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  1. Willie D (best interview ever ) 1040

    I like Willie's way of phasing players in. A bit overdone, but in my opinion this will make the younger guys work harder in the end. Of course, it could backfire as some of them may lose all morale, but I think it's better more often than not.
  2. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    Based off two games, yeah. But I remember a couple years ago Nicklas Jensen had like 5 really solid games where he looked "NHL ready." You can't really determine anything at this point.
  3. In Defense of the Sedins and Edler

    Then why do other teams still prioritize their top defensive units for the Sedins?
  4. 2017-2018 season

    Uh huh. Thanks for hitting me with a dose of that reality.
  5. In Defense of the Sedins and Edler

    I don't disagree with the general premise. But when you consider all the factors, he's still our best D-Man (personally I prefer someone like Tanev, but I know Edler's a better player). So given that, it does make sense why he's forced into this role. Once again bad team. See but that's the thing. If you don't have Kesler, Burrows, Luongo, Edler, Hamhuis, Ehrhoff, etc. the Sedins don't do that. Yeah, they were a lot better then, but give them the 2011 team (non-aged) surrounding them and they'd still be 60-70 point players. As to the second point I agree, but I don't agree with your solution you laid out afterwards. This one's for you, bud. It's not odd at all to give Edler that many minutes. Tanev is the only other real top 4 D-Man on this team (and maybe Gudbranson?), so Edler has to be over-extended. Which is also why he looks so bad all the time. I disagree about the Sedins being the reason the team is bad. Remember, they did have a strong season after Torts left. Why? They weren't overplayed and they had a team with real depth. Granted, the decline is obvious, but look at someone like Eric Staal. Compare what he's done this season in Minnesota compared to years in Carolina. Also, Horvat's line gets somewhat sheltered minutes still (although Sedins do get more O-Zone starts). Pretty much what I'd expect from someone with that username. Sedins should still be playing more than Sutter... And I still don't think Horvat's ready yet to be the first line center. He's not at a point where he can regularly go up against other team's top D-Man and still get the points he gets. And I'm not saying that to bash him, but it's better to continue with Horvat gradually getting more time, allowing Henrik to slowly step down. I expect next season they'll get roughly even amount of time, perhaps with Horvat eclipsing Henrik by the end of the season.
  6. In Defense of the Sedins and Edler

    I used to poster here quite a bit, so I decided to check in and see how things are going. It seems like a lot of you are rushing to blame this on the Sedins and Edler (and Desjardins) for everything. Obviously they're not having good seasons. But the truth is, this team is just bad. The Sedins and Edler are extremely over-extended, because this team doesn't have good depth. I guarantee you if they were on a real four line team they would be having very respectable seasons They can still play on the first line, but if they're going to be expected to do good there, they need a solid team backing them. I know the argument is that they're the team's leaders so it's up to them to carry the team. But the Sedins are 36 years old and Edler's simply not an elite defenseman, it's not realistic to expect them to succeed in these roles. Very few of the league's first liners would be able to have good seasons if they were in the Sedins and Edler's position. This isn't poor leadership. These aren't bad players. This is just an all around bad team.
  7. Nazim Kadri wont be suspended for his hit on D.Sedin

    I was really pissed about that last night, but looking at the hit now I can respect the decision it was a clean hit. I still think it was worth a suspension, but it's not as bad as I think everyone's saying. Although the people comparing it to Virtanen's hit from last year, yeah that one definitely shouldn't have been a suspension
  8. [PGT] Canucks @ Leafs

    .............................................hahaha, remember when Montreal lost 10-0..........................
  9. Next thing you know the Sedins will drop em
  10. We need a sniper

    NHL 17's a pretty good game, ain't it? And yeah, I'd say this team needs a bit more than just a sniper...Like, most things a winning team needs, the Canucks currently lacks.
  11. This is kind of hilarious tbh
  12. Is it just me or are we poised to dominate the Pacific again?

    Not as bad I was expecting. I was thinking it was going to be: Any Team Offense: Inferior Defense: Inferior Goaltending: Inferior
  13. How many warning points is a ban?

    1. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      More than some by a bunch.