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  1. Tonight was almost the last straw for me. I would always remain a Canucks fan, but I just wouldn’t watch anymore. I stopped watching all hockey except for the Canucks back in the early 2000’s. The inconsistency in refereeing just sucks a lot of the joy of the game out for me. I like clear cut rules. The regular season of 2011 was awesome. A penalty was a penalty no matter the score or time remaining in the game. Everything was called. Near the end of the season most players were catching on and penalties per game were going down and the action was fantastic. Had the NHL kept it going through the playoffs it would have shown they were serious about making the game right. Making it about high skill and talent. The game would be absolutely amazing right now and I would watch all the hockey I could. I think the only thing that keeps me hanging in there is the extreme want to see the Canucks win the cup, and be able to say I watched every minute of every game the year they won it all.
  2. The mark of a great journalist is having the ability to sum up there own carrier in 3 words or less. Well done Joey.
  3. Watching a Canucks Win would be better than a beating on the golf course....
  4. I do live in Alberta, so I have lots a Beer and a few Shotguns, although I try not to mix the 2.
  5. No Wife, no Kids tonight and no work tomorrow. Things are feeling pretty good rite now.. Just need a Canucks win to make it all complete. Go Canucks Go!
  6. Even though he got that penalty for roughing up that Minny player in the crease, wasn’t it awesome watching Myers mash his forearm into that players face and then feed him a few punches, rather than watching it happen to one of our players. There was a lot of satisfaction in that penalty.
  7. Better to be Lucky than good when it comes to Minnesota goaltending. Hopefully he’s playing on borrowed time.
  8. That would be Awesome. It would be great experience and give him a kick start for next season.
  9. You know things were not good last night..... When....... CDC starts asking Green too please put LE into the lineup.
  10. I’d go with the 1 on the right. Not because of player, but because of colour scheme. Still my favourite Canucks jersey.
  11. In the 1st period last night, he made 2 great plays that really caught my eye. First he noticed his D partner was in trouble, he quickly found separation called for the puck. 2nd great play was immediately after the 1st, he took the puck and with zero hesitation fired the puck up the ice and made a bullet tape to tape pass too the other side of centre. At first I thought he was panicking and dumping it down the ice. Instead it was a very poised heads up play that led to an excellent scoring chance. I wish he could have had a few more shifts, but being the only tuning up game..... The rest of the D needed lots of game time too. re-cap... 1st great play- creating time and space immediately to bail out D partner. 2nd great play- quick pass that was tape to tape and led to scoring opportunity. Little things that are signs of excellent hockey sense.. And a bright future.