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  1. Look at his old posts..... Or topics....
  2. I like the trade but what makes you think Sam the Man is on the market?
  3. [Discussion] Acquiring Brett Connolly

    I think this will be locked unless you put a tag on it bro
  4. [proposal] off season moves

    No. Please No. We need a rebuild not a 'ReTool' We give up 33ed O/A and if CBJ gives us there pick this year. Low 2nd round pick. For Phillys 44th O/A pick But then we flip Andrew MacDonald for more picks? Why not just keep our picks? Will we get better then a 33ed O/A for MacDonald Also under Value Chris Tanev in my opinion. But that's why I'm posting here and not making discussions for the canucks
  5. (Proposal) VAN-DAL

    Tryamkin's trade value is almost 0. What would make Nichuskin want to sign with the Canucks? Heres an Idea. Vegas takes Nichushkin from Dallas in expansion draft. Vadim Shipachyov tries to convince Nichuskin to sign in the NHL.
  6. [Proposal] Tanev to DAL

    As much as it pains me to say this. I don't think Tanev will ever go to Dallas. Do you really think Tom Gaglardi would let this trade go through. Even if it is an even trade. The only time Tom Gaglardi will make a trade with the Canucks it would have to be along the lines of the San Fransisco 49ers trade with Chicago Bears.
  7. [Proposal] New Draft Lottery Format?

    Bettman this.. Its rigged that.. In the end of the day We did not win the lottery. What else are we expecting here. We are going to get a great player at #5 If we would have won the lottery no one would be complaining here... Yes I was just as disappointed we dropped to 5... But I was also disappointed we traded Cory Schneider. Lets just wait and see who we get and see what he turns into before we burn down the city and the league for not letting Vancouver win the draft lottery.....
  8. Arizona-Van (Proposal)

    Is it just me or is this a tad bit of an over payment? Does this trade work in NHL 2017?
  9. (Discussion) 5th, 33rd and later picks

    Mittelstadt or Cal Makar I also think we should take a year off drafting Russians but that's just me. Also one that is currently playing in the KHL, Faniil Vovchenko. Also is cap lock broekn?
  10. Proposal - NJD

    Just seams like a type of trade they would have made in the movie draft day.
  11. Proposal - NJD

    Do you work for Chicago Bears?
  12. (Proposal) Van+Buffalo

    Columbus has not yet said if it will be this years 2nd rounder or next years second rounder. That being said. Stop trading hypothetical draft picks. Lets see how we lose this draft lottery first.
  13. [Proposal] VAN-BUF

    I don't know if Jake Eichel would accept this trade. You can always ask him and see what he thinks.
  14. (Proposal) Van-NJ

    Ok so it would have to be 2022 conditional pick because he is rights tell July 1st 2021. So you would not figure out of he is a UFA until then. Lastly A 2nd round pick. an AHL only D-Man. and a Player that may never come back to the league and only getting something for him tell 2022. For Top a pick from 1-8 OA Might not be enough for a top 8 pick. Over valued price for Subban and Tryamkin.