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  1. Imo she's an opportunist, as well as being narcissistic. I'm not even sure she believes in the talking points she mentions, it's very likely she using them to capitalize on the current political landscape. I don't trust her, she's doing what she can to worsen the political climate in order to get rich.
  2. Candace recently said that Hitler was doing a good job in Germany, and the problems started when he took his agenda globally. I suppose she thinks that as long as he kept his hateful policies in Germany, then everything's cool.
  3. The only times I pay attention to the Canucks media is if I'm seriously bored and looking for some good laughs. It's strictly entertainment for me, don't take them seriously at all.
  4. I get what you're saying, but in this case he's definitely not part of the left. He was naming Candace Owens as an inspiration, and Owens is solidly on the right.
  5. White Nationalists are almost always on the extreme right.
  6. Mabye, he could be a fit. Depends on how much he wants. Ideally I would like someone tough to play with Petey. I'm kind of hoping for a 4th line goon as insurance, a true enforcer. Someone to bring into the lineup against certain teams.
  7. I understand the reasoning for trading Guddy, but I don't like the idea of getting rid of our only heavyweight. JB is gonna have to address the toughness issue (again) during the offseason.
  8. I didn't like the Guddy trade to Pittsburgh, I think that was a mistake. Other than that I don't really have a problem with what JB has been doing.
  9. Awesome news! I'm usually for cautious optimism, but this kid is really gonna make a positive impression on this city.
  10. That's maybe an apt description of JB since he'll lead us to the promised land.
  11. Don't know much about Hughes, but from what I've seen (thanks YouTube) he's a sublime skater with real good offensive instincts. I can see Quinn playing on this team sooner rather than later. I've said this a few times before, but I really like the team that Big Jim is building. With young guys like Dahlen, EP, Lind, Juolevi, and Gadjovich knocking on the door. Along with players like Bo, Jake, Guddy, and Sutter already on this team, I think that in a couple of years this team will morph into something really special.