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  1. I agree, he should not have said it. Personally I also think he is wrong. No player(s) is bigger than the team and as someone who has always maintained that I am not a fan of any player, coach or GM, (they are all transient) I am a fan of the team, I think Linden has allowed personal friendship to affect his judgement. That said I am not for flinging the Sedins away yet, I would rather see if they could be reinvigorated on separate lines first.
  2. Alf I'm not sure they are "done" yet. I think they have too much talent for us not to be able to find places for them while we rebuild. I just think that they are so alike that we will not be able to keep both on one line for much longer because their alikeness is becoming a weakness as they get older. By that I mean they are both slowing down noticeably. Think about it, if you were building a team now you probably would not want 2 players who had such similar strengths AND such similar weaknesses on your top line. It worked for them because their talent was not only off the scale but they had an almost 6th sense to be able to find each other and know where each other would be. People say that other top line forwards are almost telepathic - but they are not when you compare them to the Sedins.
  3. I'm not sure what kind of team would want the Sedins, every team is trying to get faster and more physical. I think there could be situations where they may want one though but I doubt the Sedins would be up for that now. I actually think that might be our best way to go, down the line. Dissipate their lack of speed but still keep their individual creativeness by putting them on seperate lines. That way you would cut out their tendency to make impossible passes to each other or ignoring better placed team mates while still having two line mates with speed to take advantage of the creativity and at the same time be able to cover for them defensively (an increasing problem) It has to happen imo if this team is to lose it's dual personality. You can't build a fast team while having two increasingly slow players on the top (or any) line. I seem to recall when Hank was injured Danny played with Hansen and ?Vey? and they were brilliant. Was that not a matinee game in Chicago where we were eventually pegged back to lose 4-3 / 5-4? We were all over Chicago and should have doubled our total.
  4. I realise that but I suffer from insomnia unfortunately so while I still have a life I had to answer the guy's accusation.
  5. How on earth do you compare an NHL hockey team to a dirty restaurant, or a bad movie? This is a sporting team man, performances can change every night, players performances can change from game to game. We can still beat almost any team on a given night and we are rebuilding steadily from way further back than most teams have had to. Yes the prices are too high but they have always been too high, even when we were at the top. Ahh I see now you don't watch the games judging by this. Either that or you suffer from a severe form of terminal hyperbole. "if people are going to fork the big bucks to sit for 2.5 hours they would at least hope for dynamic plays, goals and a closely contested game, not a 1:0 game with chances few and far between."
  6. I watched the whole of the Ducks v Calgary, prior to that the whole of the Ducks v Oilers and highlights of the Chicago v Flyers all on NHL.TV, I watch roughly 5 whole games a week not including the Canucks. Sorry to burst your little theory. If the fans are rushing to other teams it just as likely they are the same type of self entitled bandwaggoners as you seem to be. How many full games have you watched this week? Don't bother answering I think I know the answer.
  7. So basically you are just a bandwaggoner. There is much more to hockey and supporting your team than just expecting them to win all the time. We are in a rebuilding process and there are some great young players out there AND some old ones who can still do some amazing things on the ice. I get what you are saying about prices and frankly that is much more to do with the empty seats imo than what we are seeing on the ice. I feel that people like you are trying to brain wash the rest of us into thinking there is no point in getting enthusiastic about this team because in truth it annoys you that some of us can still get pleasure from the team and individual performances while you need to see us put big scores on the board before it even gets your attention. You are now going to say I don't know you and you have supported the club since mammoths roamed the earth. You would be right but I can only go by what you post and it seems to me there is a growing number of people like you on here who constantly want to tell us there is no point, there is nothing to see, the hockey is boring, the players are third rate (they must be, we have no No 1 draft picks) if we are not winning we are nothing, tear it all down, start again. Well some of us are a bit more reasonable, a bit more patient, a bit more interested in the process, a bit more enthusiastic about our (young) players and their nightly efforts, a bit more enthralled by the journey, the ups and downs and the struggle to get back to the top - because that is what hockey and life is all about and if you turn your back on that and only turn up when we are back at the top you have missed out on all the highs and the lows of how we got there, the most interesting part.
  8. Boring? FGS behave yourself and watch the games. You imo and those like you are what this thread is about. You come on here and give the impression you don't even watch the games, slyly thinking that if they are not tearing it up they must be boring. Over the last 10 games we are scoring almost 3 goals a game despite 3 of these games being against NY, Chicago and the Ducks. Not that goals necessarily guarantee exciting hockey.
  9. Please, don't be silly, go and look at the roster Gillis inherited. How can we have a sensible discussion when you make "other world" comparisons like that? After that you seem to have settled down to a more reasoned opinion, one with which mostly I agree. Sadly at the end you deteriorate into what amounts to the same old tanking whine. You then contradict reality by saying 2nd 3rd and 4th round picks are not likely to make a difference (what is your basis for that) if you look at Boston's SC team it is obviously not true. Bergeron, Boychuck, Campbell, Chara, Ference, Kaberle. Krejci, Lucic, Marchand, Recci, Savard, Seidenberg were all picked outside the 1st round - did they make a difference? Even LA only had 2 players in the top 3, one of them was acquired and the other was a defender. Patience.
  10. We will never agree, because we both see things differently.
  11. I love it when you talk dirty.
  12. You are not reading my post obviously. Your point about Gillis is what I am saying is it not? The direction is there but you can't accelerate it without the players. "Proper" rebuilds are no guarantee of success.
  13. 6 of the last 10 Alf. Two of the losses were against NY and Chicago who are 2nd and 3rd in the League. And you will not have missed the fact we are without Hansen, Tanev, Rodin and Dorsett. Ericsson was signed to help us win and he still may do that as he seems to be getting some form. Why are you always so down on the team? It's all glass half empty with you.
  14. DP
  15. Totally agree with first para, I have said as much. More worrying to me is the number of missed and "forced" passes when someone not named Sedin is available. They are becoming far too predictable and that is also causing our PP to lack production. Also agree but we are as you point out without the pace of Hansen, Dorsett and Rodin (not sure how fast he is but at least he didn't look slow in Sweden.) On your last para I would not agree, I honestly think we have a good one here (I also liked AV though) as we could see what he could do with "stronger team" in his first year. I think he will surprise a lot of people when we start getting some more talent into the team and dare I say say adios and thanks for the memories to the Twins.