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  1. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    I agree!
  2. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    And by all accounts great people. I believe this should matter as well. I will hold the Sedins in the highest regard for what they did off the ice. The Canucks should aspire to being first class through all phases.
  3. Would be great though no? lol
  4. I think at this point the Canucks debatably have the best prospect pool of all the Canadian teams. They also had the best Canada Day (other than the Leafs using the 'system' to full advantage to land Tavares).
  5. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    I like all three moves. Beagle and Roussel were the best available at their respective roles. The Canucks got better today.
  6. Thats fair. I doubt he comes to Vancouver for 1 year but that would have been solid. GMJB rolled the dice on him and had to offer term. I'm definitely not opposed to risk taking .. just not sure Gagne would be the risk I would have taken (easy for me to say though lol).
  7. For all we know Edler was asked and he refused. Its pretty simple. I believe if he wanted to go to a winner he'd be gone. Period. Tanev v McDonagh is debatable for sure. Same age and basically same contract. Tanev's injury history is likley a concern and could be out another 3 weeks. McDonagh is also the Rangers captain and a former first rounder. Regardless, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think if the Canucks received the same offer for Tanev they would have taken it. I know what GMJB said in the post deadline presser and I tend to believe him. He has proven to be pretty honest I think. Which lends credence to the belief Tampa never made that offer to Vancouver. And would it likely not be prudent to wait until the draft to move Tanev anyways? The team can continue the sneaky tank job and still end up with the same 'haul.' And I agree on Gagner. Hence, "not without blame." Stupid move IMO.
  8. I'd also be curious to hear who on the Canucks roster could provide the same return those clubs got with their moves. Lets be real. Who is the expendable Canucks version of Tartar to get the 1st, 2nd, 3rd in one trade? The obvious answer is Tanev who is out with a serious injury. And with that injury in mind, name a player traded at any of the recent deadlines for a legit haul who was injured and out for weeks? I'm not saying GMJB is without blame but lets be real.
  9. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    domi/reider for baer/hutton is a good trade for all involved imo
  10. Benning Extended (Official)

    I honestly dont know/remember when Vancouver had a better pool or prospects. I don't think that can be ignored. I'm good with the extension,
  11. Markstrom: A lot of Canucks aren't good enough to be in NHL

    I liked his comments. They were honest and heartfelt. And, he was right. That wasnt a good effort. He hasn't been great this year but at least he's owned it. I respect it and believe the Canucks from top to bottom need a higher level of integrity.
  12. I actually regret responding given it will perpetuate the thread but I could not agree more. Stop the pain. Please.
  13. Its all about the slow build. If someone is willing to pay the price you want, you deal. Toughness can be acquired when the time comes. Seems to me the Oilers tried to get bigger/tougher and thats really paid off.
  14. This is a great move IMO. Pedan is at best a third pairing guy. Pouliot has elite level talent offensively. Yes there are gaps in his game but you've essentially traded a guy who you'd never play for a guy who could be in your top 4 and run your powerplay. The Canucks do not have that player. Yes, I know Subban is on the farm but its clear management has little faith in his ability at the NHL level. Let him run the Utica PP and have Pouliot do the same with the big club ... helps the offensive talents continue to grow on both rosters.