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  1. coming back to this: based off of this and recent developments, I think we can come up with a fairly comprehensive mafia list: one of zfetch and virt qwags one of AV and LL possibly aladeen. unvote; vote zfetch, but I still want to know why AV vote switched so easily when he was uber-confident in his "source" that said lucky was our guy.
  2. I'm pretty sure I've voted. Definitely for Virt, can't remember if I changed it. I think this suggests some things. let's presume qwags is mafia. questions: - would one of AV or LL be a sacrificial lamb? - was aladeen thrown in because he's town? or because he's mafia? my guess is that IF qwags is mafia, one is true, the other isn't. not that it hasn't been done before, but why risk outing most/all your teammates? carlutch is a newbie, I have no opinion on him yet. that being said, if 2-3 of AV/LL/aladeen turn up mafia, there's a chance carlutch does as well. something else to consider: - is naz mafia? I find it hard that a mafia would slip so easily as to protect another mafia as soon as the protection vote was explained. I don't know if this blows out the hypothesis of qwags being mafia or if it clears naz, though.
  3. yeah, something changed a few pages ago. not sure if it was when he was called out. but he became less edgy?
  4. has anyone picked up slightly antagonistic vibes from AV so far? play's mellowed out a bit more recently.
  5. can I vote zfetch to get him to stop posting memes
  6. dude I'd kill for a gyro right now
  7. wow this thread is moving so fast no one will see that I love my mom
  8. before we get started, in case I get the same role, I'd greatly appreciate it if no one investigates me this game
  9. I imagine that once we know what's happening with playoffs, we'll have an easy decision to make about the draft. We'd aim to begin at the end of the finals, or roughly 3-4 weeks before the draft. Can't imagine they'd shift the date on short notice.
  10. lol no, I'm just having fun. vote MR and then vote ceres or AV depending on result