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  1. Not interested. Doesn't fit in our D core and is waay too soft to make a significant impact on D. Rather sign Gardiner. I know Gardiner isn't exactly the best in his own end but if we put him with Tanev I feel he could thrive here.
  2. I want zegras but soderstrom looks good. Who wouild you take, Soderstrom or Boqvist?
  3. How awesome would it be if we actually won the 1st overall pick. Canucks would be for the first time in franchise history picking 1st overall, with the draft being held in Vancouver. I want Quinn Hughes to be on the podium announcing the selection of his brother, would be one of the greatest moments in draft history.
  4. Lmao all I said is I'd prefer a certain player that I've had more exposure to over an unknown player. Clearly you didn't know better when you lost your sh*t after we traded Shinkaruk for Granlund. Move on...
  5. Lol I bet you've never made a bad judgement before? Move on...
  6. Wasn't that the whole reason why Calgary traded him in the first place? The defense part of his game can be worked on in the AHL. It's his elite playmaking ability and goal scoring that makes him such a promising player, similar to Baertschi when he got traded to Vancouver.
  7. at the same age, I'd say goldobin is ahead of baertschi offensively. If goldobin can become a better scoring baertschi I'd be more than satisfied
  8. Wut? I'm saying I rather have loik leveille or mike eyssimont.
  9. To be honest, I would've rather picked mike eyssimont or loik leveille.