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  1. I kind of always viewed it similarly as well. You can't really have a bruiser, or a Malhotra-type as captain anymore. (Malhotra just always seemed like captain material to me), although Mackenzie is still captain of the Panthers. The captains of a team are the guys who will stay with the team for a long time and be the integral part of the core. And this description doesn't really apply to just anyone, but it does usually apply to the leading scorers of a team. Especially those drafter decently high. Like some other guys have already mentioned, by your logic, we'd have to make Boeser the captain. I think the captain of a team needs to be a high-scoring integral member of the team's core. Then it's easy to argue that Horvat could take over. As an example. Toews over Kane, yet both are part of the core. Foligno over Panarin. Greene over Hall.
  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I agree to a certain point. There is a reason we have a draft, and there is a good reason why people taken higher up in the draft are historically more likely to play in the NHL. It's because although we can't see into the future, you can tell if someone has potential. Whether they reach that potential depends on factors we can't control, but we can develop the players and give them the best environment possible to reach that potential. So you can tell who is likely to get there, and Pastrnak was taken in the first round, so obviously he has tons of it. But someone missed something, just like a lot of GM's slept on Boeser.
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    We shouldn't take too much out of this. We don't know any of the conversations the scouts had. You could think of a couple of scenarios where this is either a good or a bad thing. 1) Suppose the scouts found faults with Pastrnak and told Benning specifically to avoid him until much later. Then this would be a massive miscalculation and the scouts needs to reevaluate. 2) Suppose the scouts had Pastrnak right after McCann, which seems to be the case for many teams (going off the general consensus), then passing on Pastrnak is just a small misevaluation. Reprimanding them for having him one or two spots lower might skew future rankings for the worse. A lot of teams passed on him. But it's an interesting take anyway! Good to know there is far more going on behind the scenes then we hear. I love small tidbits like this.
  4. I like the idea of trading the pair of Tanev and Baertschi. And I always thought that NJ was prime for a couple of trades. They addressed that this trade deadline. I do have a small couple of issues with the proposal. NJ is on the upswing and they are looking to add to their young guys. Trading Damon Severson who is one of the guys they lean on D for Tanev is counterproductive. They'd probably want both of them on the team. At the moment they have Vatanen and Severson as the two top righties, and so I suppose it makes sense to switch with Severson. Still, for the time that Tanev is injured, they don't really have anyone that can replace Tanev's minutes, and acquiring Tanev to take Lovejoy out of the line-up is more of a trade deadline luxury than a good move for them, even if it'd be awesome to see a Butcher-Tanev pairing. They're also pretty set at LW at the moment. The time to trade Baertschi, or even Gaunce for that matter has passed. The emergence of Bratt, the trade for Graber.. I don't think we are good trading partners. On that note, I'd love to have Severson. I don't think he is available and if he is, then Tanev might not be enough to get Severson alone.
  5. Canucks roster year end grades

    I'm going to borrow you're schematic, hope that's ok! It's interesting to see how some people see the team. I thought I'd rate them based on my expectations from the start of the season. Archibald (B-): The guy played his balls off in Utica and earned another bite in the NHL. For an older guy, this should be viewed as a huge success. To think that just a couple years back he wasn't even offered a contract to start the season. I'm giving him a B- because although he came in the way he did, his game changed from the punisher he was in Utica to what he ended up playing here. I don't know if that's on Green or on him, but it would be nice to see him really give it to some guys every now and then. Baertschi (D): Scored at roughly a 45 point pace, which is great. This season was not good for him. He kept getting injured at bad times and it looks like now his role in the top 6 might be taken away. I was hoping he would break out this year, but with these turn of events, it looks like he might end up becoming a trade asset in the next year or two. I'm not the biggest fan of his defensive acumen either and personally would rather give the top 2 LW spots to Goldobin/Leipsic or even Dahlen. I'd like to see him play with Sutter or Gaudette, and see if he has value playing with them. No longer has a clear defined role, in my eyes, that's a step back. Biega (B-): Nothing much to say about Biega. He had a wonderful opportunity with all our injuries and there were games where he looked like he could play the whole game without missing a step. Could not ask for much more from our 7th defenseman. Very comfortable with him being in the top 6 if needed. Good year for the guy. Boeser (A+): Challenged for the Calder, got unlucky. Phenomenal rookie season, where he showed he was in the same league