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  1. You sign the guy to be a defensive specialist that you can trust on the PK and in the defensive zone. Why the hell would you trade him?
  2. Tampa Bay would like to assign D Christian Jaros to the New Orleans Storm. Also a shoutout to Mike V for being a pleasant trade partner as always.
  3. Anthony Cirelli is attracting some attention out of Tampa Bay, a few solid offers are already into the GM's office and other interested GMs are welcome to inquire.
  4. Very thrilled to have Mr. Game 7 staying in Tampa Bay! A hell of a character guy to have the room and teach the right things to our young stars.
  5. Tampa Bay would like to assign F Anders Bjork to the New Orleans Storm.
  6. I was content to leave my FO budget as they were, but thanks to the gracious extension I will make some changes! Tampa Bay Lightning Front Office: Medical: $0 Player Development: $0 Player Relations: $18,500,000 Minors Budget: $26,500,000
  7. Much less money than the internet was convinced he was gonna get from us. Immediate upgrade on the backend that is more meaningful than some will give him credit for. The ability to leave him exposed in the expansion draft. Great deal.
  8. I'm confused, is there some idea that Bo wasn't going to be made Captain at the start of this season?
  9. Jake has move to give I think. Goldobin isn't really much.
  10. Tampa Bay is thrilled to select Ville Hienola!