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  1. Okay so lets pay him more because he might get better? And what if he doesn't? His underlying numbers are average and his defensive play has been mediocre at best. Players earn money for putting up points, not for dedication and effort. Maybe a bridge deal is what is needed
  2. I love Bo, everybody does and how could you not but he is currently the most overrated Canucks player because he was the first young player in a long time to come in and actually make an impact. People need to lower their expectations imo. I don't think he deserves a dime over 6 mil as I think he may just become a 20-25 goal, 50-60 point player. 17 straight games without a goal last year, just 52 points in his third season(good not great) and another bad +/- rating albeit on a bad team but still
  3. lol
  4. Your arguments are so bad. Just because Goldy and Dahlen are small skilled players, that doesn't mean you can compare them to other small forwards. A physical player is more useful than a player that can score? Sooo Matt Martin should be on the first line and Nylander should be on the 4th? Scoring is the hardest thing to do and goal scorers are the hardest players to find And just fyi, Nylander and Matthews were on separate lines for the majority of the season.
  5. That hit on McDavid was beautiful
  6. Telling people to get help, you hope their sessions go well and all that stuff is getting old and it really isn't bothering me, or anyone else nor is it funny. At the end of the day your posts are still biased and hypocritical. You are a phony, good day to you, sir
  7. Wow okay so you haven't even taken a look at Gadjovich? But he's our Tkachuk in your opinion? Yeah makes total sense.... Look what Matthew Tkachuk just did in his rookie season IN THE NHL!!! Look what Virtanen just did in his draft +3 season IN THE AHL!!!!! Why do I have to explain this to you? This has nothing to do with comparing Juolevi to Tkachuk...I am already on the record of saying I would of taken Juolevi over Tkachuk. So don't sit their and tell me "im not watching much of Juolevi" WHen you haven't watched ANY of Gadjovich, and don't tell me I haven't watched Virtanen either because I have watched him very closely since his draft +1 and he was a half ass player in Junior and he is a half ass player now. Tkachuk was an ABSOLUTE beast in Junior and he's a beast now, comparing our 55th overall pick who likely won't even be an NHL regular (based on historical statistics) and our guy who just came off a 19 point AHL season too Matthew TKachuk? GET REAL
  8. Bias and hypocritical, you preach patience but you are writing off other young players without hesitation. Third favorite team? You are on this forum 24/7... Your posts wreak and the only followers you have are the usual homer suspects themselves. Huttons Wink, J.R, Hortankin etc etc etc (I forget the other names off the top of my head). Sick work, boys.
  9. HAHAHAHA wow, just wow. You are always preaching patience but you are already making claims like this? Typical biased homer. Everything you post is just phony and garbage, tell us how you really feel Hortankin you have to be the worst I have ever seen. Why don't you go start another thread or something? Virtanen and Gadjovich to do what Tkachuk does? Gadjovich very well may never play a single game in the NHL and you are putting him in the same category as Tkachuk? Nylander had 4 points in 6 games vs the number one seed in his rookie season but yeah he definitely wont put up any playoff points... What has Virtanen done that makes you think so highly of him? He has proven absolutely nothing! Lol what the hell is going on here? You people are two faced homers and I feel completely embarrassed FOR the lot of you. Can't admit when you are wrong, can't admit that our team currently sucks, can't admit it when our GM makes a bad move, can't admit that another teams player is better than ours. Just no nuts whatsoever Who cares if someone says something bad about GMJB? It's not the end of the world
  10. Lolz they just made little Timmy cut his hair. Well thought out proposal. 7/10 would read again
  11. Why are you calling people out for being negative in every god damn thread? All the guy said was that Jake has been underwhelming since being drafted WHICH HE HAS. The poster you quoted was actually giving Jake more than a few compliments as well, which you failed to recognize. Just back off and stop getting your panties in a knot
  12. I don't see why he deserves more than 6. His third year in he only got just over 50 points. Monahan consistently scores 30 goals and 60 points and he makes 6.5 per year. Drouin got 1 more point in 8 less games than Bo and he makes 5.5. I think Bo should get 5.5 - 5.75 and I hope we can lock him up for all 8 years
  13. Oh don't worry our prospects will be fine seeing as how there will be no more room for them on our team if we sign King. I'm not really sure how King stops Lucic from doing something like that anyways..
  14. Connor Brown and a 2nd