possible to move back a little in the first round. Maybe even take on some cap for a year and get some assets in return. If we could get a second 2nd round pick, and maybe another 3rd, we could really restock our cupboards with some D prospects worth cheering for. It'll depend on who's available at the 10th pick, but Heinola, Soderstrom and Broberg could all be nice pickups at around 12/13/14/15. And then gaining those extra assets... it's a gamble, but what if eh.
  4. There's more to coaching than instant gratification for the fans. There are also different ways of developing players. And since we really don't know what's going on behind the scenes, I think we should reserve our judgement of Cull until next season.