as some of the superstars in the league. Played a long stretch without any offensive help and still scored, only to finally succumb to the long schedule and his injured wrist. Hope the guy gets some good rest and comes back next season with a bang. Boucher (C-): Had a great year in the AHL, but didn't do much when he was recalled. I think at this point Boucher has shown all that he has to show. He is a fringe NHLer and has no spot on a contending roster, but is a great guy to have around for extra depth. Hope he comes back next year and helps our rookies develop in Utica, and personally I hope we have enough depth so that a guy like Boucher doesn't make the team from training camp. But if he does start, then he probably earned it, and that would cheer me up. Burmistrov (F): Couldn't build up on his great play with Arizona. Never really clicked on our PP, which is where he got most of his points last year. Has had a rough career in NA and I wish him the best of luck at home. I'm giving him an F because he quit mid season, which is by no means a bad decision. It looks like it worked out well for him and for the team. Del Zotto (C-): Came as advertised. Didn't play better or worse than last year. Seems to have a marginal leadership role with the team. I'm not the biggest fan and I feel like getting Del Zotto might have been one of the reasons why Hutton lost his role this year. I think he fits best as our 5th D but has been played extensively this year and yet didn't do much with it. Dorsett (A+): Played the best year of his career. I've watched and loved all his interviews this year, and wish him all the best with his future. It would have been amazing to see how he would have finished the season if he never got injured. Was a huge factor to our play at the start of the season. Brought the entertainment factor for sure. Dowd (D): The Subban trade was a bit disappoint but understandable. Dowd was given an opportunity to play a lot of games. I don't think he is an NHL player and I feel like we have better options for the 4th C. If we were able to send him back down to the A, it would've been a different story. Under these circumstances though, I wouldn't think twice if he were not brought back. Rather Gaudette and Gaunce get his minutes. I guess he falls victim to not being one of our draft picks, and his age tells me he likely won't improve much. Edler (B+): I think Edler beat Tanev for the #1D spot this year. Has been a rock, especially by the end of the season. I know there were times at the start of the year where his role on the team got a bit shaky. But good on him for getting his stuff together. Will be a huge leader on the team going forward. He should have a shot at captaincy if the team feels Bo is too young. Could also be a major trade asset at the trade deadline next year. Eriksson (D): 23 points in 50 games. I think most of those points came in a small stretch in the beginning of the season. For a 6 million dollar man, he really is not bringing what he should be. Feels like he is in limbo a bit and you don't really know if he is a top 6 guy anymore. I hope that he comes back next year and finds some chemistry with one of our new young centers in Pettersson, Gaudette or whoever we sign in free agency, because we all know Sutter is an offensive black-hole, and that might actually be rubbing off on Eriksson. Still Loui is great on the D side of things. Gagner (C-): Picked up the pace at the wrong time, but I'm grateful that he played a monumental part in the send-off for the Sedin's. Regressed from last year. Doesn't have a defined role. But has been a decent depth guy and he managed to stay healthy for almost the entire season. Hope he feels comfortable enough to carry over the scoring from the end of the year. Gaunce (C): Didn't play much which is a huge shame. Does look like he is more comfortable though. Put up 4 goals, and they weren't all flukes either. I hope he has more luck next year. Goldobin (B-): His play at the end was great. He is developing and played well enough to warrant a position on the team next year. Tremendous year in Utica, and will have the opportunity to play in the playoffs as the go-to offensive guy now. Really looking forward to seeing more next season. Granlund (D): I don't think a lot of people saw him playing like he did last year. I was hoping to see him with the Sedin's more often but that never really happened either. I liked him best on Sutter's LW but the situation has kind of turned. I might prefer Baertschi and Gaunce on Sutters wing more so that Granlund. I think he is the odd man out at this point in time and have no clue how to really evaluate him. Green and Jim have some work cut out for them. Gudbranson (C-): Didn't show much imporovement, nor did he have the best year. Injured way too often. Has been bitten by Tanev's injury bug. He did find some chemistry with Edler, but has been a liability otherwise. I kind of feel like that winning streak at the end was in part because we didn't have Guddy playing, but that might be a bit harsh, as there really is little correlation. Horvat (A): Nothing need be said about Horvat. Our best player at this point. Hutton (F): I was still kind of confused as to why he wasn't given a bigger opportunity. I understand it's a commitment and fitness issue. I was hoping for more goals this season. He worked on his shot a lot last offseason, with no results. Has another big offseason in front of him. His job is up for grabs and he