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  1. Nhl 19 is a blast. Im gonna stay up again playing it. You all have a nice night and a happy new year. I love sleeping in on the monday, Thats the advantage to having mondays off.




    1. HI5


      I thought this was one of the worst NHL games I have played. Glad you enjoyed it, I was pissed I paid for it.

    2. DontFearTheReaper


      @HI5 i like to wait until these games are on sale to buy them. Im liking it but i wish ea would bring back the custom soundtrack feature.

    3. Jaku


      Me too and I'm extremely crtical of NHL games. I used to beat the pants off of the computer on All-Star difficulty and now with the simulation style of play it really challenges me. I also like the fog of war aspect about the game. 

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