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  1. 2 hits in 80 games. How's that for a useless stat. That might be an all time record. Someone should look it up
  2. Woah shorty gained some weight and looks waayyy healthier.
  3. I like boosh. I hope he gets some games this year
  4. They need to do something about this stupid hooking rule. Barely touch the guy and you sit for two
  5. Double-fisting split squad games tonight? Alright alright
  6. The ignore feature is for soy boys @fakenews got dummied Good battle, boys. Good battle.
  7. One of my somewhat bold predictions. Leivo scores 18-22 goals. More than Baertschi, Virtanen, Goldy, and more than one, if not two of Pearson/Miller/Ferland Guys a stud. Book it
  8. Hahaha all from this week alone. That is pure gold.
  9. No offence buddy but this is garbage. He's taking a sip of water. Come on