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  1. For anyone who missed my earlier post.... I live in Denmark. Even though the country is going to extremes to shut this down, the funny thing is that there isn't really any panic here. Everyone seems ok with the measures being taken. I went to the grocery store expecting chaos and it was pretty normal. People kept their distance from each other, but other than that it seemed like an ordinary day buying groceries. No long lines, no shortages, lots of toilet paper, etc. Employees were busy stocking shelves, and there were even some good sales on food items. No price gouging. I still bought a few more dry goods than usual, but otherwise, they've assured everyone that food supply is not a problem and people shouldn't hoard, as it will only make things worse. People seem to actually be listening and acting sensible. My kids are home from school for the next 2 weeks (at least), but will still get daily assignments over the internet and are expected to keep up with their home work, hand in assignments (online) on time, and spend time reading and doing extra assignments if they have time. This has all gone down within practically no advance warning over the last couple of days too. Crazy.
  2. I live in Denmark. The government just announced that they will be closing the borders for 30 days. Only essential travel permitted (like food, returning Danes, etc). All schools, fitness centers and movie theaters are closed. Concerts and sports events cancelled. Everyone basically instructed to self contain as much as possible and no non essential socializing - even birthday parties and the like are discouraged. Government employees have all been sent home. Many private businesses are closing or sending their employees home and asking them to work from home where at all possible. Confirmed cases went from 39 on Monday to 519 on Wednesday to 801 today. Crazy stuff! Never thought I would live through something like this in my lifetime. Sitting at home with my 2 teenage kids - gonna watch "Weekend at Bernie's", eat candy and chips and see what tomorrow brings.
  3. Trade him to Ottawa for one of their guys on LTIR. Gaborik, 2 years at 4.87 million for example. If we retain the difference, Ottawa can at least use Loui as a defensive specialist, instead of just paying a guy on LTIR. If needed, we'd even be able to use the LTIR cap space to add a player. Win / Win.
  4. Not sure if I would use the word "enjoy". I'm a bit of a loner and love to spend time in nature, so for me, I'd much rather be back home in nature rich BC. The only reason I'm still here is because my kids are here. I don't hate it here - it's comfortable, good quality of life, safe, etc. The weather is almost identical to Vancouver/Victoria as well. For most people, Denmark is a great place to live. It's consistently right up there with Norway, Sweden and Canada at the top of most "top 10 countries" type of lists.
  5. Denmark is flat, farm country with no wild nature. Very civilized, clean, high standard of living, free university, free health care, but its expensive and has very high taxes.
  6. Originally from Victoria, but have now lived in Denmark for about 20 years.
  7. This whole situation is ridiculous. Just because one wears a costume to a costume party, doesn't make them racist. Christ, what is the world coming to? I once went to a costume party dressed as a viking, and wore a blonde wig. Does that make me a racist against Scandinavians or blondes? Quite the opposite really, as I married a Scandinavian, and both of my kids are basically vikings. Trudeau is not perfect, but this is really reaching.
  8. Any PT or Chiropractor that isn't a hack will know a fair bit about what the other profession does, and why, and they all know a lot about how the body works and whatnot. Any good one will refer you to the other profession if it is in your best interest for the problem that you have. If they are telling you not to go see the other profession, that is a danger flag to me, and I would probably run away from that practitioner asap, as they are probably just trying to milk you for all they can. As I mentioned before, my ex wife is a Chiropractor, and a damn good one. I'm not sure how it is in Canada, but in Denmark, where she was educated, it is a 5 year university masters degree ... plus a mandatory 1 year practical stint in a chiropractic clinic. Though Chiropractors are not "allowed" to officially diagnose things and prescribe medicine, they can diagnose a ton of issues and refer you to a doctor or to a physiotherapist, massage therapist or whatever. She once had a female patient who - after thoroughly examining her and performing motion and flexiblity tests and the like - immediately sent the patient to her doctor. She contacted the doctor and told him that she suspected the patient had cancer (I can't remember what type of cancer), and sure enough, after visiting her doctor, the patient was under treatment for Cancer within days. Recently, our own son fell at school and couldn't move his arm. I drove him to his mothers office, she examined his arm and thought it was broken. They don't have x-ray machines there, but she used an ultrasound to look at his arm and could see the break. I was there and saw the whole thing - it was quite cool, and though not the right tool to use for seeing if an arm is broken, it worked. Anyways.... we took him to the emergency room, and the admitting nurse/doctor did the usual round of questions about where it hurt, could he move his hand etc, and were very skeptical that it was broken, and thought he probably just needed painkillers. After insisting on an x-ray, they reluctantly agreed and sent us up to x-ray. And yes, it turned out that there was a very clear break on his ulna. Long story short, he ended up with a titanium plate in his arm with 6 screws. So, basically to say that Chiropractors are not doctors - though true in some sense - is also utter bull$&!#.
  9. My ex wife is a chiropractor, and even though we're divorced, I will always go to her 1st if my back or neck is feeling "out" of whack. A good chiropractor can do wonders for tension headaches, neck pain, pinched sciatic nerves and the like. They can fix more than just backs, and can refer you to a specialist if they suspect you have a torn labrum or whatever. I don't think of them as alternative medicine at all - more so as specialists in skeletal problems. A doctor would probably just give you pain killers. If it is more muscular, then a physio therapist would be the better option. And like someone said above, there are good ones and bad ones in any of these professions.
  10. No worries. I don't know the correct term for it, but I think the OP meant more like what I mentioned, but he'd have to comment to verify There are so many variables as to why a UFA player chooses a specific city/team, that there is no chance of equalizing all the variables, but as it is now, the low tax states/provinces do have an unfair advantage over other higher tax ones, so I think it would be great if they could equalize that somehow. Whether they do that as I suggested, or via some other more complex formula would be up to the league and team owners. Doubt it happens at all though.
  11. A simplified version of tax equalization for cap purposes would be great. Why would players have to submit their tax returns? That would be stupid. A simple calculation based on the contract $ amount, minus the max tax rate (face it, all players are probably in the max tax bracket) for that state/province. What each player does with their money to get more tax breaks is irrelevant and individual to each player.
  12. Personally, I think the CBA needs an overhaul. I've always found it ridiculous that $&!#ty players can be paid millions for crapping the bed (so to speak). Contracts should have performance requirements and if the player doesn't perform up to the expectations set by the contract/salary he is being paid, the team should have the option to terminate the contract. Either that or just do not allow these stupid buyout proof contracts, or $1 million salary and $8 million signing bonus type contracts. Almost every team has been stuck with a washed up player with a big contract at some point, and that often contributes to a teams cap problems. Injuries are a whole other ballgame of course, and I don't really have any major problems with the way that is currently handled.
  13. I hope the target is Byram, and if JB pulls it off without us losing one of our young core guys, I am all for it. Byram, Hughes, Juolevi and Woo would be a pretty sick future d core. And don't forget Tryamkin... I'd think Colorado or LA would be the teams we'd need to make a deal with. If it is Detroit, they could just be a stepping stone - easier to convince LA or Colorado to drop to 6 than to drop all the way to 10.