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  1. No, Nylander hasn't played (same with Ritchie) due to not being signed yet Both are RFA and unsigned to new contracts.
  2. 2014 draft - current player points 1. Ekblad - 2 pts 2: Reinhart - 2 pts 3: Draisatl - 2 pts 4: Bennett - 1 pt 5: DalColle - 0 pts 6: Virtanen - 3 pts 7: Fleury - 0 pts 8: Nylander - 0 pts 9: Ehlers - 0 pts 10: Ritchie - 0 pts Virtanen is also +2 so far. It's early yet, but he's looking good. Atta boy Jake!
  3. Isn't there a time limit as to how long after a charge you can dispute it? Not sure, but I would suggest disputing it immediately, and have the $575 reversed (at least, if not the entire stay). Then you can negotiate with the hotel for any lower settlement amount and pay it once an amount is agreed to. Use bad reviews on TripAdvisor etc, as well as the fact that you are a repeat guest as leverage. Also mention the guest list error (wrong room) and use that as leverage as well. Basically though, if your card company won't reverse the charge for whatever reason, that's that and you won't have any leverage.
  4. V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    Ok, so with all this talk of different logos and jerseys, I have been messing with an idea I had last year. Yeah, yeah, I know... not another logo! This is for fun, and with the Sedins retiring, and all the youth coming up this year or next why not consider a new look for the team? Some people have suggested a V logo, so I thought I would give it a shot. I personally still like the orca. I also liked the skate. I'm not too thrilled with the cartoony Johnny Canuck (ok concept, but needs to be much more serious looking), and the stick in rink, though simple and iconic, just doesn't do it for me. So, I decided to keep the whale theme, as yes, I think Orcas are relevant to the Vancouver area.... and incorporated it into a V for Vancouver. The original version I posted a long time ago in a very long thread about logos was much more pointy and not as bold. It was rated as the #1 logo concept by this web site (which surprised me, as I just stumbled on that article a week or so ago and had no idea). They suggested the logo still needed some refinement, but had potential, so with a bit of work, here is what I came up with: I've kept the Canuck blue and green in general.... and the uniform I used here is the current white jersey, just with my logo in place of the whale and "Vancouver" wording. I darkened the colours a bit too, as I think it looks more dynamic that way. Anyways, that's it. Simple, classic and could be a good logo for a long time. Yes, I know, it is similar to the Hartford Whalers old logo, but it was a good logo and why not get inspiration from it? Its a concept, so the logo will probably still need some tweaking - maybe more detail in the tail - but its a start. Thoughts?
  5. [Proposal] Baerstchi for Edjsell

    I also wanted to target Ejdsell when he was still a Nashville prospect, and was quite disappointed when Chicago got him in a trade. Big skilled guy - with a lot of potential. Plays center or wing and has numbers similar to (or even better than) Dahlen. He could even potentially be the center between Dahlen and Pettersson. Big guy, could help protect the 2 smaller guys.
  6. [Proposal] Van-Fla

    With him probably going back in the draft if they can't trade him, I can't imagine it would take much. Maybe a 5th round pick or a swap using someone we're not going to sign, like Stukel or Candella.
  7. I don't want to use assets to move up as it would cost too much. We will have some excellent choices available at #7.
  8. [Proposal] Trading up

    I could see targeting Ottawa's 2nd pick (#22 from Pittsburgh).... but doubt it would be worth it to try to move from 7 to 4.
  9. An Intelligent Debate on Ancient Alien Theory

