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  1. Nice, you remember my old profile picture but you don't remember the fact that I never said such thing about any such princess.
  2. "He's exceeding my expectations" Take it or leave it
  3. He's only been back on CDC for the last 24 hours and is already getting destroyed. #ClassicRobZepp
  4. 6th overall pick who I suggested didn't have the hockey sense to live up to his draft position is finally scoring at over a 30 point pace 240 games in to his career. Wow I was just dead wrong. If he wasn't showing up to camp looking like he was, floating around and if I didn't receive so much backlash for the opinion in the first place maybe I would of handled things differently. I've already said multiple times. He has exceeded my expectations, I am enjoying watching his and the teams progression. What more do you want? Listen, I don't have Twitter, or instagram or whatever else there is to personally attack players so if you guys wanna play police go police those websites.
  5. I'm not trying to beat any drum. I've said I'm enjoying his progression and he is exceeding my expectations, he's playing a vital role and the team has been successful so far. I'll ride a players ass if I think he's not giving a good enough effort, and that's what I saw on a lot of nights. It wasn't about impact, it was about effort.
  6. So you unblock me just to throw a few chirps? That's super cool and tough of you He was literally fat and his play was lazy because of it....WAS fat and lazy.
  7. It's been strange seeing a light being switched like this. He's making plays he never even showed in his junior days He was fat and lazy and didn't produce for 5 years just like I said he would. He's in a contract year and is gonna score 20 so I hope y'all are ready to pony up Now if I do a thread search I'm not going to find any contradicting comments regarding Virtanen from you or anybody else calling me out am i?
  8. Eat my words haha. I made a prediction 5 bloody years ago about a top 6 pick that I was unhappy with during a time where we had nothing in the pipeline unless we are counting the likes of cassels, subban, shinkaruk and gaunce who I'm sure all were highly regarded by most of you elite scouts here at the CDC. I thought his IQ and playmaking was lacking(for a player taken at that position) is and it still is no matter how much you want to argue this but yes it has improved leaps and bounds mostly in just this past 6 weeks. People here started doubting him and changing their tunes year by year as they finally started seeing the faults in his game that I did years in advance. I was so far ahead in terms of his projections as a player it's laughable. He's a bit ahead of where I thought he would be at this point but you're making it sound like this was an easy prediction that I foolishly got wrong. It's funny reading guys like Alex Edler's page and seeing the best d man in franchise history get dumped on and ripped apart despite bringing it night after night and being a complete horse and our defensive rock for a decade. Then the local kid shows up to camp looking like the Pillsbury doughboy, half asses it and floats around for a few years putting up uninspiring numbers and turning down all sorts of physical altercations and the fan base wants to erect a shotgunning Jake statue outside the arena. I'll give more respect when you show up to camp not appearing as the Michelin man, play like a real man and move your damn feet. Serve this team that I support well for a few years, give it your all and collect your millions and you will have my respect, which is what players like Alex Edler have done. Most of the pain seems to be over and we have since drafted Hughes, Boeser and Petterson which have more than made up for Jake's Lack of offense that you EXPECT from a top 10 pick in today's game. Jake is looking great and is winning me over game after game but people need to relax, he's banging in goals off skates and picking up secondary assists.
  9. My boy jv killing it lately. Let's go
  10. "Gillis ran this ship in to the ground" Then you list the prospects he was collecting late in rounds while winning presidents trophies and making a cup final. Not to mention 2010-2012 were fairly weak drafts.