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  1. I tired a few, fiancé wouldnt buge on them hahaha.. She has a nice flying skate petty Jersey though. Still a little big for her. :D
  2. What a weekend. My first darling daughter was born on the 28th early in the morning. Canucks win both games. And the dolphins finished the season beating the patriots!! Can that be topped?!?! Missed both games but hey what an amazing time.
  3. Talk of a tough team to play against. Havent see much physicality lately tbh. Minimal pressure. Other teams breaking out to easily. That's what I've seen last couple games.
  4. Colorado will look pretty lonely after :(... just stuck in the middle
  5. Yes!! That was a nice play by pety. Threads the needle. Biscuit in the basket.
  6. Family Movie with the wife and little one. Finishes to make it home for an awesome third.. All I needed to see!!
  7. Arnprior, Ontario!!! Just outside of Kanata..
  8. 895.... In all seriousness though let the guy just play and score important goals and be a part of a great core that's fun to watch... if he scores 30+ 40s and we consistently lose what's the point. Guys in his early 20s and were now predicting career goals?? Let him develop and enjoy what we get to watch. Hopfully some great games, goals, playoffs, hopfully be part of a team thats brings that cup to the west coast of Canada!! Anyways Let's get this season started!
  9. 3 points in 3 games. You just have to change the season for points to 2019.
  10. I have some great story's about Bobby Orr. On and off Ice. My Father Inlaw played with him for the couple years in Chicago. Hes gotta be number #1 IMO. Guy was pure talent!