needs to outplay Juolevi and Pouliot if he wants to keep it. Jokinen (B) Great finish. I think he deserves another chance. A Vanek-like deal. Leipsic (B-): Looks like a player, which is huge. And we got him for basically nothing. I want to see him play with Gaudette and/ or Virtanen. Markstrom (C+): Marky was decent. Solidified himself as the starting goaltender but that was more due to Nilsson that his actual play. Motte (C-): Quick, but basically just a better version of Molino. Will need to show what he has in the AHL playoffs and then have a good offseason. He will carry some of the negativity of the Vanek trade. Nilsson (D): Decent as a backup. Got us a couple of shut-outs. Not sure he is a keeper in the ideal situation. Pouliot (C+): He came in with a bang, and showed his potential. If he fixes his defensive shortcomings, he might still become a good top 4. The hype of the trade has kind of worn off now. I like him a lot. He really is a boom or bust guy and he needs to improve if he wants to stay on the team. He also finished second in D scoring. Sedins (B+): Still first line players even at the age of 37. Led the team and had a heroic send-off. The last couple of games were huge and were very entertaining. I wish them all the best. Stecher (C): Has both improved and regressed. A young, small defender really needs to put up those points. But he also needs the opportunity. Didn't see him on the powerplay as much as I'd have liked. I'm hoping he has a big offseason and convinces Green to give him some more ice time. Sutter (B-): Seems more comfortable in a pure shut-down role. Tanev (B-): He started the year out with.. I think 5 points in 9 games. It's a shame he couldn't continue that. Then he just kept getting freak accidents. When he is on the ice, he is always a clear stand out as one of the better players on the team, but he just isn't on the ice much. Maybe he should look at changing his gear or something. Add a second pair of shot blockers? Always wear a cage... Hope he figures something out. It must be very frustrating. Vanek (A-): The initial reaction to us signing Vanek was bad. But he earned his good reputation. I think I'll remember his clapper for a while! Virtanen (B): Huge development. If he becomes more consistent and learns how to get the puck in, he could still become what we thought he might become. Power forwards really do take a while to develop. I wonder if it makes sense to hire a guy like Bertuzzi to teach him the trade a little. Wasn't expecting much from him, but he really has the wow factor. Also developed some chemistry with Leipsic and Horvat. That could be nice to try out.
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I completely agree with that sentiment! Unfortunately, it's really hard to tell if he is a passenger or a driver. It takes good players to play with other good players. If I remember correctly, two players with that particular knock (so that they were passengers on their lines) were Tkachuk (with Marner and FIscher?) and Strome/Debrincat who played with McDavid. The thing about Wahlstrom is that he has been highly touted for the last few years. I think it started with this video: But it's not just been reduced to that. Not to mention we can use a guy who could learn to play with Pettersson or Boeser and feed off of them. But if he does play the RW then it's a bad fit, we need guys who play the left. But now that we've fallen down so far, I really do think we should only go for a forward if we pick 2/3. Otherwise I really hope we take a defenseman. It makes too much sense. Bouchard, Dobson, Hughes, Boqvist, Smith all look like they have #1D potential. Smith and Dobson might even end up being the better guys despite being ranked lower. Time will tell!
  7. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    The perk of picking 6/7 is that we don't have to worry about who the best defenseman is. It's a lot easier to justify picking Bouchard/ Dobson/ Hughes if one of them is available at our pick. On the other hand, if Tkachuk falls and if rumours are correct, then there's a good chance we get Tkachuk.
  8. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    I was listening to the Swedish commentary for this game. Whenever Dahlén's name came up, it was always shouted out in a very excited tone! I can't wait to hear more of that in NA next season. JONATHAN DAHLÉN!
  9. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Timra wins! Dahlen finishes with (I think) 14 points in 10 games. 8 goals, 6 assists.
  10. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    2-0 for Timra! Dahlen was on the ice, and guess what he scored it :D
  11. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    This is one of those years where I'm totally ok with anything in the top 10... except Tkachuk. But even in that case, we would be getting a top prospect. I'm more interested in the second round! I'm hoping for Nils Lundkvist or Alexeyev
  12. With the cap space we have, I'd be prepared to offer Green 2 years on 7-8 million. But I'd be worried about his injury history. So the preference would be Carlson at something like 10 million for 6 years. We've got a hole on RHD that simply needs to be fixed. Green is a great stop-gap. Carlson would fill that hole. I'd look at trading away Baertschi, Granlund and Hutton. Unlikely but I'd also look at trading MDZ and Gagner, or get Tavares to play with his two buddies, but that's unlikely. I'd probably let Dowd and Motte go.
