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  1. Bouchard put up 87 points in 67 games with Juolevi in a different continent. Babysat?
  2. It's really not even close at this point. Hughes has proven almost as much at the NHL level as Juolevi has in the AHL, Hughes has shown well internationally against men twice now. Juolevi's Liga season was better than average for a rookie but it wasn't fantastic considering his draft position. I wouldn't trade Hughes for two Juolevi's. His stock has fallen, just let it be.
  3. It doesn't make to say he went for market value when the centerpiece from our end is a conditional pick. Could be anywhere from 1st overall to 30th. The narrative will change from it being a good deal real quick if we make the playoffs and get bounced within 5 games and surrender a 18th overall pick. Adding a potential star piece that can be a part of this organization for 10 - 15 years is much more important at this point in time as opposed to a few games of playoff experience. The GM wants playoffs so he can add it to his resume to help any future business endeavors and the owner wants playoffs so he can make some cash. Trading firsts is the easiest way to do those two things. The fans want a great team with sustainable success and a championship, trading firsts is not ideal for this situation. Us the fans are just sheep following along because we have no choice. We want to stay positive so of course we will try to say it was a fair deal but in reality we are watching our future dwindle during this playoff' arms race. Consider ourselves lucky. No long term plan should involve banking on free agents to sign with us year after year. What if Myers or Ferland decided to sign somewhere else? We wouldn't be anywhere close and would still be lacking the same amount of assets.
  4. You said he was NHL ready like three years ago
  5. Yeah it literally makes me want to puke and laugh at the same time.. Draisaitl - McDavid - Kassian Nygard - RNH - Chiasson Lucic - Gagner - Granlund Khaira - Cave/Haas - Jurco Klefbom - Larsson Nurse - Russell Jones - Benning
  6. I like a good debate and I love the passion but damn stop trashing a dude who isn't even here to defend himself. Soft @Toews (Winks comments regarding Burke)
  7. Contracts were great and we got bigger so yeah pretty good, considering. We have spent way too much money in FA in the last 5 seasons but at least this year doesn't seem like a disaster waiting to happen like many of the recent years did
  8. Opinions are like buttholes, everyone's got one. Stop constantly whining about someone because they have an opinion you don't like. You're so soft dude
  9. Continuing to build our team through free agency. Ideal when desperate to make the playoffs, not ideal for long term, sustainable success. We need Ferland I like the signing, I just wish we could undue 2 or 3 of our other terrible signings to make up for it. Ah well, we'll see I guess
  10. When I'm on a forum discussing hockey I try to be as unbiased as possible. I know 90% of posters here are just biased fanboys and you guys can do whatever you want, but there is integrity lost when trying to act like a genius, only to be known for choosing the same side every time. Fill your boots. I prefer real discussion with people I can take seriously
  11. I'm not talking about watching and cheering, I'm talking about admittedly being biased during a discussion.