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  1. Proposal Van-LA

    Kempe is already better than Sutter and is 7 years younger and is dirt cheap. Sorry but bad proposal, sir.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Isn't Virtanen supposed to be that top 6 RW?
  3. [Proposal] PHI VAN

    This is actually an interesting proposal. I just don't think we need another left side D-man at this time, that is the only problem. Sanhheim is NHL ready and we simply do not have room for him.. Not now anyways
  4. [Signing] Jets re-sign Connor Hellebuyck

    Man Winnipeg is loaded with talent at all positions
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    K instead of getting triggered because a guy shares different views than yours you could just stop listening to his segments? or learn to control your triggers. Just because someone has a different view on things, doesn't make him an idiot.
  6. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Garret McFadden is tflying around out there, not Tyler Madden
  7. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Yes I tried that already but all I saw was people whining about the media. Haha oh literally one post above me...whoops
  8. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Hey peeps is the game being streamed or anything like that tonight? I know it's being broadcasted on the radio but can we watch?
  9. All the bad contracts add up. Beagle, Roussel, and Eriksson will all be eating up over 12 million and who know where they'll be at in terms of productivity in 3 maybe even just two years. And im sure we'll have one or two more bad contracts to deal with in the next couple of years. 32 year old 4th line players should not get 4 year 3 million per contracts
  10. Benning prediction from 2015-16 season.....

    Why would another team want a player with bad term?
  11. Yes but there may be some good free agents available in a few years who we may not be able to go after because we have so many guys locked up and younger guys pushing for big money as well. It's just very unnecessary signing 32 year old 4th line free agents to 4 year contracts. Just because you have a bunch of money, that doesn't mean you have to spend it.
  12. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    I like Sven. I really do see a 55-60 point 2nd line LW if he can stay healthy
  13. Using Doug MacLean quotes to try and justify the signing = facepalm. You guys will literally just scrounge up anything to help support your narrative. People are allowed to have different opinions stop getting so triggered anytime someone says something you don't agree with. Who is The canucks 2c?
  14. He will be 36 by then and is already considered a career 4th liner who could just as easily be too slow for this league by then. I'm not sure how it is "likely" that they will trade him. You, nor can Benning predict anything like that It would just be a lot easier if you would admit he's a fine player and should help our team but the term and AAV is a bit of a problem. Nothing wrong with that. It's sad watching you desperately try to justify every single move JB makes.