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  1. Boeser Vs Matt Murray
  2. 4 Unforgettable Moments From 2016-17 ?

    When Carolina scored 5 goals in the 3rd period..(more like 10 minutes), and ended up beating us 8-6 when we were leading 5-2....nothing but good times.
  3. Brent Sopel... Loved the guy but he was baadddd
  4. [POLL]Who's your favourite CURRENT Canuck?

    Doug Jarvis...?
  5. I always wear my Burrows shirt with pride, however I think the real factor here is allowing these players to mesh together and build line chemistry. I feel that burrows and horvat have similarities in their playing style that were apparent before they were line mates. All 3 players compliment each other in different ways and its awesome to see our team gaining some chemistry! Sedins/Sutter have been great too, creating lots of chances. This team is playing better and better each game, and I believe its because Willie is putting his line juggling style on hold, Go Canucks Go!
  6. (Discussion) Bo Horvat Next Contract

    3 years @ 3.75mil with the 'A' next year, then 5 years @ 5.5mil for long-term
  7. [PGT] Blackhawks @ Canucks

    I just don't understand this team
  8. 3-1 Dallas....shots will be 46/21 Dallas with 1 empty net
  9. [PGT] Canucks @ Islanders

    Taylor "Angel Eyes" Pyatt
  10. All I'm saying is why are we playing a 30-year old plug who has never surpassed a 25 point season in place of our #6 overall pick? The kid needs to develop his skills somehow. Jake is bigger, faster and a harder hitter than Skille
  11. For sure I agree with Juolevi vs Tkachuk, Juolevi hasn't put in any AHL or NHL experience, but I think that with the proper development he will be a stud for us. The same goes for Virtanen, I believe he will be awesome, he just needs the right guidance at this point. All of his tools are there, size, shot, speed, I just don't feel he can thrive with this system that we're playing. Maybe I'm wrong in saying the drafting and scouting has failed them, but the losing environment and style of play is really killing the young guys creativity and drive.
  12. Well said, considering the Canucks shining prospects have been Hutton (5th round) and Stecher (College kid), I feel their scouting has failed them
  13. I love this team, but this is truly pathetic. Eriksson is invisible out there, he plays like he is made of glass, why is Larsen on our team?? Why is Skille on our team? And why is Chaput being played in place of Virtanen?? On paper this team should not be this bad (minus the players stated above), we need our young guys to develop, and Willie is not the guy to lead our team, I feel like the players are unhappy and unwilling to play for this moron. Fire this bum, he belongs back in Medicine Hat, biggest bag of nerves I've ever seen in an NHL coach, and tries to sugar coat his decisions, absolute garbage.