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  1. Kassian is and always will be at least 50% clown. Ever since the Tkachuk beatings and the extension he’s been far less of a high-motor and more of same old Kassian. Glad he’s on top of his off-ice demons but what a joker move. And still the Oilers keep re-upping this mediocre crew.
  2. I would love this signing, but isn't he the current Islanders' captain? He seems bound for several more seasons in Uniondale.
  3. Every morning after a Canucks game...


    Image result for it crowd did you see that ludicrous display

    1. brilac


      Oh yes, and a lot of pauses, like hmmm, yeah, oh, yeah.  Then,  - Yeah, Seattle's getting a hockey team?! Yeah, well, I'm totally excited about that!  

  4. Seth Jones's shot is coming along nicely. 

  5. We're still only 3 points out of the wildcard and we're still better than Edmonton. There's lots of time to right this thing. 

    1. Ghostsof1915


      I think the main issue is we have a lot of players that either are snake-bitten, or just really aren't playing that well. There are some players that should definitely stay and form the nucleus of our core. But I'm seeing a lot of guys that for whatever reason just isn't a fit for the team. Maybe it's adapting to Green's style. 

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Think we're seeing the true importance of Horvat and Sutter to the team. Without them, lots of players are being forced to handle workloads that they aren't used to or aren't optimized for. At this point, it probably goes beyond how they are being coached because they really don't have anyone capable of properly filling their minutes right now.


      That being said, they probably aren't as bad without him as they have been in the last four games.

  6. So much for Nilsson being starter-capable. 

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    2. zzbottom


      All true, everyone. He has still allowed 18 goals in his last 4 games. His start to the season seems like ages ago. 

    3. Ghostsof1915


      That goes for everyone not named Brock Boeser. :)

    4. zzbottom


      Have you heard about Jayson Megna tho? His parents threw in the Y in his first name cos they knew people would be asking that question every time he took the ice. 

  7. Lol 

    1. zzbottom


      Probably is? Shall I rescend? 

    2. zzbottom


      Love you. Sorry. 

  8. I got a feeling that this Brock Boeser character is a-ok 

    1. -AJ-


      I'd say he's at least above average

  9. Holy rollers, I haven't loved a Canucks roster this much in some time. 

  10. Sick stuff, Evander. 

    1. Wilbur


      Good start to his season.  Is this a case of putting in the work in a contract year?

  11. Linkin Park fans are hurting today. 

    1. Rubik


      Rest in peace.

      I don't know Linkin Park's music, but I have the Stone Temple Pilots' EP with Chester, and he definitely had a great voice.



    2. zzbottom


      Yeah I was never anything close to a fan. But I know a lot of people liked them, so seems like a fairly big deal. 

    3. Ryanstorm


      Being a musician he very much inspired my voice when I was becoming a teen. I didn't like their sound as much after 2004 but there is no denying Chester Bennington is one of the best rock vocalists ever. I am pretty crushed today although I had some internal anger at him for the way he lashed at his "nu metal" fans wanting older style LP to come back. I guess we are all battling our own demons no matter how we look on the outside. RIP I will always remember his influence and talent.

  12. Welcome to hell, Andres Nilsson.

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    2. SabreFan1


      Nilsson is being talked about as one of the better FA goalies out there.  Clubs are hoping that he turned the corner last year as a late-blooming netminder.  He's worth a 1-2 year contract in order to find out.

    3. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      I like him. .923 sv% isn't easy to do in Buffalo right now. Puts some pressure on Markstrom as well, as either could be our starter. 

    4. zzbottom


      I do not care for Markstrom so I hope this guy blows right on by him on the depth chart. 

  13. Star player playoff ending injuries is the new thing everywhere.