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  1. A young team like the Canucks will go through phases like this as they grow as a team. My guess is that the goal they gave up to the Blues in OT messed with their heads a little, I can see a goal like that being a blow to their confidence. It's just adversity that they have to learn to deal with, which they will, as they learn to become a elite team. In all honesty, we're lucky a situation like this came early in the season, rather than around playoff time. Not worried, they'll be fine.
  2. If Tryamkin comes back, I hope he agrees to go to Utica for the seasoning and earns a call up because of his play. I don't like the idea of him on the roster right away, especially if the Canucks continue their stellar play late in the season.
  3. At work, missed the game. Is the Hughes injury serious???
  4. No, Bertuzzi shouldn't be inducted into the ROH. His inconsistent play along with the dirty hit on Moore disqualify him imo.
  5. Lol. Media and whoever ragging on Petey even though he has points in 3 straight games
  6. I really liked Myers, Gaudette, Virtanen, Sutter, Benn, and of course Pearson tonight. Markstrom was great in net. I thought Miller was ok, but didn't really have a strong game today by his standards. With how he has played so far this season, I have high expectations of him. Didn't like Leivo tonight. Is the crowd aware that they're allowed to make noise and cheer on the team? They seemed awfully quiet until OT.
  7. The whole team wasn't clicking on Saturday, and Calgary played a strong game, especially defensively. Not too many players will get on the scoreboard under these circumstances, even EP. He'll get going soon, not to worry.
  8. The Lames played an excellent game tonight, any other team would've had their hands full with them tonight tbh.
  9. Looked out of sync tonight, timing seemed to be off. Not worried yet, just looked a little rusty. Though I wished they started playing physical earlier, instead of waiting until the 3rd. Give them time, they'll be fine. Really liked Miller, Virtanen, Horvat and Hughes tonight.
  10. Canucks need a 4th line heavyweight that can come in for certain games that are expected to be nasty. Not every game, bit we need a heavy to draw in when needed.
  11. You probably heard this one before.... Dan, a (overly) dedicated Canucks fan would always try to run over Leafs fans while driving. One day, Dan comes across a priest in need of a ride and offers him a lift, which the priest accepted. While driving the priest to his destination, Dan sees a Leafs fan crossing the street and instinctively speeds up to run him over. At the last second, Dan realizes his mistake and swerves to avoid the Leafs fan. Shaken, Dan apologizes to the priest for barely missing him. The priest replies, "Oh don't worry, as you were going by him, I got him with the car door."
  12. Didn't Epstein work for Barr's father in some capacity when he was younger? If that's true then Barr should recuse himself imo.
  13. I'd say that I agree with you that people have freedom of thought, and people are allowed to have racist or bigoted views if they do choose. But if they commit actions based on those views it's another story entirely.
  14. Do you think the employer should have the right to fire the server based on those views? If the server is denying people based on their race, it's gonna cost the owner money because business will suffer, therefore the employer has the right to fire him/her.