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  1. Someone is bound to spin this post into a package for DeBrincat.
  2. [Proposal] Sign Juice

    I was never disagreeing with your point, just looking at the list of D and thinking, wow, nobody can shoot.
  3. Not to mention Tanev alone would be a laughable swap for Marner.
  4. [Proposal] Sign Juice

    Zero. Possibly negative goals.
  5. [Proposal] Sign Juice

    Less than ten goals between that crew.
  6. (Proposal) Canucks - CHI/NYI

    Benning has to be a top 3 in anyone's mind.
  7. (Proposal) Canucks - CHI/NYI

    If Chicago was actually insane enough (re: Bowman's MO) to deal DiBrincat to shed Seabrook's contract, fans would riot.
  8. (Proposal) CHI Town & VAN City 2

    None of these proposed lines seem like they'd last longer than two weeks of losses.
  9. Current Untouchables?

    I am going to kindly disagree with your bottom sentence entirely. Let's not $&!# ourselves. He hasn't even played a consistent month of hockey.
  10. I'm glad someone had already posted it. This is what I get for not reading through the comments.
  11. [Proposal] Dal-Van

    Baertschi is a top 6 winger anywhere?
  12. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    After they hire AV they can convince the Sedins to unretire, sign Burrows and Hansen, and get Bieksa back as well! Chris Higgins is just a phone call away. I'm sure Cory Schneider is available right now. Imagine Schneider and Demko together in press conferences and photo ops. New ginger magic.
  13. Because all three were bad.