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  1. funny how I haven't heard the Utica talk or he gets pushed around all game. At least 5 people including me said EP40 seems to take a few games each new higher league he plays in. Once he figures it out the multiple points start coming.
  2. Not to bicker. But you said last2 weeks ago EP40 should be in the NHK\L just like people said Brock should. My point was I put Ep in the same class as those few besides D who are 2 good for the AHL JU\\just like Brock last year
  3. My point was after the SHL playoffs he more than proved how he can handle what was a very dirty and physical series. Now after 2 periods and 6 mins of ice time all of a sudden he"s back to not being ready? yet the same people 2 weeks ago were singing his praises. that was my point.
  4. Didn't realize Hallam was the end all of evaluating Swedish talent. Personally, I don't care if he falls on his but. As long as he keeps breaking every record put in front of him. As for strength in the NHL? sure it will be tougher for him. My point is elite players do not start in Utica. He has already proved he can handle the physical side of hockey. Not sure if you watched the playoffs? but he was engaged in every scrum it seemed and loved it.
  5. Funny how when he was dominating the SHL playoffs and also holding his own physically.. CDC was singing his praises. He has had 7 mins of ice time. What do you expect? and he is by no means getting pushed around. not sure what game you are watching? Ty[pical CDCA guy doesn't score in 6 mins of ice time, oh he isn't ready send him to Utica. Where was that talk when he broke every record possible not 2 weeks ago. Ankles hurting much?
  6. Oj may not have taken the league by storm. But either did a lot of the greats and he is so young Could have been in London instead he is tearing up the Finnish elite league. For anyone wanting to call it bush, Jokerit moved to the KHL with the same finnish players and dominart\ed I think after scoring 7 goals and logging the most minutes in the playoffs for his team leads me to believe that this was the year he would have so\pent in Utrica and i full expect him to take Hi\uttons place, While Dahlin plays his offside on the left. Wonder if he is left-handed. I shoot right but an\m a lefty and all through growing up I kept getting told how unique that is. Hopefully, he is the same
  7. I only hope its because and rightfully so ep40 is a lock and Liass Anderson needs to show. Other than that there is some serious playing favs going on. If that is the case Gronberg needs to go.
  8. Oj is such a diff player. 7 goals in 10 games in a very tough Finnish league. Their top team went to the KHL and lit it up. OJ said records for u20 players in that league. He has been compared to Tanev with 40-59 point potential. so much diff then LILy. OJ is a keeper.
  9. Nobody said tearing it up. He had one goal that came in hu\is first game. He stole ice from vets just based on his name. Plus you could count on at least 2 boneheaded plays and a couple suicidse passes each game. I watched almost every Marlie game, vWas not impressed except for his speed.
  10. I think 3 secondary assists on a pretty good offensive team. While blowing assignment after assignment. No IQ that guy. I used to be on his bandwagon till i got a chance to see him live last year in Sweden He did not look like his highlight package. CHEERS
  11. I wish I could give you and Alf more than one like. It is so obvious to any fan of D this guy is terrible. FWIW does it not seem that most of the Marlies are good career AHLERS? Not what I would call a farm system
  12. I agree if and i personally am against trading a known elite asset for the chance to appease or fan base with a shiny new 1st round pick. But at least let the guy be traded when his value is back up. Besides why not add a Carlson and OJ and for once have a formidable d again. Why are people so hung uo\p on the what ifs? We have a sure thing in his prime, and who knows with the right additions and step forward we might be in that group fighting for a spot. Besides the Knights, the Pacific is wide open.
  13. I can't stand Lily. Everyone but you and me seem to have a huge boner for him, If he was this wunderkind who only dropped cuz of mono and was supposed to go 3rd, well it is not very often a 3rd overall d from Sweden doesn't make the jump right away unless they are small.Plain and simple his hockey IQ was exposed in Sweden once he played in the SHL you know the same league EP40 just destroyed. sorry, couldn't resist.
  14. Just curious why you would move an asset after his 2 worst injury plagues seasons"?: Without him our rigfht side is Guddy 9servicable also a little slow) Stecher (big heart whi\o scored one goal in an offensive role.) Who is 3rd Pouiliot? on his off side? I hear this arguekj\mwent oh trade Tanev for a pick and a prospect. What are the chances either ever become as good as Tanev? I've heard let's get Carlson so we can trade Tanev. So 2 steps forward one step back? Why not get Carlson, and have Tanev Him and Guddy on the right As for the left Edler OJ Zotto Pouliot Stecher as the 7th. If we're lucky enough to draft Dahlin awesome. But that 6 d is a top 12 D easy. Why the fascination to trade Tanev for some unproven rookie? You don't trade your best shut down guy when you are 26 in GAA Plus him and OJ who are both so high in hockey IQ could be a really good shut down pair that can put up [points thanks to OJ. The only way I trade Tan man is in a package for OEL or EK
  15. I think I could be wrong, But wasn't Debrusk drafted when Boston had 3 picks in a row? 13-141-15 or something? At the time People were shocked at the picks. If he was one of them, all I can say is what a good find if they went off the board. Yup 14th he had 17 goals and 47 points. He was picked ahead of Barzel Brock Conner Samsanov to name a few. The weirdest thing. The guys picked before and after him, by Boston, Both missed the entire season. Imagine having Barz Debrusk and Brock? Regardless they seem to have found the typical Bruin in hi. And TBH after seeing how proud his Pa is I'm really happy for him. That being said the Laughs f up. they lost their 3rd man centre in bozack. They lost JVR. Plus they have enough money to maybe sign a 3-4 defenseman. Certainly not a top 2. For anyone that wanted Dermott no thanks, he was terrible his pinches were horrible. As for Gardiner.Sure 50 points are nice, and if we had him with a guy like Tanev he might be able to cover for the numerous bonehead mistakes he makes. One of the analysts said he may not be on the ice for all the goals he causes. but given how many times he has made an ill-advised play then switched lines he is to blame for some of those goals as well. He may get 50 points. But how many is he responsible for?