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  1. Yeah, and it's garbage. The Edmonton Oilers have a plethora of legends and had one of the best teams ever. Everyone at Rogers Place is wearing MCDAVID 97. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.
  2. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    All those hits are sure saving LA from a 0-3 hole, eh?
  3. [Report] Radim Vrbata announces retirement

    I liked Radim but will never forget how people bitched and moaned that Benning didn't pry a first round pick out of someone in his last year here. Then they failed to notice that he was signed to a much cheaper contract the next year and still no one wanted him.
  4. Temper Expectations

    I like getting hype as much as the next guy but you're talking to the forum that was sure that Cole Cassels was ready for the show because he shutdown McDavid at the Memorial Cup.
  5. (Proposal) Vancouver & Toronto- Draft Day Deal

    Excuse you?
  6. It's days like this why I'm glad that I don't drive.
  7. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Michael Lindqvist

    I miss how great he was for one season.
  8. Eliotte Friedman Destroys Canucks Trolls + Media (650 interview Link)

    So are guys like Miller and Vanek lying when they say that they loved it here? According to Vanek he conferred with Miller before choosing to sign here. Circlejerk gotta jerk, I guess. I miss when PITB was good and fun.
  9. Scr*w the Whiners and the Bandwagoners

    I'll be the first to admit that I haven't always seen eye to eye with you, Heff, but I'm raising my glass to you now for sure.
  10. Disbelief is a hell of a drug, mate.
  11. I'm hopeful because I would be happy to see them do well. My only fear is that they might never escape the shadow of the Bolts and the Knights (assuming they can maintain this level of success) much in the way that the WCE years were always eclipsed by the Avs and Wings. I'd much rather watch the Jets succeed than the Oilers and Leafs, that's for sure.
  12. I enjoy having Vanek and would bring him back, a NTC wouldn't bother me if it's a short, cheap contract.