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  1. Trade 1 To CBJ - Hansen To Van - Rachel, 2016 3rd, 2107 5th Addresses CBJs need for right wingers dealing from a position of strength on the left side. Hansen will slot behind Atkinson and Puljujarvi. CBJ is strong on the left, decent at centre with some potential and have a strong D on paper. Goaltending is a question mark due to inconsistency of last year. Canucks get a couple of picks and a good prospect who is able to go down to the AHL without waivers for 2 more seasons, allowing us to manage our current RFAs and not loose assets. Trade 2 To Toronto - Luca Sbisa To Van - Jeff Cowen, 2016 2nd (From WAS) Re-Signings Baertschi $2,000,000 X 2 Vey $1,200,000 X 1 Etem $1,000,000 X 1 Pedan $850,000 X 1 Signings Jamie McGinn $5,000,000 @4 years Jason Demers $4,500,000 @ 5 years Buyout - Higgins AHL - Burrows, Beiga, Grenier, Rychal We will have about $1,500,000 in cap space and also the ability to recall Burrows as $3,500,000 of his cap is already counted agains it. We will have a young forward group guided by the Sedans and Sutter and our defence is significantly improved. Left Wing Centre Right Wing Sedin, Daniel $7,000,000 LW NMC UFA - 2 Sedin, Henrik $7,000,000 C NMC UFA - 2 McGinn, Jamie $5,000,000 LW UFA Baertschi, Sven $2,000,000 LW RFA Sutter, Brandon $4,375,000 C NTC UFA - 5 Rodin, Anton $950,000 RW RFA - 1 Etem, Emerson $1,000,000 LW, RW RFA Horvat, Bo $894,167 C RFA - 1 Virtanen, Jake $894,167 RW RFA - 2 Gaunce, Brendan $863,333 C RFA - 1 Granlund, Markus $900,000 C RFA - 2 Dorsett, Derek $2,650,000 RW UFA - 3 Vey, Linden $1,200,000 RW, C RFA Left Defense Right Defense Goaltender Edler, Alexander $5,000,000 D NTC UFA - 3 Tanev, Christopher $4,450,000 D UFA - 4 Miller, Ryan $6,000,000 M-NTC UFA - 1 Hutton, Ben $896,250 D RFA - 1 Gudbranson, Erik $3,500,000 D RFA - 1 Markstrom, Jacob $1,550,000 UFA - 1 Tryamkin, Nikita $925,000 D RFA - 1 Demers, Jason $4,500,000 D UFA Pedan, Andrey $850,000 D RFA Cowen, Jared $3,100,000 D RFA - 1
  2. It's odd that you say hammer is a better player than Russell but yet have Russell as our first pairing dman next year and hammer on the third. Kind of contradicts itself
  3. Corrado can't even make a theoretical top 6 of the worst team in the league.
  4. Yes exactly, and you're assuming there wasn't. That's all we can do when we form our opinion. From JBs presser he said they were talking since Friday and just going and forth. Dallas seemed interested in both dmen, part of any job where you are trading commodities is sales. JB had 4 days to sell Hamhuis to the stars and didn't close. ABC's of sales, Always Be Closing. But like I said he should be a better GM in the future for the experience, you learn on the job.
  5. Good essay. I tend to be on this side as well but one thing I think you flew past. Looking at the situation I feel JB was a victor of some inexperience on Monday. My person feeling is he took too long o making decisions (I feel we could have made a decision on Hamhuis days before), spent too long in a slow negotiation and waiting until Monday to make a deal. This deadline has shown for the most part waiting until the last day puts more pressure on the seller and arguablymore value was given in the days leading up. I think JB will learn from this and be bethere in the future. I've liked most of the trades he's made and feel he will do more with his draft picks than Toronto will with twice as many.
  6. Please tell me how is JB going to trade into the top ten when the only trading chips he has are guys with LNTC (VRBATA, BURROWS, HAMMER, HANSEN, MILLER). Rentals at the deadline go to cotending teams not bottom 10 teams.
  7. Remember when our 4th liners got 10 points a year.....I sure do. Tanner glass has 6 points in 64 games and makes 1.9per. Just saying.
  8. That's a bleeping shootout move, don't normally see the confidence to do that with a guy chasing you. Very impressive skill set
  9. That sounds about right, with surgery it would be stupid to come back that sOn. I had acl surgery and the took a piece of my hamstring and graphed it on to my knee. So not only do you have to heal on the ligament your hamstring needs to heal as well. Takes about 6 months to feel good and 18 months to get fully strong
  10. @Avalanche Did he end up having recinstructive surgery on his ligaments?
  11. The point of his age is that if he was born a couple months younger he would not be eligible to play In the AHL and would have been forced to do another junior year. Compare to Bo from the same draft had to play in junior or NHL while Hunter had the third option of the AHL. So when you look at his stats compared to other ahl rookies next year would be a more accurate comparison to his Peers.
  12. Probably done to give utica a boost as well.
  13. Calgary realize they made a mistake and tried to sneak one past the league
  14. Ya, I think he was better as a president than GM in my opinion. Did a lot of good in his time here but its tainted by the very very bad.
  15. Should have gotten more for Schneider no matter how great Horvat is. So still doesn't look great. Gillis was a great manager of a contending team, was able to pick up some key pieces when they were rolling. His downfall was knowing when to make a BIG change. He held on to assets to long and screwed himself over. Didn't draft well until Eric Crawford came in in 2013. Traded away a lot of picks. I would say he did great in adding to powerhouse in the first part of his tenure but failed miserable in digging the team out of a tailspin. He was also very astute at undrafted free agent signings.