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  1. Go Canucks Go Go Canucks Go Go Canucks Go Go Canucks Go
  2. I didn't mind ozzy's classic stuff from the eightees with Randy Rhoads and then Jake e Lee on guitar. But I didn't really care much for his stuff with zakk Wylde, It kind of pissed me off that he was on the cover of the guitar magazines almost every month in the second half of the 2000's, definitely the most over rated played of that decade.
  3. I get the feeling that this thread is just getting started. The Ramones, I don't care that their from the New York city I don't care about the Ramones.
  4. I made up this thread yesterday while I was at work in the late morning. It was pouring rain and I was starving, I had the radio on 92.9 kism and Rush's Tom Sawyer came on the radio and I thought to myself, I really hate this band and that's what gave me the idea to make this thread. I just had some pizza so I'm all good now. But my hatred for the music of rush remains.
  5. Led Zeppelin is getting the most hate Rolling Stones U2 the Eagles and metallica are the top 5 of most hated on the thread
  6. I hated peter gabriel's solo stuff. But Phil Collins gets a pass from me Cause his song in the air tonight is kind of growing on me.
  7. Blondie- I think their overrated Patti Smith group- after i read please kill me I thought Patti Smith was the biggest bitch of the classic era. As for both bands what was so special about them.
  8. At least Joe Strummer wasn't a junkie like Johnny thunders and had a more lengthy career in music and I used to be a huge Johnny thunders fan. Joe Strummer was great too but probably much better and more professional. Nonetheless thunders was one of the players that influenced the clash..
  9. I use to love the clash but I stopped caring about punk when my old band broke up years ago. I recently started selling off part of my record collection. My old records of the clash, New York Dolls, Johnny thunders, the velvet underground and a bunch of old punk bands from L.A. that are virtually unknown. They're all gone. Of course I'm keeping part of my collection and that's the stuff that still matters to me.
  10. Now that you mentioned it I hate journey solely for the fact that at Canucks games they use don't stop believing and I especially can't stand the Ramones one of the most overrated bands of all time, it annoys me when they use blitzkrieg bop in Canucks games. Use to like the Ramones at one point but when people at the bars started comparing my music to the Ramones that was my breaking point when I stopped caring for them
  11. Your right. I saw Dylan live in 2008. Couldn't tell what song was what until the end when he did like a rolling stone.
  12. In general. But on a personal note the fifties has been my favorite era of music since since the summer of 2014. Lately it's been anything goes within rock style music. PS one of the reasons I bought my fender Stratocaster last week was because it resembles the fender stratocaster that buddy holly used
  13. Fine. I loath the nevermind album, i loved nirvana when I was 15 but after coming home everyday for a year and a half and hearing smells like teen Spirit being blasted out from my sister's room it was unbearable. Even when Cobain was still alive I think he hated playing that song or got tired of it at least. Drain you on a plain litheum serve the servants. I'd have been ok with these tunes being blasted out. But not the same FU!!ING thing everyday.
  14. Pearl jam. In their time they were insanely popular But whenever I hear any of their stuff on the radio it's either the song daughter off of vs or black off of ten. And then the song better man. They have much better songs then these ones.. but because of the radio tracks I can't take Pearl jam seriously
  15. FEETWOOD MAC. Totally overplayed. I like to listen to 92.9 kism on my Saturday shifts. The worst is when they play a Fleetwood Mac song with Stevie Nicks on vocals and then right after that they play a Stevie Nicks song. Nothing against Stevie Nicks but that's a lot to take in.
  16. I thought I'd wait for a few replies before i'd comment so here goes. RUSH. I cringe nowadays when their songs come on the radio. I use to play in a 3 piece band earlier in this decade and all they'd want to play was rush songs. After roughly 8 months I went forget it. I hate rush
  17. You can't go wrong with classic old school rock and roll. But what bands from the classic era do you despise and why do you despise them? This thread excludes the 2000's as it is still fairly recent.
  18. I bought a Fender Stratocaster last week. 




      ROCK N' ROLL!

    2. Chronic.Canucks.Fan


       The new Player series strats are solid, very nice. Have fun!

    3. DontFearTheReaper


      Thank you thank you very much

  19. Recently i have been accused of comparing one of my songs to the beatles' she loves you. Some guy made a post saying "beat that modern musicians" i commented saying, yeah? Listen to this, with a link to my song. I shared my song on his post to shut him up and its opened up a can of worms, it seems all the crazed beatle fanatics are in denial of the fact that there are and have been other bands.  Ps        .            

      I Dont Even like the beach boys

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      Pet Sounds.... Boom dropped my mic

  20. Give it up for the hamilton tiger cats