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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Because he has a thorn in his butt about WD. What other explanation can there be. Like you Robb, I would love to see a fit and motivated Tryamkin back in a Canucks jersey but somehow I don't see it.
  2. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Don't strain your single brain cell. You haven't the intellect to keep up.
  3. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Most of this is just made up BS. Sorry SID but can we be clear, this is a pro sportsman we are talking about? Why did he turn up out of shape? Is there a rule somewhere in the coach's handbook that says just because a player gets 20mins one night, he has to get 20mins the following night? How do you know he was doing everything the coaches were asking of him? How do you know it was out of nowhere? How do you know the coaches were happy? How do you know his team mates trusted him? Did he have A REAL IMPACT on the games? How do you know he always did what the coaches wanted? You admit he made mistakes? Why would the team NOT be unhappy with you, turning up out of shape. I gave up after this as it is all just subjective BS and dime novel writing. Tryamkin played on the right, the same side as Gudbranson, Stecher, Tanev, Biega and Larsen. He was not "better" than the first three and arguably on performance not better than Biega either. That left Larsen who was being given a run of games by JB in order to find out if he was the puck moving D he was looking for. I fail to see where Tryamkin had a beef when he was getting 17mins as 5/6th place D and playing 66 out 82 games. - None of it stacks up, no matter how you look at it. Basically I think your piece is a bit melodramatic and if in any way accurate or justified would see Goldobin scurrying home as we speak. Nikita Zadorov (Colorado) 6'-5"@230lbs a FIRST round pick 16th o/a was playing 1minute more in his first full season (for Buffalo) then in his next season dropped within 12 secs of Tryamkin and he is still there, still working away.
  4. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Ah the straw man argument has surfaced when finally facing reality. This has nothing to do with the coach and everything to do with your obsession with the player, the coach and the player's own immaturity. Lidster was the D coach and as I have said Lidster would ultimately decide TOI, shift changes etc. WD would become involved when he felt that Tryamkin could do more to fulfil his potential and to help the team. It is strange how Hutton, a player who has had his TOI reduced and had to suffer healthy scratches on many an occasion has not had the same type of feverish ranting on his behalf. Is it because Hutton has taken it like a man and realised the coach has only the best intentions at heart for the player? Or is it that Hutton doesn't knock people on their backside and cream them into the boards. I suspect the latter. At the end of the day people like you have to face reality. 1. WD believed not in what Tryamkin was but what he could be. 2. Whether WD allocated minutes or Lidster did, it came down to the same thing. Young players had to work for what they got. That is the only way to be fair to the other young players who were prepared to work (Bo, Stetch) to vary their game (Baertschi Gaunce) 3. If Tryamkin wanted more minutes he needed to firstly realise that the coach runs the team, that he needed to abandon this "victim attitude" and appreciate that none of the coaches were trying to destroy him or ask him to do something he couldn't do, just to do it more consistently. 4. He was NEVER asked to fight. That is a myth put about by "the butthurt" 5. Physicality is a state of mind, where it is a player's particular attribute, it needs to be deployed from the minute the player steps on the ice until he steps off it. That is what Chara does, Pronger, Byfuglien, Webber, Opik etc. WD was never against young players he was for making them work and improve themselves to justify being in the team. WD was not a great NHL coach (he did however take an ordinary team to 101 points the 5th highest Canucks total in the last 16years) but he did have a great CV and reputation for improving players and bringing out their potential. He understood that few young players, if any get very far in the game unless they understand and carry out their defensive responsibilities. Poor defense not only hurts the team but affects the performance of your team mates. That is why WD was hard on some players and most saw the light and elevated their game on the back of it.
  5. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    They have to get something to hold their attention. Change change change - just for the sake of it. They are new to hockey, most of them.
  6. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    WD has nothing to do with Tryamkins actions. He called WD "normal" while he said a coach who he didn't even know a "good guy(?)" How is that for BS? I'm afraid people like you and SS are so butthurt about Tryamkin's decision to leave you have to blame it on someone I guess. Was it not Lidster who ran and coached D? So does that not mean Lidster would ultimately decide TOI? It doesn't really matter, all most of us know is the Canucks "made" the player who went back to star in Russia. He must have also thought his improved game would warrant an Olympic place. (it must have been a shock when he wasn't selected - to his massive ego at least) Some people think that was actually one of the reasons that tilted him in favour of going back because he knew NHL players were excluded.
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Well it breaks the monotony of Tryamkin apologetic threads. Jeez 235 pages and no sign of a return. As for me I can't wait to see how he will react to TG when Travis tells him to make Marchand's life a misery.
  8. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Aw jee imagine if that happened. It would prove without a doubt what many people have said about him. Unfortunately Jimbo (who I am a big fan of) was either firing Willie or himself - what would you do?
  9. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I think you make a valid point, this thread is covered with guys who might be better proposing to Tryamkin and declaring their undying love. The way I look at it, at least I'm not defending a flaky, self entitled, guy who felt the Club should run to his beck and call.
  10. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Ok, that's it, no more energy drinks for you.
  11. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Chara amassed 300 PIM in his first 3 seasons, Tryamkin whined about having to play physically, that's why WD asked him to view Pronger tapes
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Bud you don't write some of the garbage you have written above and then say "Trust me" At 22/23 Chara was a fixture in the NHL Tryamkin was just coming into the league. Chara had also amassed almost 300 PIM
  13. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Wow I would address this but I wouldn't know where to start. I recommend you read my post above on WD's performance. Your second last sentence should embarrass you.
  14. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    You've been out in the sun too much bud. For a start if you can't get up the Grouse in decent time you are not likely to command 10 mins never mind the 20 mins Tryamkin obviously thought he was worth. Just for your own education, don't confuse speed with stamina.