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  1. You obviously don't know anything about grapes. He doesn't say things just to get a rise out of people, that's actually the opposite of him as a person.
  2. Its actually a compliment. Edler is a beast, when he's on his game the team is successful. He has seemed tired lately, not getting any of his bombs on net, sloppy giveaways and bad penalties. He has played close to 30 minutes on a few occasions the last few weeks.
  3. What the hell are you talking about? I rarely ever comment about edler and when I do I'm defending him..he was an absolute beast the first few weeks, he has since slowed down and isnt making the same quality's an observation. Am I wrong? What are other examples of me complaining about edler? I expect at least one from each of the last five years. Pull up the quote big boy
  4. I agree with every thing Don said. Canadian legend Nothing racist about it
  5. Edler looks exhausted and ineffective. Sloppy bonehead plays. Can't win with our minute muncher playing like that.
  6. Deb. You called the hit on Sautner clean. Enough said. You have your favorites, I get it
  7. Lol look how easy he went down.. he dives all the time and complains. Take the Homer glasses off
  8. Wth? I'm talking about the most recent play. It was a hook.. are you watching the whole game?