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  1. Calgary is up 3-1 on Winnipeg?

    wtf is this garbage??!!

  2. Go Canucks go Chicago and go NYR

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Chicago winning means Edmonton having a 12% chance at Lafreniere

    2. DontFearTheReaper
  3. I wanna rock

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    2. Ghostsof1915



      3:18 was high school. Lol

    3. nux4lyfe


      Well I do know a few dealers..

    4. DontFearTheReaper
  4. STOP!!!!!

    1. Pears
    2. Coconuts


      Drop, shut 'em down, open up shop

      Oh, no
      That's how Ruff Ryders roll

  5. Happy 4th of July!!!

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      *** the rebels.


      We're all United Empire Loyalists here!  :gocan:






    2. DontFearTheReaper


      Yes we are in Canada

      I like to celebrate 4th of July but I consider it seperate from independence day. I edited my comment cause I thought I'd give an actual reason. Maybe a Canadian team can win a cup but the only chance any of the Canadian teams have of winning a cup would be in an alternate universe 


  6. Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn??!!

    1. Cerridwen


      Absolutely, I do. :)

    2. brilac




  7. Swearing is caring

    1. chon derry

      chon derry


    2. DontFearTheReaper
    3. GoCanucks16


      cursing is nursing

  8. Bleeeeaaaaaaah!!!!!

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    2. brilac


      Yeah, I've have not caught this, or shown any symptoms.  


      Anyhow,  I've had not had champagne since February, and Amazon Fresh dropped some off to me today, so I drank the bottle.  I'm not really drunk. 

    3. DontFearTheReaper


      What kind of wine?  I'm going to bed now been up since 5 am. Goodnight!!

    4. brilac


      Champagne, the extra dry.  I'm done with the bottle.   I took the Grid them in the boredom thread, and got 7:38.  I am going to try again. 

  9. I just let one rip

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      thank you, mr. van winkle.  make sure you mark it up on the white board. gotta keep good records. when you write your biography you can have that info on hand. good work.

    2. kingofsurrey


      I fear the reaper......

  10. Aerosmith rules


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    2. DontFearTheReaper


      I was exiting Guildford center I went to the Walmart to pick up some shoes and pants for work I wanted to grab a coffee on the way out from Tim Hortons but it was already closed

    3. brilac


      I went to Surrey once,  It was post wine.  I hopped on the Skytrain, and went to Surrey.  I live in Seattle, and have been looking for a bike online, and at Walmart online, but there's a bike shortage, so I have to wait. 


      What do you do?  I've been working from home. 

    4. DontFearTheReaper


       @brilac I work in security. The only time I was in Seattle was 7 years ago when I went to go see a show at the Highline bar.



  11. Ever notice in King of the hill everytime Hank says he's gonna kick someone's ass he never does with the exception of Jimmy witchard and the yoga guy.

    1. HerrDrFunk


      Witchard had it coming and Hank was in a bad place when he saw the acupuncturist. 

    2. DontFearTheReaper


      @HerrDrFunk witchard acting like it's all over when he's behind the fence taunting Hank he's like haha you can't catch me and Hank tears the fence open and literally kicks Jimmy witchards ass. That time Hank didn't even say he was gonna kick his ass.

  12. Just gimme a kiss!!!

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      ...sorry....but I ain't going to.




      walk this way.....walk this way.....walk this way....walk this way...

    2. DontFearTheReaper
  13. Who wants chowder?

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    2. ReggieBush


      @luckylager I love both Manhattan and New England. My grandma bev makes the best manhattan, it is brilliant!

    3. DontFearTheReaper


      @Phil_314 triple cheese combo w/large fries and root beer from Wendy's.. and the carry out large special from dominoes Brooklyn pepperoni Italian sausage and chicken are my 3 toppings. I get it on pay days one or the other.

    4. luckylager


      I'm sure @ReggieBush's Grandma is a real nice lady.

      I miss my Granny's and all the stuff they cooked that I believed was good. (The secret ingredient was love)

  14. Keep looking shocked and move slowly towards the cake

  15. I ate a bagel this morning and I liked it

    1. brilac


      I like bagels with cream cheese and lox.

  16. I bought a Fender Stratocaster last week. 




      ROCK N' ROLL!

    2. Chronic.Canucks.Fan


       The new Player series strats are solid, very nice. Have fun!

    3. DontFearTheReaper


      Thank you thank you very much

  17. Recently i have been accused of comparing one of my songs to the beatles' she loves you. Some guy made a post saying "beat that modern musicians" i commented saying, yeah? Listen to this, with a link to my song. I shared my song on his post to shut him up and its opened up a can of worms, it seems all the crazed beatle fanatics are in denial of the fact that there are and have been other bands.  Ps        .            

      I Dont Even like the beach boys

    1. kingofsurrey


      Pet Sounds.... Boom dropped my mic

  18. Give it up for the hamilton tiger cats

  19. You know a day destroyed a night night divides a day tried to run tried to hide

    Break on througn to the other side!!!

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    2. Ghostsof1915
    3. Ghostsof1915


      I know why they won't do it. But I would love Tea Party to make one Doors tribute album. 



    4. DontFearTheReaper


      I'm encorperating more slide guitar into my playing robby krieger plays a deadly slide guitar solo in moonlight drive @Ghostsof1915

  20. I am devasted to hear about joe pavelski and jonas donskoi being signed away to dallas and colorado.. Maybe the canucks will have an easier time against them.

    1. 6string


      Joe in my mind will always be San Jose, what a shame especially after the emotional playoff run with those tough injuries...

    2. Ghostsof1915


      What surprises me is that Gaunce, Grandlund and Pouliot were signed before Marcus Johansson!

  21. can i borrow a feeling??

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    2. DontFearTheReaper


      come on lulu lets roll

    3. 48MPHSlapShot


      What do you say, Luanne? Will you marry me....again?


      Eww, no. 


      Oh. Well, can I at least have my shirts back?


      Alright, you heard the lady....


      I'll be back. Pr....probably.

    4. DontFearTheReaper


      ahahahahaha can i borrow a feeling aaaah thats your picture on the front(homer pats kirk on the back) go ahead and laugh at me homer... i already did

  22. Just 2 more days until the return of CFL and my team the hamilton tiger cats!!!

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    2. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      I was in Toronto when SK beat them for the cup. It was awesome. 



    3. DontFearTheReaper


      i hate the roughriders thats cool though.

    4. DontFearTheReaper
  23. Mr burns' late third period goal "excellent"

    Come on san jose dont let the avs escape the shark tank