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  1. funny how I haven't heard the Utica talk or he gets pushed around all game. At least 5 people including me said EP40 seems to take a few games each new higher league he plays in. Once he figures it out the multiple points start coming.
  2. Actually, I speak fluent Finnish. Zepp wasn't lying nor am I He had the flu at the WjC. It must be so sad to know that the 2 guys who liked your hateful post were the guy's everybody hates and everybody can't stand. Your buddy Dahlin there is so 2 faced. In one post he said OJ was a bust. after admittingly never once see him play. fast forward to a month ago and OJ was getting all types of praise for his work in the playoffs, and the guy goes ya he should be on our 1st line and is untradeable. Yey a month before that he was a bust we should trade know before hew loses any more value. You FTG and dahlin26 aka Bubbles Julien and Ricky. By you know Zepp was lying how? because his truth threw cold water on your hate and lies? Why don't you and bubbles and Ricky go take those piss jugs to the dump and visit Ricky's Dad while there? And maybe shoot some Racckins.
  3. Tell me how many games and how many points did Chych and Jost get? to say they were a big part of their team is a frigging joke. Tho that your M.O isn't it. TROLL BABY TROLL.
  4. I posted to someone else. Sadly it was on tv the fan 590 I won't go into detail but if you read the next page I go into pretty good detail on what he said. Basically, a Tanev who will gobble up minutes like Alf gobbles up Tabbies lol. Plus thinks he could be a50 point guy in his prime a lot of those goals. Hunter said guy as cerebral as he takes a bit of time to adjust to new and tougher leagues. But as we saw this year once he does he learns fast.
  5. Sorry, 7 points I apologize for any confusion.
  6. Sadly it was all the way back in November when Hunter was a guest on the 590. He must have spent 5-8 mins just gushing about this kid. We all know Hunter is the best at evaluating young kids. The guy could be a president or a Gm in a heartbeat.
  7. I heard it back in November when he was lighting it up. I was stuck in the Hospital watching the fan 590 and Hunter was a guest. He went on to say OJ being so cerebral takes time to adjust to each new level. Sees him as a Tanev with 40-50 point upside while playing top 2 minutes. He was gushing over him. Said Serg may be more dynamic but takes way too many chances, often leading to 2on1"s He also said OJ has some serious untapped offensive potential. WAS used more as a 1st guy back especially his draft +1 year. Yet put up identical points with a lot less pp time and offensive starts.Ha what you said is exactly what Hunter said about that year
  8. It was my fault. lack of sleep and a $&!# load of painkillers prescribed not bought lol can do that. Unlike some people on here, I don't want someone else getting blamed for m,y oversight. 7 points still pretty impressive. except to the 5th line, I think he calls himself that since bench time was all he ever saw growing up. Cheers Sid as you can see I'm not worthy of what you do CHEERS.
  9. Sorry 7 points My mistake unlike you i can actually admit when I make one. I was looking at the 7 points and for some reason, i thought it was in the goal column. Asa for finding the quote? am I your Bitch? I can't stand you. go do what i did go through a bunch of the Finnish sports pages like I did. Hint understanding Finnish helps. You are such a little child 7 points in 10 games is still pretty damn good
  10. Sorry, it was awhile ago during the time when Serg was lighting it up. I was stuck watching the fan590 in the Hospital and Hunter was a guest. He made that comment and said JB made the right pick even if it takes him a year or two. Simply because he is so cerebral it takes him a bit of time to adjust to each new league he is in. He thinks he is A Tanev with 40-50 point upside who could play top line minutes. He thinks Serg is more dynamic. But a liability in his own end who pinches at the wrong time.
  11. WRONG AS USUAL 1,2 3 6 7 and 9 were the only ones to play significant minutes in the NHL TBH #9 only made because he played for tb he was a mess who regressed through the season 6,7 were full-timers. as were 1,2 the rest did not get you fact straight. Again do some research. Oh, and it didn't copy McAvoy. my fav quote about OJ was from Hunter. stick him in TB and put serg in Van \. One ends upo\p in Utica. One challenge for the Calder. uston Matthews C Zurich SC [Swiss-A] 144 74 58 132 26 2017-18 1 2 Winnipeg Patrik Laine R Tappara Tampere [SM-liiga] 155 80 54 134 50 2017-18 1 3 Columbus Pierre-Luc Dubois C Cape Breton Screaming Eagles [QMJHL] 82 20 28 48 49 2017-18 1 4 Edmonton Jesse Puljujarvi R Karpat [SM-liiga] 93 13 15 28 24 2017-18 1 5 Vancouver Olli Juolevi D London Knights [OHL] 1 6 Calgary Matthew Tkachuk L London Knights [OHL] 144 37 60 97 166 2017-18 1 7 Arizona Clayton Keller C U.S. National Development Team [USHL] 85 23 44 67 24 2017-18 1 8 Buffalo Alexander Nylander R Mississauga Steelheads [OHL] 7 1 1 2 0 2017-18 1 9 Montreal Mikhail Sergachev
  12. Curious was iit the fact he had the most impressive season in one of the toughest leagues as a 19-year old that dow\wngrades him? was it the 7 goals in 10 playoff games? was it he 26 minutes he lagged in the playoffs yet his plus-minus was great? He is a future top 2 wait and see, as for not making the worlds. he played longer and more minutes then all the rest of there defence. He was also a little hurt and the club felt it was best for him to get ready for Vancouver next year. can I give you some friendly advice? Research is a wonderful way to not look like you don't have a clue what your talking about.,
  13. Sadly I thought the last comment I responded to was hopefully a one-off. Anyone who would take a 20 goal dime a dozen winger over Chris Tanewv with offence sadly does not know hockey or is a flame fan
  14. Well, 7 goals in 10 playoff games while lagging the most minute for his team that went to the finals. You think maybe just maybe he was tired and banged up a bit? Based on pure stats he had a better playoff then anyone on that team. I don't mean to single you out. But you make a silly comment like that with absolutely no basis whatsoever. Did you Know he led the league with 7 goals in 10 playoff games? Did you know he averaged over 26 minutes a game in the finals? Next closest 19. Oj played more Hockey this last month than any of their D. Maybe he has a nagging injury that held him back. Oj had a season that was one of the best ever for a Finnish teenager. I really hop[e you are not one of those guys who hears something and then posts it. without even knowing if its true. I suggest talking to @Rob_Zepp Maybe he can explain things a little better.
  15. Not to bicker. But you said last2 weeks ago EP40 should be in the NHK\L just like people said Brock should. My point was I put Ep in the same class as those few besides D who are 2 good for the AHL JU\\just like Brock last year