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  1. I was really worried that the stigma of playing at Coors field was going to keep Larry out. But enough voters finally got it right. He only got in by 6 votes, doesn’t get much closer than that. Watched his interview on Tim & Sid just after the news broke, and Larry was warring a Sponge Bob Square pants shirt. I really don’t think that he himself felt like he was getting in. It was pretty funny. Just a fantastic day for Larry and Canadian Baseball.
  2. Larry Walker gets voted into the Hall of Fame. So Awesome. So well deserved. Congrats Larry. I loved watching you play, so wish you could have won a World Series with the expos. Justice is finally made. Hall Of Fame!!!
  3. Yes, and by Winnipeg standards, quite an attractive one.
  4. Don’t tell me Louie don’t know empty nets. Just tap it home Louie..... Nice!
  5. I was wondering why the comments were not matching up with what I was watching. I forgot that I had paused my tv during the intermission and I was watching on delay. Oops! All caught up now.
  6. What was Jay’s New Years resolution? To hug as many men as possible?? Stop the grabbing and holding Jay!
  7. Poor choice to try that pass Bo. Glad it turned into a goal anyway. Go job by Bo to stay with it and tap it in.
  8. Had to stop for a second. I thought Austin Matthews was back in Arizona for a moment there.