  13. [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    I'm gonna go ahead and say Del Zotto might also be able to influence Tavares a little. Just like Gagner.
  14. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    That's a decent list. I've also got Kotkaniemi climbing up steadily. I'm still very high on Hughes, much higher than before. And Dobson is climbing as well, I've got him in front of Bouchard.
  15. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Goal! Should now be at 8GP - 7G - 5A - 12P
  16. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    I see us in need of an elite LW to fill Danks spot and a RHD to fill one of the top 2 RHD spots. That or we tank one last season, giving big spots to the young guys and making the most of the draft being in Vancouver in 2019
  17. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Just like any other year there will be a McAvoy somewhere. There are certain aspects of a game that you just cant quantify, because those qualities aren't noticeable enough yet. We are obviously looking for patterns or reference points that might say how good a player could become. I thought I'd list some of my thoughts: Boqvist: 25 - 14 - 10 - 24 Karlsson: 38 - 13 - 24 - 37 Boqvist is being compared to Karlsson because of his goal scoring ability and his amazing international appearance. Karlsson is probably the best D in the league over the past couple of years, at least in my eyes. So Boqvist's potential is sky high. But being realistic, that most likely is going to happen. It'd be saying that his potential is to be the best goal scoring D in the league. You can't deny his skill, his speed and his shot though. I'm not sure we can really judge the Swedish Junior leagues too well though. A couple of other guys drafted from down there in recent memory: Marcus Pettersson (Anaheim): 38 - 4 - 14 - 18 Andreas Englund (Ottawa): 33 - 5 - 5 - 10 Jacob Larsson (Anaheim): 30 - 8 - 11 - 19 Gabriel Carlsson (CBJ): 39 - 0 - 7 - 7 Gustav Lindstrom (Detroit): 6 - 6 - 4 - 10 (I think he might be an overager though) Filip Westerlund (Ari): 23 - 1 - 6 - 7 I'm a little intrigued with the league, so I thought I'd list some guys from here. So my takeaways: High scoring D usually get taken up to the SHL or at least the Allsvenskan, Boqvist might have taken the short straw with his team. Brynäs is a good team this year though and they have good depth, so I imagine it's very difficult to break that line-up. Also, Anaheim has been drafting guys out of the Swedish Juniors, and they have great scouts when it comes to choosing D. This is a good sign. Bouchard: 67 - 25 - 62 - 87 Pietrangelo: 60 - 13 - 40 - 53 Chychrun: 62 - 11 - 38 - 49 Bouchard is having difficulties with compete level and with speed. But according to other scouts, it's just because he is playing 30 minutes a game. Being compared to Pietrangelo. But honestly, I think it's a best case scenario. I think Chychrun should be a guy we could compare him too. Maybe with a bit better offense. Chychrun was a work horse as well and was talked about going in the top 2 that year. But he fell massively. Obviously Bouchard is having a phenomenal scoring season. But I don't think there are any references to his offensive output. It's decently unique. Hughes: 36 - 5 - 24 - 29 Werenski: 35 - 9 - 16 - 25 McAvoy: 37 - 3 - 22 - 25 Hanifin: 37 - 5 - 18 - 23 So I just picked out the last couple of guys who played their draft years in the NCAA with success. They all have speed as an asset, they are all perceived to have a decent shot and all of them have had great success in the NHL so far. All 3 of those guys look like they might become legit first pair defensemen. Hughes is having the better offensive season, but on the other hand he lacks the same physicality and size that the other guys have. It's probably also safe to say Hughes is not just a good skater but a great one. This makes Hughes very appealing to me. His younger brother is also putting together an insane season, and will probably go first overall next year, meaning there is some pedigree in the Hughes family. Dobson: 67 - 17- 52 - 69 Dobson has no recent comparables as far as I'm aware. The QMJHL has been pretty bad with producing defensemen lately. Girard comes to mind but he is a completely different style of player. Despite putting up the point line he doesn't have the same offensive upside as the other guys above. He's also just a decent skater but very nice defensively. He's cooled down a little in the playoffs. There's something about him though that is really appealing. I'm not sure what it is. I think he is going to be a nice one. I'm gonna throw some names out there. A guy I'd compare Dobson to is Valimaki: 60 - 19 - 42 - 61 Both are good in the defensive zone, neither is flashy, both have decent size and decent skating and comparable stat lines. Foote: 71 - 6 - 51 - 57 Smith: 69 - 14 - 59 - 73 Rielly: 18 - 3 - 15 - 18 DeAngelo: 51 - 15 - 56 - 71 Girard: 67 - 10 - 64 - 74 Rielly is the comparable I see being thrown around more often. I thought I'd add Tony DeAngelo and Sam Girard to maybe get some discussion going. It looks like Smith isn't going to be the BPA at our draft selection but still quite a decent player. But obviously there's a decent amount of risk there. He doesn't have the same defensive deficiencies as DeAngelo, has comparable skill and speed to Girard. I remember seeing some of his more advanced stats and that these were amazing. So Smith is going to be a good one too. One of these guys is probably going to bust. One of these guys is probably going to be a standout. It's going to be interesting comparing these guys again in a couple of years. It's Benning's job to find that diamond in the rough. I'd actually love to hear Sid's opinion on which D he likes the best. Speaking of which, does anyone have a comparable for Dobson?
