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  1. Wasn't that the whole reason why Calgary traded him in the first place? The defense part of his game can be worked on in the AHL. It's his elite playmaking ability and goal scoring that makes him such a promising player, similar to Baertschi when he got traded to Vancouver.
  2. at the same age, I'd say goldobin is ahead of baertschi offensively. If goldobin can become a better scoring baertschi I'd be more than satisfied
  3. We are going to be in good shape in a few years if some of our prospects pan out Gaudette/Dahlen-Tier 5 Juolevi-tier 4 Boeser-Tier3 Horvat-Tier 3 Demko-Tier 3 Pettersson-Tier3 Dahlin-Tier 1
  4. It sucks that Pettersson, Lind and Gadj will be too old for the WJC in Vancouver next year. Would've been awesome to have the baby Canucks playing for their countries in Vancouver. Hopefully our 2018 draft picks make their respective WJC rosters.
  5. Pretty sure a Norris calibre dman is better defensively than a #4 dman on a bad team. Doughty is known moreso for his complete 2 way game than just his offense.
  6. He's a much better dman than gudbranson, and Mcdavid absolutely embarrassed him. We can only hope to limit his offense. That's why we need a stacked dcore if we ever hope of winning the cup.
  7. If Doughty can't stop Mcdavid, do you seriously think Tryamkin or Gudbranson will stop him? Please stop, we'll never have an offense as good as them. We need to build a defensive powerhouse if we want a chance at beating them.
  8. Ok, how are we going to beat the Oilers, or the Ducks, or even the Flames with our current d core.
  9. Sutter and Brisebois. Was going to say Gaudette but he does get a lot more attention than most of our prospects.
  10. Do you want a Stanley Cup? We need to make a Top 4 similar to Nashville if we are going to defend against the high powered offense of the Oilers. If anything, we need Dahlin and another bluechip dman, maybe we can steal one in the 2nd round.
  11. in b4 lock
  12. We need to build a defensive auperhouse to stop these teams and I don't know if we have a true #1 dman in our system. Also we are missing a true top line LW.
  13. Unless we draft a #1 dman and a 1st line winger, not likely we win the cup. Plus our top 6 don't even compare to the likes of Edmonton's.
  14. Yeah he's a very smart player. Very good at moving the puck up and being in position for the pass. Could definitely make the WJC roster especially if he adds some strength and explosiveness over the summer.
  15. I really liked Macewen's game. He's an absolute beast when he gets moving. Makes questionable decision sometimes, but he can really move for a big guy. Also has some dirty hands and a good shot. Was really exciting to watch.