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  1. Fixed it for you. I am so sorry but I really just had to.
  2. OK let us look at this. 1. Jake's style of play is take the man or go through the player. He cannot do that in this case as QH has greater value and he cannot hurt him. This handicaps Jake's ability to defend. 2. Video is 10-20 seconds long. What was going on before? 3. I was never very good but I sometime beat people that were much better than me for various reasons. This one moment did not mean I was suddenly exceptional. It means I beat them once. Nothing more. 4. Saying Pod would have / could have... I did not see him do it so can he? Would he dare? I do not know. How can you know for certain?
  3. Those that are there say Jake looks fine and say that we should all wait for the season to start before judging. You and Alf see one clip and again starts the condemnation and trampling of the player. One clip. You say Jake should have drilled QH to the ice. Imagine what all of you would have said if that had happened. The kid has no chance of ever pleasing some of you. Wowza!!!
  4. It refers back to something Freddy did earlier. It was rightfully deleted by the mods as were a few response to it.
  5. Also that picture is 3 years old? Correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Reporting someone for internet bullying on this board and then doing the same to a player. Is that not hypocrisy? And in Canada is that not called fat shaming? Is that not suspension worthy?
  7. Whenever a prominent person says the Internet says I cringe because after years of reading the CDC you know it is the dummies that are always the loudest
  8. He has been the whipping boy since the draft.
  9. Or I placed it there to bait you. No offense. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Different POV.
  10. Gotcha! Do not quote you.... opps I did it again. Those reading skills again. I never said Low. And I am sorry about my spelling. I have not lived in an English speaking country in over 10 years. Thought "calibre" was the Canadian spelling.
  11. Are you taking my quoting you personal? Well let me be the good ol' Canadian and say I am sorry I hurt your feelings on CDC. Your quote was with many others of the same calibre.
  12. Did not say you were. However, it has been going on since his draft.
  13. As I stated before, He could be a Fatty Mc Fatterson but it does not mean anything other than another crappy contract for Virt next year and less playing time for him. No big concern. Let the season play out and see.
  14. If you wish to see that, good on you. Congrats.
  15. No blinders. I just wait for more information. A random comment does not get me worked up into a frenzy to condemn and trample