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  1. Come on JB - trade someone!  I'm going crazy waiting!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Darkstar


      Predicting that the Canucks don't make a move during the deadline. It's looking pretty bleak atm.

    3. J-23


      Hutton and Baer for Domi, after tonights game please.

    4. J-23


      Trade Vanek and Gagner and pick up Burr, let him end his career as a Canuck.

  2. [Rumours] Vanek

  3. 1. No way to Gaudette being included.
  4. Toronto / Tampa / Vancouver (proposal)

    I like the idea of packaging players/picks to increase the quality of the return. Aim for high end prospects and 1st/2nd round picks. Overpay for the right pieces if necessary, as we have a lot of really good prospects that will need to be on the team and have too many placeholders that will need to be turned over in the coming years. Signing 3 high end free agents is probably just wishful thinking though....
  5. TSN has Jordan Kyrou on their trade bait list. Apparently St Louis is looking for a scoring forward. Vanek + ??
  6. One young player (not really a prospect any more) that I would absolutely love for the Canucks to acquire is Andreas Athanasiou. There is talk he may be traded due to his contract issue at the beginning of the season. Detroit may want to move on... and if they do, I hope JB is there. Canucks can afford to pay him and he'd be a fireplug. I'd trade Goldobin or Hutton or Del Zotto or Granlund or Baertchi or even take a cap dump back if necessary. I know we need defencemen, and I hope JB gets a good young one back in a trade at the TDL. Now at the draft, what if we are in a position where Zadina or Svetchnikov is the BPA. Imagine we pick Zadina: Imagine how exciting this line up would be: Zadina Petterson Boeser - highly skilled line would play the whole game in the O zone and pot a million goals Athanasiou Horvat Virtanen - crazy fast line would create havoc Dahlen Gaudette Lind - highly skilled - 3 very highly ranked players in their respective leagues right now Gadjovich MacEwan Lockwood - tenacious 4th line that could also score Baertchi, Sutter, Granlund, Eriksson and others to fill the void while the young guys develop enough to make the line up.
  7. Should Seden's waive NMC

    "Should" they? That's totally up to them. Maybe not the consensus opinion, but personally, I would like to see them waive and go to another team for a shot at the cup, and at the same time "help" the Canucks rebuild with a couple of assets. I don't give a crap about them "only" playing for the Canucks their entire career - its a business, and if the best thing for the business is to trade them for assets, and the Sedins are ok with that, then by all means see if a deal can be made. They can always sign here again next season if that's what they and the team want. Any team acquiring them is likely only doing so for a playoff run anyways. And before anyone gets their panties tied in a knot, No, I would not force them out, but if it was mutually decided that it could help the team and provide them a chance at a cup, then why the heck not!?
  8. Henrik Sedin | #33 | C

    Trade for Jannik Hansen and take that retention off the books, then trade the Sedins to a contender both at 50% retained.
  9. Tampa - Van (Proposal)

    Callahan still has 2 season left on his contract after this one, and he seems more like a buyout candidate than anything else. Tampa should be paying us extra to take his contract off their hands. I like the general idea of Edler to Tampa for Foote, but think the price is too steep in your proposal. Doubt they'd want to let go of Foote anyways, but hey, if JB can wrangle him away from the bolts, that's great. With their forward depth, we'd probably be more likely to be able to get one of Katchouk, Howden or Raddysh. Hard to guess what each piece is valued at, but something like Edler for Callahan, Katchouk, 2nd. or Edler + Bouchard for Callahan, Foote, 2nd ??? For once, I'd rather JB not include a pick on our side of the trade!
  10. They'd be an interesting trade partner for Guddy, Hutton or Vanek. How about Guddy and Vanek? They have a 1st, 3rd, 5th(s), plus interesting prospects like Henri Jokiharju, Dylan Sikura, Chad Krys, Tim Soderlund. I'd be thrilled if we could snag Jokiharju in a trade. He and Juolevi looked good together.
  11. Who Should The Canucks Draft Second Overall

    That's certainly interesting, but risky. You never know which players will be available when you pick later. I guess if there are lots of players you'd be happy with later in the 1st round, it makes it a no brainer. Looking at the 2017 draft, would you (as Philly) trade Nolan Patrick for (NYR) Andersson and Chytil? or for (VGK) Glass and Braanstrom? Patrick is good, but is he so good that you say no?
  12. Vegas got everyone's cast offs, and is a top team in the league right now. Keeping Tanev or Edler or Guddy or Hutton or DelZotto is not going to make us a contender. Getting good assets for 1 or 2 of them could. We are rebuilding - trade whichever roster Dman there is a demand for - period. I'd be inclined to sell off at least 2 of our established D and gain picks and prospects. Of course aim for the highest pick or best prospect you can possibly get... R-E-B-U-I-L-D - sell and re-new.
  13. Who Should The Canucks Draft Second Overall

    If we draft top 5, we win - period. Any one of those guys would look fabulous in a Canucks uniform. Take BPA and hopefully JB makes some trades and acquires some extra picks.
  14. Proposal- Vancouver- Anaheim

    Steel hasn't been as impressive this year as he was last year.... I was hoping Hansen or Burrows would go to Anaheim for Sam Steel last year, but can't complain. A trade like this is exactly what we need to do. Target a high end prospect and even overpay a little if necessary. If not Steel, then pluck one of the high end prospects from teams pushing for the cup: St Louis, Nashville, Tampa etc. We could trade 2 of Gudbranson, Hutton, Baertschi, Granlund, Markstrom/Nilsson, Vanek, Del Zotto.... plus a mid round pick and even throw in a b prospect, or take back some expiring cap space if necessary. I'd even trade one of Edler or Tanev if the return was a really high end prospect. I like what JB did at the trade deadline last year, and hope he does the same this year.
  15. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I was born and raised in BC, but married a Dane and moved to Denmark when I was 30ish. It was really hard to learn Danish as an adult, as I just couldn't make some of the sounds. My sons are perfectly bilingual and make fun of me whenever I try to say "brøl" ("roar" in english), as it comes out as "brød" (bread).