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  1. Actually, a player is more then willing to drive a shot through another player. Because next time the defender will be gun shy about blocking and are more likely to flamingo/screen their own goalie. Its taught starting at a young age. Take the shot, and if a defender isn't going to get out of the way, make him pay so that next time he'll think twice about getting in the shooting lane.
  2. Chris Tanev out 2-3 weeks with groin strain

    I see what you did there.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    What about Rory Fitzpatrick? Wasn't he almost in an Allstar Game??
  4. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    Just curious, but does anyone else think that the Olympics has anything to do with it and maybe by the summer we may be hearing a different tune from Tryamkin about possibly wanting to give the NHL another try?
  5. (Proposal) What are the Chances...

    That's fair. I'm more interested in hypothetically if the cap were freed, do you think We could convince TWO highly sot after Free agents to come here. I imagine that even moving the above four, both Kane and Tavares would have to leave a little money on the table to come here. Like I said, just dreaming. he he
  6. ...That we could walk away with two of the top UFA's of 2018? If the Sedins retire, and if we can move Eriksson and Edler at the TDL or the Draft, that would free up $28.25 million. Do you think there's anyway we could convince both Tavares and Kane to come here (Tavares for ~$10 mil, Kane for ~$7-8 mil) to form two thirds of an incredible top line? We have the youth to surround them with to fill out a complete lineup. Kane - Tavares - Boeser Baer - Horvat - Virtanen Granlund - Sutter - Dorsett Gaunce - Burmistrov - Gagner Del Zotto - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Pouliot - Stetcher Nilsson Markstrom Hey, Dare to Dream.....right? right??
  7. 2-0 Canucks, 3rd Shutout for our Backup Goalie. Ovie = 0 points.
  8. You have $15 to spend, build your lineup

    Kariya - Yzerman - Bure Leetch - Neidermayer Brodeur
  9. Ring of Honor: Bertuzzi or Burrows?

    Both Deserve it, but I believe Big Bert is already retired? Give it to him first, Burrows is concentrating on his time with the Sens. Let him enjoy his moment later... ...that said I would say Burrows deserves it more myself.
  10. Former: Loved the Scotts in Jersey (Stevens and Neidermayer). Such a great pair. Also who didn't love watching Bure/Linden. Current: Horvat
  11. Top point getter by Christmas

    Horvat Sedin, D. Granlund Sedin, H. Boeser
  12. Top 30 Current NHL Players - Completed List

    I agree. I think a few players were put on the list more for potential then for where they stand right now, but overall I like the list....
  13. I don't think Juolevi looked terrible at all. I do think at times he looked almost disinterested. He made a few nice passes and a couple rushes. There were a couple times he looked like he easily walked through jet forecheckers, turning the play the other way. Then there were other times he lost puck battles or races he had a leg up on. His skating didn't seem quite up to the rest. Demko looked good for how little he saw the puck. It's hard to get into the game for a goalie when there's long periods of time when he doesn't touch the puck at all. I was a little disappointed in McEwan myself. Considering the fanfare, I thought he pulled down Boeser and Molino...
  14. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #3

    Vote Karlsson, Nominate Stamkos