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  1. When your not a - in the +/-, that shows your doing the little well. So there is that....
  2. He’s had a great game. Making the right, smart play every time.
  3. Wow! Both power plays have sucked. Yet out of no where comes a shot and boom, goal. Crazy! Take it and run...
  4. I am not a fan of this guy they got doing the player interviews.
  5. I think it was about 15 years ago, Don really put his foot in his mouth. CBC decided then not to fire him. Instead they put Coaches Corner on 10 second tape delay. Preventing any really offensive stuff from getting aired. I guess SN decided not to when they took over. Oops. Guess that was a mistake.
  6. Not to take anything away from those 2 goals, but that Russian goalie......... looked..... not that talented. Otherwise loving what I’m seeing from Hogs.
  7. I’m really impressed with all the little things Louie does. It’s just a shame that they don’t lead to any Big Things.
  8. I loved Super Dave. Good childhood memories. Bizarre, Super Dave, good laughs.