  18. [Signing] Sabres sign Mittelstadt

    This seems rushed. I've heard that his university is having problems with the hockey program. Seems like that might be the reason. Maybe he goes down to the AHL for a year or two like A. Nylander.
  19. [Signing] Canucks sign Adam Gaudette

    As far as I'm aware (and I'm not at all in any way), if Adam plays a couple of games with the Canucks, he can't be sent down anymore because he wasn't papered into the Utica roster after the trade deadline. If we wanted him to play for Utica, he'd have had to sign an AHL/PTO and his ELC for next year. I hope you guys are right though! I'd love to see him do some damage.
  20. [Signing] Canucks sign Adam Gaudette

    I'm happy Gaudette signed, but I'm also a little disappointed. For a guy who just missed the playoffs, I'd have thought he would want to go play some meaningful hockey down with Utica. The situation would've been perfect, since they're dying for a scoring center. I'm sure the outcome isn't set in stone, and I totally get the monetary aspect behind the decision, but still... Oh well, let's see some of the Hockey Gaud, the father of the almight McJesus.
  21. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    That would actually be epic.
  22. Draft Poll (discussion)

    Dahlin Svech Zadina Boqvist Wahlstrom/ Hughes/ Dobson Just hoping we don't draft Tkachuk, and I'm tending toward not grabbing Bouchard atm
  23. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    A 2nd rounder? He is going in the first round and I'd be surprised if he didn't. He has 6 goals, 5 assists, 11 points in 9 playoff games in the second best league in the world, playing for Traktor Chelyabinsk. He is basically leading his team in post-season scoring at the moment. He is outscoring Tolvanen in the playoffs, whilst having size. He has good hands and good skating. The only thing that works against him is that he is one of the older guys in his draft year. But I don't see that being an issue seeing as he is playing in the KHL. I'm doing this in a small sample-space, his season wasn't the best, although he had a very decent season for an 17/18 year old. And yes his position will be decided by his interviews. Either he is a first rounder or he's going to tell everyone he isn't interested in playing in the NHL and then he doesn't get drafted. This doesn't mean I think we should grab him. We have enough RW prospects. We have needs in other positions. But if we get a later first and he is still there, and he is BPA, then maybe it might be worth getting him and looking for a trade later on. I'm actually curious. Has anyone got an example of a Russian who played decently well in the KHL in his draft year, but never made the NHL after coming overseas? Every time I've seen a Russian doing this well he's turned into a Kuznetsov, Kucherov, etc..
  24. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Didn't Buffalo give up more shorthanded goals than they scored powerplay goals for a stretch of like 20 games at the beginning of the year? I think what Buffalo needs are defenders who can play defense. Buffalo really need to draft another D, all they have is Guhle and Ristolainen. They have a couple of good young centers and wingers coming up. Eichel, Reinhart, Mittelstadt, Asplund, Nylander, Pu, Baptiste and Smith. Not that they couldn't use another top notch winger, but they're just as bad off on D as we are.
  25. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Button sees Bouchard as an all-situation D. So a guy to quarterback the powerplay, be a stalwart on the defensive end and put up the points at even-strength. I've seen a lot of scouts question Bouchard's defensive IQ, his skating and his intensity and compete level. His skating isn't bad, but it's just decent. He plays a lot, but he doesn't show enough umph at the beginning of games either, even when he isn't yet tired.