    There are so many religions out there and most of them do have some sort of "god" or "gods" that come down from the heavens - often in a flaming chariot or flying vehicle of some kind. With "man" being so spread out back in ancient times, with no way of communicating with other people all over the world, there's too much in common in the different religions for it to just be a coincidence. I would say it is just as plausible that these "gods" were actually an alien race visiting Earth and interacting with it's inhabitants. Parts of religion are attempts to explain things that the people couldn't rationally explain. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, famine, etc - they didn't understand why these things were happening, so most religions called it the wrath of the gods - with the blame often being themselves not following their society's rules. So, how would they explain an alien ship or a real alien visitor? There was no rational explanation for that. It must be a "god". With the vastness of space, these alien "gods" may have visited the planet in ancient times, but why are they not here now? Well, heck, we landed on the moon in the 60's, but haven't been back since... and the moon is in Earth's orbit! It is again plausible that any alien race that visited Earth in ancient times, was simply passing through, and due to the vastness of space, may never be back... Religion is a "faith" or "belief". I'm not religious in the slightest and don't mean to offend anyone. You can believe whatever you like, but I honestly "believe" it is more plausible that there were anicent aliens visiting the planet, than there being some all mighty being who created it.
  10. [Discussion] Tanev to Philadelphia

    They need a defensive center as well. The Hockey Writers had an article speculating that Sutter could be a target for Philly, and that their later 1st round pick (#19) could get the deal done. Add in Tanev and take back a cap dump to even out the cap a bit, and we could really increase our prospect pool. Sure, it would hurt our defensive abilities this coming season, but this is all about the future... I think the 2 teams make pretty good trading partners considering each teams situation. We have what they need, and they have what we need. I don't know what a deal would look like, but with Philly having 2 1st round picks, Frost, Sanheim and a wealth of other prospects, all the pieces for a deal to be made are there. Maybe only for Sutter, or maybe only for Tanev... or maybe even a lesser deal for someone like Granlund.
  11. The Hockey Writers had an article about Philadelphia's need for better defence. One of the suggestions was trading their later 1st to Vancouver for Brandon Sutter, so he could be their shutdown center. Brandon Sutter Now we move to the trades. The Flyers haven’t had a Sutter play for them since Ron left in 1991 — could Brandon Sutter be the next? The 29-year old has three-years left with a $4.375 million cap hit with the Vancouver Canucks. Brandon Sutter (Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports) He hasn’t scored more than 40 points since his second year with Carolina (2009-10) and is coming off an injury-plagued season where he only played 61 games, but I believe he is an improvement over what they have and his skills fill a need. He has 16 career shorthanded points and only five forwards have played more than his 1,231 shorthanded minutes since 2010-11. Sutter has also won 49% of his face-offs in his career. The Canucks are in full rebuild with the retirement of the Sedin twins. The Flyers could send Vancouver their second first-round pick (19th overall) to easily get the deal done and no doubt Sutter would waive his no-trade clause to join the Orange and Black.
  12. 7th Overall: 2018 CDC Draft Consensus

