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  1. Luongo admitted on Team1040 last night that the Heritage Classic was the "final straw"

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    2. StealthNuck


      While it wasn't a good move to sit him, I think the onus is on Luongo to suck it up. It's a team sport, you can't cry about stuff like that.

    3. Tearloch7


      .. selfishness and ego are prevalent in 'elite' athletes .. that sense of entitlement lingers ..

    4. viking mama

      viking mama was akin to the dis-respect Linden got from Mess, Canucks brass & Keenan. They all tried to rape Trev of his Canucks' pride. When the vermin were eventually flushed-away, he likely felta little vindicated & Trev found his way back to us. I dont know if Lu feels the same, but he should. Lu is forever a Canuck. He was a part of our hockey heritage & our starter for 14 yrs then backstop for Team-Canada Olympic Gold in this city. Trev will honor him. <...

  2. Not defensively
  3. This situation has the feeling of Luongo 2.0 all over it...