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  1. It was also the weak sauce Mods threatening him and calling his 16k posts a guest. Utter emotional waaavil from them
  2. Podz had an amazing WJC. He was a workhorse who was played in many of Russia's dire moments like, the Czech game. There the Czechs had a 5-3 for a long time. Podz was the forward sent out to take the faceoff. Podz played a lot of those defensive minutes but was also good enough to play with 8 and 9. When he was with them, he did not look out of place. However, d is where the Russian coach had him. Protecting a lead found him on the ice. He is going to look great in a Canucks uni
  3. Jimador is not Taquila. It is gasoline. Go to Europa in town and look for Don Fulano. I know the owner. He has his distillery between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. It is pretty good. Gets away from the more traditional tastes and has a good modern taste.
  4. Yeah. Many flew into Prague then came over for the game. We took a day and went to Auschwitz. It was intense but a must.
  5. Byram was horrible. When he was partnered with number 3 it was OMG awful. There were so many selfish, slow plays that he was involved in. Late game he would spend so much of the game around the goal line and easily stripped of the puck. The rest of the Canadians were just lazy. Half hearted line changes with a lethargic skate to the bench. Russians were robbed. It easily should have been 10-0
  6. Number 8 and 9 for Russia dominated the Czechs in the Ozone. Look out for them. Pod looked good on the D and O side. Gonna be a great game
  7. Watch the game in a bar full of Czechs here in Ostrava. What I noticed was that Pod played almost the whole 5-3 time and Czechs only scored once that whole time. The only time they did score was off the faceoff which Pod lost. A winger taking critical 5-3 faceoffs? He was used a lot on the PK and the some on the PP. The coach is showing a ton of faith in him. Looking forward to seeing him play live on Sat
  8. Are you looking for a job as coach? That is a brilliant idea
  9. Jake scored from Ovie's spot just as I have been saying for forever.
  10. As much as we all dislike his play. He saved a goal yesterday and showed hustle to get back
  11. Can someone remind me who are the Canucks draft picks for the USA, Canada and Russia teams? I will be going to those games and I would like to watch their play
  12. Maybe it is just me but I am getting sick of his lazy plays. That offside that had the goal called back while he was facing the play. Going too deep, past the goal line as Horvat passed across. He seems to show up to play once or twice a month