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  1. Feel the same about Stamkos, Karlsson, Cirelli, Pavelski... it's a massive chunk of my team's production gone. In-season, at least - Tampa's done squat lol
  2. thejazz97

    NBA Discussion

    Well... no Blake, so my Pistons are going nowhere fast LOL edit: even if they had Blake they'd still be getting flag%*#$ed
  3. I'm sorry Ms Jackson (ooo), I am four eels // Never meant to make your daughter cry, I am several fish and not a guy

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      that explains a lot. 

  4. Yeah, Québec's invested hard into tech the last few years and now with this, there's a massive amount of skilled tech workers in Québec. I think Vancouver is benefiting from it as well.
  5. Yeah, they're technically American, but so are the others who are being deported the thing with this is we have legal provisions for refugees and have for 50 years - if it's not illegal, but still an uptick, it's irregular
  6. I honestly don't care much about immigration, it should be a merit-based system if you apply and we should be fairly evaluating if refugees should be allowed to stay. None of that changed under Trudeau. This law is merely to keep down those who would be returned anyway. (Also, if we're being completely honest here, Trudeau would win about fifteen terms if he ran under with 98% of his policy under the CPC banner )
  7. Dammit I knew @Mike Vanderhoek was gonna have the team to beat this series is gonna be wild
  8. On a side note, I'm still looking to make some moves - I'll be moving two of Nicklas Backstrom, Joe Pavelski, and TJ Oshie. Pekka Rinne, Wayne Simmonds, and Curtis McElhinney's rights can all be had for picks (or prospects, if you want ).
  9. To COL: Darcy Kuemper To OTT: 3rd Rd. Pick (2020, COL)
  10. Returning the favour: would you trade 10th + Markstrom for 1st + Schneider?


    edit: I got reamed on /r/canucks for this so I know it's not up to par :lol:

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    2. coastal.view


      won't happen


      but for symmetry


      how about bo and marky for 1st overall and schneids

      that is a deal the devils might do ?

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Petterson, Horvat, Boeser, 10th for 1st 

    4. coastal.view


      now you are simply being silly tortorella

      there is no reason to not include demko as well
      to get this deal done


  11. First 15 Draft Order: 01. Chicago Blackhawks @WalkWithElias40 02. Detroit Red Wings @Salter 03. Washington Capitals @Tigs 04. Colorado Avalanche @Big-Country 05. Ottawa Senators @Art Vandelay 06. Anaheim Ducks @Jaku 07. Calgary Flames @maroe 08. Toronto Maple Leafs @canuckledraggin 09. Buffalo Sabres @Sygvard / @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka 10. Tampa Bay Lightning @Alain Vigneault / @Sane33 11. Pittsburgh Penguins @Watermelons 12. St. Louis Blues @LilBurrows 13. Minnesota Wild @Baer. 14. New York Islanders @Nail / @Blue Jay 22 15. Montreal Canadiens @Bombastik der Teutone
  12. lol can we just send Loui Eriksson to the lottery next time, it's not worth it for Benning to go and it never has been
  13. Good thing it's 3 hours 58 seconds