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  1. I did not say he could not have an opinion. I do not cheer for Don Cherry or what he said. I simply said that the OP let the words of someone who he does not like, control him. The following guy said my answer was gross and I defended my position and opinion. He then said "what I said was irrelevant" to which I responded in your quote. Take it where you will but I never said his opinion was wrong. I said he should consider it more thoughtfully. I should also make it known that I do not know what Don Cherry said other than what some have posted here. I do not care about him so it was not worth looking or reading about it. I only read the OP post and made my original comment
  2. We need him to stay healthy or we need someone that can play the minutes he plays. We get rid of him Bo takes his spot. So, Gaud needs to step his ability as a high energy Center that can pot goals consistently to allow that to happen. Lots of variables tight now.
  3. The Canucks just got a team that is better than an elite AHL team this year. You would think that upgrading depth would happen this year or next at some time. Complaining about a bottom dwelling NHL team not having depth seems fruitless, no?
  4. I am no good with posting pics etc.... I think I saw an Eriksson. I diid I diid.
  5. In fact, a couple games ago you could watch Gaud jumping out of the way of a shot. How does Gaud replace Sutter?
  6. Gaudette is not a Defensive forward. What you are saying is you want Bo to be D and Gaud to be secondish line. You realize that, right? Then when Beagle goes down you have what we have now. Bo playing too many minutes. You also have Miller playing PK center which he is only average at. Do you like our situation of losing close games?
  7. The 19-20 Stanley Cup Champions, The Maple Leafs, seem to be on a skid too. I think I like our team much better. That shot off Calvert's head looked nasty. All the best to him. I thought it was a good game with a few mistakes that hurt us. I was entertained. Gaud line looked good. Hope they can keep it rolling.
  8. You can do whatever you feel like. However, you may be in the wrong place. CDC is full of Grammar police, people calling others trolls and I bet there are a few Trump supporters. My point was a valid opinion and you have tried to shut down my opinion with a bunch of blah blah blah because you chose to support his right to make a decision that he will regret in less than a month. Good for you.
  9. He cancels Rogers because of a comment made by a person he does not respect. He then asks to support Rogers because he wants to watch Canuck's hockey. You do not see a problem with that?
  10. First of all, I cannot do it but you can? Can you also say hypocrite? Second, If a person you do not respect says or does something that has no bearing on your life it is nothing. If you choose to become so offended that you then make a decision that causes a detrimental effect on your life, then yes, you have been controlled by the said comment or action. There is so much more wrong with the OP and your comment but I have a headache and do not feel like getting into more.
  11. Sorry to hear that you allow others to control you. I hope you recover soon.
  12. Horvat Sutter Beagle Ouch!!!! This game went from winable to the tankers having a field day in a heartbeat. November loves us.
  13. I don't know. I liked the Pearson - Gaud - Virt line I thought it had a lot of energy.
  14. You forgot Sutter. Beagle and Sutter have made our PK what it is now. They have also kept games reasonable in years past when healthy.