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  1. I want to believe it's all about taking a crack at making the Russian Olympic team. Therefore this is all Bettman's fault. Suspend Rome, send BFG home....where does the hatred end?
  2. There are advantages and disadvantages to drafting post secondary players. A big advantage is that you retain the rights to said player without needing to sign them for four years. They don't use up a roster spot and the team gets to more accurately measure development over a larger sample size. If the player doesn't fulfill expectations the team can walk away. With a drafted junior player there is a two year window to sign or back in the draft they go and the original drafting team gets a compensatory draft pick. Clearly a smaller sample to evaluate development. ( I think the draft should start at 19 years old but I digress) The General Managers undoubtedly understand the risk v. rewards of college players. The only part of this that kind of stinks for Nashville is that they may have been misled as to Vesey's intentions.Or maybe their feelings are just hurt.
  3. Curious move. I was excited to see what HS could achieve at the NHL level. Not so much anymore! Nice for him that he goes home and will possibly get his shot sooner than later. Haven't seen enough of Granlund (or Shink in the show) to judge the trade fairly. It stood out that Benning praised Granlund for his complete game. Could it possibly a pre cursor to another move? ( possibly Hansen?) Either way I would say this is Benning's team now and he will be judged on the results soon enough.
  4. I understand that you are speculating but I disagree with your assumption that L.A. would consider trading him. This is based on my own assumption that L.A. will be competing for a playoff spot, which I suspect they envisioned when they signed Lucic to a one year deal. They will play it out as planned imho. but...if he were made available I would hope the Canucks pass.As others have stated, pursue through ufa if interested.
  5. Don't feel bad for DB. UFA crop this season bodes well for him getting signed elsewhere and making even more $$$$ ( factoring in the buy out ). If he ever regains consistency and performs as well as he did in stretches last year, the team that picks him up will be getting a bargain.
  6. Another AHL up and coming coach is Jeff Blashill. Assistant with Detroit last season, coach of Grand Rapids this season. One distinct difference between Blashill and Eakins is that Blashill's team is still playing. Not suggesting he is a better option than anyone mentioned just stating that he will likely garner interest from NHL clubs soon.
  7. Hey, thanks for the kind profile comment and friend add :)

  8. Always enjoy reading your posts.

    So often CDC posters have little to offer but

    I almost always agree with your views and find your posts to well thought out and insightful. Keep on keeping on!

  9. did you know you are user 1234?