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  1. Well no. Vitamin D3 is known to fight off respiratory infections. Staying inside you'll lose nutrients and become stressed/more susceeptible to illness try again
  2. Lol he's a bloody scientist. You're listening to mainstream government puppets
  3. what did I say that was incorrect?
  4. I'm melting the snowflakes. Uh oh Show me proof that staying inside in total isolation is safer than getting out in the sun and being healthy
  5. I should be banned because im telling people to be healthy?
  6. No people do not understand the importance of health. Are you that naive? People will do what mainstream tells them. What mainstream doesn't tell them is to be healthy and how to be healthy
  7. EVERYBODY is profiting dude, this guy makes pennies compared to China/big pharma. Literal pennies
  8. He's not saying it's a scam per say, He's saying there are better ways to deal with it....LIKE keeping your body healthy. He never once says covid-19 isn't real You're staying inside cause someone on t.v is telling you to. And that person on T>V will profit greatly. Dr Shiva will profit but not greatly
  9. Because if everyone stays inside and does nothing there immune systems will be compromised. Simple science. It is a good idea to still practice social distancing as best as possible. The problem is Big pharma the CDC and the wHO will not tell people how to be healthy, they want people sick and poor, and dumb. Have you guys ever been to a doctor for an issue and all you got out of it was Anti-depressants or pain meds? Always treatment but never an answer for a cure All you read is stay inside, don't do anything. Nothing about nutrition or exercise
  10. Keeping your body healthy and big corporations profiting off this crisis is a stupid theory. Okay. Gotcha. We''ll agree to disagree then
  11. K so. Eat healthy, take vitamins, exercise, go to work = bad Stay inside away from everyone and everything, don't work, don't build your immune system, wait for vaccine, pay off big corporations and china = good
  12. What evidence is there that vitamin d3 helps protect from respiratory infections? Really? Anti-oxidants and sunlight.
  13. Yeah it's weird that big pharma didn't tell people to wait for a hurricane vaccine.. Apples and oranges bud