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  1. Is this good? I don't understand the 2nd and the 4th groups of data.
  2. So if he does sign with us and forgo college the most realistic outcome would be to send him to Utica for occasional call ups?
  3. It's not a stretch. He used to. And Tanev might've made Team Canada if he was healthy.
  4. Hopefully at the very least he gets 10 games.
  5. Nah man. They are elites from USDP and Team USA.
  6. Hey man... he is fast enough to catch up to McJesus.
  7. Did Edler make Team Sweden in the IIHF?
  8. Ironically, Holland didn't pick him.
  9. And hopefully one more next year...
  10. Well Montreal's pick was reasonable, but Arizona.... you can tell they really wanted a centreman.
  11. People say you can trade for positional needs. I say if that was the case, we would've traded for a replacement for Sami Salo a long time ago.