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  1. The Arizona Coyotes draft from the Kingston Frontenacs, Zayde Wisdom
  2. if anyone is experiencing something similar, please note that I am willing to take picks from any disillusioned GMs.
  3. To BUF: picks 66 and 98 To VGK: pick 63
  4. Canadiens recall Jose Labanc and Morgan Frost.
  5. Canadiens release: Andrew Cogliano Ryan Donato Zack Kassian Patrik Nemeth Ian Cole
  6. montreal relinquishes claim on ryan donato, places a claim on zach sanford
  7. @Fear not what were you saying about america not gassing people?
  8. whatever you do, don't google 'MOVE 1985', 'tulsa 1921', 'usa 22%', 'tuskegee experiment'. nothing's there to see
  9. for sure, I was born in Vancouver and don't want to go back unless I'm getting paid to
  10. this is also why you'll find so many black communists. they want to stop playing the game.
  11. I actually have a friend who's black american who's very suicidal right now, in part for this very reason uhhh they do, actually traffic stop - philando castile beaten up while walking with friends - dafonte miller walking home - trayvon martin holding a bb gun - tamir rice why do you think police do ID checks on black folks in the street? or why black folks get pulled over more often? further: sleeping in own bed - breonna taylor sitting in own apartment - botham jean etc etc etc etc these are less one offs and more part of a pattern that's existed for 400 years
  12. it's actually less about if all are oppressed and more about the fact that there's a common oppressor white supremacy and white patriarchy own the united states (and canada, fwiw) but each ethnic group or sexual/gender identity has its own relationship to it. Black and Indigenous folks have the most brutal of relationships with it
  13. for-profit prisons bro, it's as much of a continuation of the same system as the law will allow