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  1. With respect we don't know what Hughes's problem is until he plays in the NHL - if he has a problem at all.
  2. Now that you mention it - growing pains, is that what Jordan Subban, Dal Colle and Shink had? Any player, no matter where he is drafted has to show he can play the type of game that survives in the NHL. No one is a given, so you shouldn't dismiss another poster's concerns.
  3. I really am amazed at how many think Hughes will just walk into the team. I have big reservations on that and would prefer to see him help Utica if he is eligible and they are in the playoffs. There is no need to hurry him.
  4. I don't see him like Elias at all, in any way. If anything they are direct opposites apart from their skating ability. EP is always TOTALLY conscious of where his team mates are on the ice. Almost without looking he finds them with a measured pass and in space. He must be a delight to play with. EP always sees players who are open and in a position to do more damage than he might, at that moment. EP is obsessed with defence and getting team mates out of trouble. EP always seems to have that extra split second to make the move HE WANTS TO MAKE not the move he is forced to make. EP is a clinical finisher with a blistering slapper and wrister. Despite his tall height combined with lack of weight EP seems to find a way to compete hard but without taking punishment. That is why imo EP operates at a high level even in his first year in the NHL despite being only 20 years old and frankly I totally disagree with your comparison because I see Hughes lacking in almost every one of these categories at this stage in his game. As I said elsewhere he reminds me more of J Subban than EP in that he seems to play for himself. That is not playing on another level at all.
  5. That is why I say that Jack Rathbone may yet be the best D we have in the future. He always looks composed and in control. Hughes at present plays a game that throws his team mates into confusion because he parts with the puck at the last second almost in panic. Time will tell I suppose.
  6. When will people realise the good/great players are about more than points. If you watched last year you would have seen a playmaker supreme in the games. If we know one thing about Petey it is that he is not greedy.
  7. Interesting you think that. I watched the draft and the difference in the reaction of his brothers was apparent. What it means can be translated in different ways though. Luke: "Tough luck bro'" Although the only teams he may have wanted more could have been Chicago or the Oilers. I'd imagine he would have felt playing with McDavid in a Canadian market would have been cool, who knows? Every kid will have a favourite but it's not like Toronto were even close. Jack: "You lucky guy, getting to play with Pettersson." or "You were never going to Toronto so you may as well make the best of it" Having said that, joking aside he actually seemed to be elated in the interview and his Mom and Dad looked really happy.
  8. The great thing about hockey is if there were not so many variables, the Oilers would already have about 2-3 Cups in the last 10 years.
  9. Your post is so riddled with inaccurate context and un-researched backgrounds I have realised you are either a troll or you are just wasting my time. For example Butcher and Kerfoot are 23 years old.
  10. Thanks ST. It appears when writing the last para I glanced down and quoted Marner's age as his AHL appearances. Of course I didn't show any actual AHL games in the list. Not a great attempt but only excuse is suffering from a hellish cold just now. I notice I have also failed to include Reilly's AHL playoff games which brings the total to 22.
  11. You don't know what you are talking about. Firstly there is a good core of vets in the Leafs roster (but you complain about the Canucks signing vets) secondly if you had bothered to check you would have seen that all the young players barring the No 1 and No 4 picks spent time in the AHL prior to making the NHL. Some others like Nylander spent time in the SHL and the AHL. The 2016-17 roster that went deep in the playoffs were as follows. As you will see there is plenty of veteran and experienced mid 20s players. In the second group you can the number of AHL games played shown after the player's age. Boyle - 32 Bozak - 30 Fehr - 31 Gardiner - 26 Holland - 26 Hunwick - 31 Kadri - 26 Komarov - 30 Martin - 27 Marchenko - 25 Michalek - 31 Polak - 30 Smith - 28 JvR - 27 Zaitsev - 25 Brown - 23 - 110 Carrick - 22 - 192 Reilly - 22 - 14 Hyman - 24 - 72 Marner - 19 Nylander - 20 - 75 Matthews So as I said only Mathews and Marner, very high picks made the team from the draft but Mathews spent a year in the Swiss pro league and Marner played 19 AHL games for the Marlies. You really need to check some relevant background facts before posting wildly inaccurate accusations against the Canucks Management. Are you really a fan, I think Rob is right, more like a plastic fan.
  12. He's taken one look at Rathbone and said I need a little bit more seasoning.
  13. Yes he did look tired. Go back to my post(s) at the time where I said "everyone" was outworking him and looking better than he was. Reading your posts, it seems to me you think the GM and the Coaches deal in certainties and yet you haven't a clue what the coaches and trainers ACTUALLY see. You make the same mistakes people like Botchford makes and what you can't possibly know, you seem to make up. Of course Benning is going to say if a young player performs well enough, he will make a space for him in the team. That is, if nothing else, to give an incentive to these young players to work hard and pay attention to the coaches. However "performing" is not just what YOU see on the ice, there are all manner of criteria that goes into gauging performance, a lot of which we are not privy to. You also seem to think that a team can be packed with prospects and it will do well. Of course it won't, can you name one team where that is true? The vets are signed to ensure the prospects are guided, protected, and allowed to perform with players who have the experience to shelter them when required. These youngsters are helped by the vets, in order to maintain their confidence to produce what they are capable of producing and not be dragged down by line mates who may lack experience. Lastly, you seem to think the NHL is a pub league where results don't matter, where coaches actually don't care if they win or lose and GM's are happy to be fired. This is a results driven business and not a "development league" where teams flood their roster with prospects and let them work out their weaknesses as they go along. All players are not equal and players like Beagle and Gagner have years of experience earned at the cutting edge. Because of that they will have their mistakes and poor games often ignored because the coach knows that they will not let it affect their confidence and they will bounce back the next game - so the chances are that even if a prospect is doing well he would have to be performing exceptionally well ON AND OFF the ice to replace a vet. And that is how it should be because prospects can always benefit from extra time in the AHL honing their abilities. It should also be appreciated that how these players react to having to wait a little longer is a sign of their character and will be noted. By the way, just because a young player scores a goal does not wipe out the rest of his performance, you should realise that. If you don't you should wind your neck in a bit when it comes to criticising management and coaches.
  14. I think you are watching another video.