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  1. That's offside. Kenins..come on man But they call it a goal of course...
  2. Stared right in to that guys soul
  3. Them Latvian's just took the lead Our old pal Ronalds Kenins is out there
  4. Well my view point on that has been discussed plenty in another thread. I was just confused with how you are trying to make it sound like having too many young players to sign could be a bad thing (conundrum)
  5. Okay I couldn't disagree more with all of this. Again you're making it sound like having too many young players who are worthy of contracts is a bad thing. Those are called assets, they are good for many reasons The problem is we have been worrying about how good our team is when we should of been worrying about restocking the cupboards. That's what a rebuild is. We have went with the older player strategy and it has failed, we still have been near the bottom every year. Now the excuse is they are here for mentorship...all those millions spent and draft picks squandered for veteran leadership eh.
  6. You're saying having too many draft choices can be a problem because we can't sign them all? Quantity can equal quality like you said, and these players don't take contract spots right away and when they do they come in on an ELC's which we all know is crucial in today's salary world. How can we be a team that drafts a league minimum amount of times and have too many many prospects? Having a quantity of prospects isn't a conundrum, that's when the quality ones rise to the top.
  7. His biceps have regressed. Demoted to Allsvenskan
  8. The whole point is the more picks you have the better the odds. If Benning is the draft god most people say he is, how can you not trust him with extra picks? How many millions do we need to spend for veteran leadership? How many picks do we need to give up for proper sheltering? Of course their is value for veterans on a team but when we have the likes of Eriksson and Schaller battling it out for who gets the healthy scratch and a farm team littered with crap PTO's and ECHL quality centers it becomes a problem. You are saying veteran leadership trumps extra chances at Aho, DeBrincat type players? Ok Facts? How ironic. If I was a moderator you would be banned for spreading misinformation, lying and inability to provide links or proof to many of your claims. And yes I could quickly do a search and bring up examples of all of these things.
  9. Who knows what has gone on behind the scenes, it's hard to play the guessing game. They are all at fault
  10. Well, in 2015 Jim Benning said they liked Brisebois so much that they would of used a second on him regardless. Could just be lip service, propping up Brisebois and making it sound less painful for the fans, not having a second 2016 we actually had two seconds, one from the Bieksa deal and our own, we used them in playoff aspiration type deals that both have failed. Sutter and Gudbranson. The 2016 2nd round was deep, I touched on it a page or two back. Hronek, Klague, Lindgren, Girard and Adam Fox(early 3rd rounder) Carter Hart although we had Demko already DeBrincat is a game changer, Dube, Grundstrom, Kyrou, Kuokkanen, Katchouk, Raddysh all trending better than anything we have in the minors right now And these are just ones that have made serious professional impacts so far, all taken in the second round. There are others trending quite well too.
  11. Observations about things I can check a website for? Like ice time? I need to fly to Europe and that's the only way I can find out how many more minutes Juolevi played than Heiskanen? Like, what's going on here? You are trying to troll me in a very sophisticated manner, either that or you really are just crazy. The only thing pathological here is you and your lies and deceptions. The schtick is up. You only have a select few still convinced.
  12. That's the thing, everybody here thinks Bennings best attribute is drafting but yet they are okay with him throwing so many picks away in trades. It doesn't make sense to defend both sides of this argument especially now that we have seen so many picks turn in to nothing when used in trades. Using picks to acquire waiver fodder caliber players has done nothing but hurt us, It shouldn't even up for debate.
  13. The problem is it seems like other teams have no problems getting picks. Benning was quoted saying picks are like gold, and then in the following weeks leading up to the deadline, over 30 picks were traded. He might of just overvalued Hamhuis, like you and others said we don't know the exact details, both sides of this argument are just guesses. At the end of the day, something is still better than nothing and I'm sure whatever the deal was for Hamhuis still would of had a good chance to help us. It's not a fatal mistake, GM's have to take what they can get sometimes, it's not uncommon. And maybe he got lowballed because he had taken so many bad deals in the past already...again, who's fault is that?