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  1. i’ve been a member since 2014 or 2015. lifes brought me many places from a small native reserve in the interior of bc to the fraser valley for work.
  2. any body know if the game is going to be live streamed for the 25th sept vs OTT.
  3. GM Jimbo saved this franchise from the incumbents before him @BrockBoester i’ve been a fan since i was a kid in the 1990’s and he’s human. you wouldn’t last 1 day as a gm of the canucks bride before Aqua man fires you.
  4. you do realize who the Owners are and management are right. !!! so ya Stetcher will get paid pretty good..
  5. good signing love it every team need a BIG “ Native” Aboriginal First Nations on a team.
  6. the team is going in the right direction, throwing away assets for more NHL ready players IE ( shinkruk for Grandlund) 2 nd for Vey) and the trades were lop sided in a few deals over payment. i’ve always liked Jimmy B as a GM . sure he’s missed on a few big trades. but he has said many times he won’t gut the team for the playoffs.
  7. the trade to me is developemental stage for Jett the calgary team isn’t as deep and he’lol have a much bigger role next year.
  8. Why does Every think Panarin is going to Sign !! in vancouver
  9. yes ( he does say lucky for us he fell)
  10. i’ll make a statement and Sautner plays 15 games and has 2 goals and 3 assists. as a call up for next year.
  11. CDC expections 82 games ,80 goals and 100 assists for -180 pts anything lower and he’s a bust.