    Kotkaniemi Dobson Wahstrom Not really any that I "don't" want. Just prefer certain players over others.
  13. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    The Hockey Writers newest list after the World Juniors. Has Kotkaniemi at 6! JB needs to acquire a bunch of extra picks - lots of good players in the 2nd round. First Round 1) Rasmus Dahlin (LHD, Sweden, Frolunda SHL) 2) Andrei Svechnikov (RW, Russia, Barrie OHL) 3) Filip Zadina (LW, Czech Republic, Halifax QMJHL) 4) Adam Boqvist (RHD, Sweden, Brynas J20) 5) Quinn Hughes (LHD, USA, Michigan NCAA) 6) Jesperi Kotkaniemi (LW/C, Finland, Assat) 7) Brady Tkachuk (LW, USA, Boston University NCAA) 8) Oliver Wahlstrom (RW, USA, NTDP U18) 9) Evan Bouchard (RHD, Canada, London OHL) 10) Noah Dobson (RHD, Canada, Acadie Bathurst QMJHL) 11) Ty Smith (LHD, Canada, Spokane WHL) 12) Ryan Merkley (RHD, Canada, Guelph OHL) 13) Joe Veleno (C, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL) 14) Barrett Hayton (C, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL) 15) Joel Farabee (LW, USA, NTDP U18) 16) Vitali Kravtsov (RW, Russia, Chelyabinsk KHL) 17) Grigori Denisenko (LW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL) 18) Rasmus Kupari (C, Finland, Karpat) 19) Isac Lundestrom (C/LW, Sweden, Lulea SHL) 20) Bode Wilde (RHD, USA/Canada, NTDP U18) 21) K’Andre Miller (LHD, USA, NTDP U18) 22) Nils Lundkvist (RHD, Sweden, Lulea SHL) 23) Martin Kaut (RW, Czech Republic, Pardubice) 24) Dominik Bokk (RW, Germany, Vaxjo J20) 25) Jonatan Berggren (C/W, Sweden, Skelleftea J20) 26) Jacob Olofsson (C, Sweden, Timra) 27) Ryan McLeod (C/LW, Canada, Mississauga OHL) 28) Serron Noel (RW, Canada, Oshawa OHL) 29) Rasmus Sandin (LHD, Sweden, Sault Ste. Marie OHL) 30) Mattias Samuelsson (LHD, USA/Sweden, NTDP U18) 31) Jonny Tychonick (LHD, Canada, Penticton BCHL) Second Round 32) Filip Hallander (C/W, Sweden, Timra) 33) Niklas Nordgren (RW, Finland, HIFK Liiga) 34) Akil Thomas (C/RW, Canada, Niagara OHL) 35) Blake McLaughlin (C, USA, Chicago USHL) 36) Jack Drury (C, USA, Waterloo USHL) 37) Jake Wise (C, USA, NTDP U18) 38) Bo Groulx (C, Canada, Halifax QMJHL) 39) Ty Dellandrea (C, Canada, Flint OHL) 40) Calen Addison (RHD, Canada, Lethbridge WHL) 41) Nicolas Beaudin (LHD, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL) 42) Jacob Bernard-Docker (RHD, Canada, Okotoks AJHL) 43) Adam Ginning (LHD, Sweden, Linkoping J20) 44) Jared McIsaac (LHD, Canada, Halifax QMJHL) 45) Jett Woo (RHD, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL) 46) Jakub Lauko (C, Czech Republic, Chomutov) 47) Jesse Ylonen (RW, Finland/USA, Espoo United) 48) David Gustafsson (C, Sweden, HV71 J20) 49) Kevin Bahl (LHD, Canada, Ottawa OHL) 50) Alexander Alexeeyev (LHD, Russia, Red Deer WHL) 51) Kirill Marchenko (F, Russia, Mamonty MHL) 52) Jan Jenik (LW, Czech Republic, Liberec U20) 53) Lukas Dostal (G, Czech Republic, Kometa Brno U20) 54) Alexander Khovanov (C, Russia, Moncton QMJHL) 55) Curtis Hall (C, USA, Youngstown USHL) 56) Ryan O’Reilly (C, USA, Madison USHL) 57) Liam Foudy (C, Canada, London OHL) 58) Allan McShane (C, Canada, Oshawa OHL) 59) Jack McBain (C, Canada, Toronto OJHL) 60) Jay O’Brien (C, USA, Thayer High School) 61) Toni Utunen (LHD, Finland, Tappara Liiga) 62) Ty Emberson (RHD, USA, NTDP U18)
  14. Yeah, I'm not interested in acquiring the 1st pick via trade - way too expensive. I'd be much more interested in what we could bring in if we won 1st overall and other teams were making the ludicrous offers to us.
  15. Possibilities: Trade Tanev for a mid to late 1st. Take a bad contract from another team with one of our extra wingers/dmen going the other way for a late 1st. Could package our early 2nd with someone of some value to move that into the mid-late 1st. Would also be cool if Florida decides they can't survive without Guddy, so they give up their 1st straight up for him (or even pick #33, which they also have). With our 1st, trade back to a team that has 2 1sts. NYI, CHI, NYR - this will entirely depend on where the lottery leaves everyone though. Another possibility, is to to try to gain a bunch of early 2nd round picks (DET, MTL, NYI all have 2 early 2nd rounders). We have the extra bodies and the cap space for JB to make a splash.