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  1. After what happened to him at the worlds..... His future could be.....
  2. I don’t think pool party is damaged goods. I don’t think Edmonton ruined him, like they have so so so many others.. I just don’t think he’s that good. I think Jr’s was his peak. There is nothing there to salvage. Perhaps a Zack Kas type career. Without the fighting skills of course.
  3. OJ was playing Great in Utica before he was injured. All parts of his game were coming together and he was making such great strides , that he was on the verge of being called up. He was playing big minutes in all situations and improving every game. Sounds like a bust to me.
  4. Some how high profile American markets are moving up.
  5. Jim looks like his bladder is about to burst.
  6. Word is , that the Canucks have won the draft lottery........ Its currently under review......
  7. I’ve had trouble getting myself to come on this forum today. Reading about everyone’s feelings, some are high, some are low. A few are indifferent. I want to be High and positive and believe. But I also don’t want to be crush in disappointment, and then reside myself in seeing the forest for the trees. “We are still going to get a good player even at 9-12”. In the end, isn’t this the heart of being a fan. Especially a Canucks fan. Holding our collective breaths, hopping for an ultimate high and at the same time expecting the ultimate disappointment. I just can’t seem to resist the torture of it all. I think that’s why Jubilation is so Great, because the alternative is so terrifyingly low. Come on Hockey Gods, let us Canucks fans feel that Jubilation. Please!!!
  8. How about riding the downtown ogopogo statue naked if the Canucks win 1st overall?
  9. Can we please just luck out enough to pick ahead of the coilers. If they move up, I will throw up. Canucks move up, coil move down.
  10. Have a great off-season, work on those shootout moves.. Have a great off-season CDC too. April 9th. Big Day.
  11. Demko looks a little mentally tired after the penalty kill..