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  1. So much vitriol in here. Now I remember why I took a break from this site. Hfboards is that way guys.
  2. I guess perhaps then you should lace em up in his place then. I'd wager he smashed his stick in frustration at his team, not with himself. They likely score regardless of how he played that, and had he rushed. Getzlaf-esque, you'd likely be saying he should've stayed in his net lmao.
  3. Grapes, you're trolling right? I certainly hope so. I didn't quote em all but there was others saying similar? You all gotta be kidding, cuz if not Actually Westside I liked his anger. Shows passion. Likely pissed right off at his team and a little at himself, as he came damn close to getting a piece of that with his blocker. Honestly though, how anyone possibly can put any blame on Marky for that one is beyond me lmao.
  4. Nah nothing revolutionary in what I said, I wasn't really arguing with you or anything so don't take it the wrong way. Just pointing out that HOPEFULLY it helps keeping our starting lineup together. I like Biega, but him standing in as a 5/6 for a big part of the season isn't exactly a quality defence, but having him as a call up that knows the system and works his tail off is the kind of boon making these off season signings a big deal. Yeah agreed. As I said, I just think our team even last year was closer than the points merited. Assuming overall good team health I would put money on us making it to the post season this year.
  5. I think its reasonable to assume that with the pickups to the top 6 and defenceman that itll allow Tanev's minutes to go down for example, which lessens his chance at injury. We have significantly more quality and quantity of able bodies in Utica ready and able to step in for when injuries do occur. I think our depth should hold up a lot better this season than in years past.
  6. You could go the other way and say without 2 separate months of having a decimated lineup from injuries, we'd have been in the playoffs or knocking on the door.
  7. Agreed Baggins. We have no idea who else was kicking the tires and what else they were offering. The biggest contention obviously is our 1st rounder... the way the lineup is shaping up does anyone seriously think we're going to be a high percentage lottery team this season? Even then, god forbid the wheels completely fall off and we DO end up out of the playoffs, its protected until the following season for God's sake! I love talking hockey, arguing the merits of this trade or that signing... I just can't debate with people so dead set on remembering Bennings mistakes along the way that any actual smart, strategic move he makes now in their minds is garbage.
  8. The narrative of Canucks Twitterverse (the Chris Keehn's of the world), is that Benning overpaid a team that was looking for a "cap dump". I was told that Carolina was able to secure a first, and that it was the same situation... I honestly don't even know how to debate with people who think that way about the JT Miller trade. It blows my mind how absolute anti-Benning some fans are and anything he does is an absolutely huge mistake.
  9. Are people just blindly hating Benning now cuz this has happened on occasion that a player going to FA the following season couldn’t get traded, for whatever reason? Same thing as literally every team in the league has happen to them every year? Oh. Okay.
  10. Done a little reading and research on this player and if by what some on here are saying is true, a LHD version of Biega would be fantastic. My favourite part about having two NHL capable defenceman as our 7-8 is we can properly rest our Edler’s and Tanev’s, increase their productivity overall, and increase in heir value. Tanev is the obvious trade bait (again), but whether we make that move or not, the priority should be keeping him healthy, giving him reduced minutes should help significantly. I’ve always liked Tanev, but his style of play gets him hurt far far too often, and while he’s very good at what he does, a player who’s hurt half the time doesn’t benefit anyone. In a package for a young potential top 6, or a high pick would be ideal this TDL, so I hope Green’s focus, and Benning’s directive, is keeping him healthy. Back to Fatenburg, if he’s serviceable, and pushes other guys down the depth chart and helps both the Canucks, and Utica, I’m all for signings like this. And what a name on this guy lol.