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  1. I'm going to allow it.
  2. Based on?
  3. 970 games in the NHL, tho.
  4. Homesickness, cultural alienation and a wife to keep happy. It's a very understandable argument, you're just in denial about it because you think that a longer contract offer would magically negate all of that.
  5. What a beautiful hill you have chosen to die on.
  6. We aren't on the same page at all. Unless someone is going to try and convince me that Tram is a special case of managerial failure when cases like Kovalchuk, Radulov, Sabotka and Nichushkin exist.
  7. Tram didn't announce anything. His team did at around 3am local PST.
  8. Benning says that he was aware of the possibility for months. Try harder.
  9. You're more or less agreeing with us when we describe why teams won't want him and then still insisting that we could have gotten something for him. Scoring thirty goals isn't going to make other general managers magically forgive any feelings they may have towards him. You realize that pro scouts exist for a reason, right?
  10. ROFL
  11. lol, what? Vrbata has little trade value because he isn't a hard nosed player that is effective in the playoffs and he threw a temper tantrum and stopped caring when he didn't get what he wanted. You're holding up a point total from one year and ignoring everything that explains why a playoff team isn't going to want to spend significant assets to aquire him. Nor did any of those teams even pony up a contract offer because he's back in Arizona where no playoff team is interested in him. Fans in the desert just like you were thinking about how much value he would have as a rental only to be upset when he wasn't moved (AGAIN) and throwing $&!# at management. Vrbata was playing at a constant 20+ pace in every season he played in Phoenix but still left as a free agent. Kinda makes you wonder, huh? BUT HE SCORED SOME POINTS THAT ONE TIME Doesn't make him desirable. BUT HE SAID MORE TEAMS WOULD HAVE BEEN INTERESTED History is showing us otherwise. Critical thinking, is that something I eat?
  12. That's Radim's opinion. One that isn't backed up by pattern or history of being traded as a rental. He can't will it so any more than you can.
  13. Which is why no one has given up anything for him then as they aren't now. Glad you're finally understanding. PS: Point totals in one season don't magically make a guy more attractive to other teams. Notice how no one rushed out to sign him when he became a free agent?
  14. It's not a debate when the facts back it up. How many times has Vrbata been a rental? He's a mercenary with a proven attitude problem and you think teams are lining up to deal for him? I mention 2017 because Arizona fans were using the same logic you are and already enjoying the first round pick they thought he would fetch. Funny how history repeats itself, I guess. Unless you want to close your eyes and pretend otherwise.