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  1. Hey Everyone, It's been awhile since I've posted but thought I'd share with the community. I got the chance to talk to Chris MacDonald, who's been an Amateur Scout for the Canucks for the last 6 years, and was willing to let us record him for the Podcast I started with some friends. Would love feedback, maybe have him on after the draft to get him to break down the picks. Would love to field questions from the community. It's an interesting time for this organization, and wanted to bring the analyst, media, fan perspective and thought we got some cool answers/stories from Chris. I think everyone will enjoy the Petey story. We'll be cutting the video to do 1 per question because we realized how long it the original plays. Cheers Everyone
  2. He needs to add 20 pounds to even compete for an NHL spot, and if he does that this summer who knows if his body has adjusted to the added weight. Given that, he should be in London next year. Like you guys said above, he really needs to to add on some mass this summer because he's going into his D + 2 season and should atleast look at a man in that league. Also, as some of you have pointed out, most of his points come from the powerplay and so I hope he's better 5v5 next year in creating off the rush. I get that we should not try to make him out to be a player that he's not, but one of the key features of a top pairing defenceman is the ability to transition the puck with a pass or skating. Even a player with limited offensive ability like Tanev can transition the puck and carry it up ice. Olli doesn't stickhandle particularly well, and I guess carrying the puck up ice isn't his strong suit but an area to work on.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing Juolevi in Utica if it permits this year. That team needs a boost on the backend.
  4. Feel like this post is long overdue, just didn't really have time to get around to posting it. I was able to see Juolevi play in Kingston a couple weeks back with a few friends and a pro scout. I'm sure many of you know I've been skeptical of Juolevi in the sense that I don't think he'll likely reach his top 2 potential. He was very good that game, as some of the highlights showed, against a pretty weak Kingston team albeit. He was assertive, not aggressive unless he had to, and played really well with Van De Sompel. He should of had 4-5 points but he hit a crossbar and post I think. I still think he can work on his first few strides as it will make his transition game a lot more smooth and effective at the NHL level. We had really good seats, and for a guy who's 6' 3", he was VERY slender. To the point that you could mistake him as a first year OHL player. I think he should be in London next year, echoing the sentiments above, so he can work on his strength, shot and mobility. I really like him playing with Van De Sompel because he is active on the blueline and gets Juloevi skating more, I notice sometimes he wants to beat you with the pass so often that he won't move his feet on the blueline and gets caught in a hit or pass deflection. That time and space is going to close quickly at the NHL level, so if he starts to move on the blueline better, he's gonna be that much more versatile and dynamic.
  5. One more thing to add about his transition and control, is that he doesn't have exceptional escapability. Sometimes escapability is misinterpreted as dynamic skill, and I have to disagree with that association. Dynamic skill would be to generate offence seemingly out of nothing, but what I haven't seen much from OJ is his ability to skill his way out of danger without passing. He passes so well out of danger it's scary, but he lacks the escapability a natural top D pairing has, whether that's speed, quickness or craftiness. There have actually been numerous occasions where I've seen him get absolutely rocked (take a hit to make a play is usually reserved for forwards). It could be that I've only seen him play a dozen times or so, but I don't think we can say "oh he's just not a dynamic player" because that's what separates top pairing Dmen is that they can beat you in all different kinds of ways. And it seems as though OJ can only pass his way out of trouble.
  6. There's one thing in Olli's game that, if he improves, he'll be a homerun player. To me, if he finds a way to gain control of the puck in transition, for receiving or retrieving a puck, he'll be a dominant player. What I mean by this is that when Olli has time and space to make a play he makes unbelievably smart and better plays; the strengths we know and love. However, he does seem slower in transition in comparison to other top end defensive prospects in the flow of the game. For example, I notice time and time again when he receives a pass from D to D or is trying to transition the puck forward, he doesn't have great control of the puck to make a play. Once he gets two or three strides with the puck and it's in his wheelhouse, then he can make plays. However, the on and off his stick transition could be faster and where I see the biggest impact in his game. If he can tighten up that aspect of his game while processing the game at the level he does now, he can break defences open in transition. He also needs to put on some weight and work on his shot - seems like he shoots muffins.
  7. Glad to see to play yesterday and contributed after what looked like a violent hit at the end of the game in Saginaw. https://youtu.be/4OIHL9nKu0M?t=828
  8. Did anyone watch the Relegation game today, how did he fare?
  9. The 1 assist through 3 games isn't a big concern for me, but his play in general has been underwhelming. It seems I keep having to readjust my expectations/views of what kind of player Juolevi is. A lot has been discussed about the coach's deployment of OJ but he hasn't necessarily outplayed the rest of the Finnish d-core. I personally think that Saarijarvi and Valimaki have outplayed him, or have atleast been play drivers. OJ almost looks tired out there or maybe it's his intensity but again I fail to see him drive plays or really influence the play. His skating and puck skills are not cerebral enough to really be a threat as a puck rusher, however, his first pass and transition ups are spectacular. I truly expected more so far, irrespective of how poorly his team has played around him.
  10. Haven't posted anything here in awhile and wanted to update on my previous stance (That I wasn't too impressed with Olli's start). Since then he's definitely improved and has been more commanding of games than in the early going. It's definitely not a knock on him, but when we drafted him I only watched his highlights and never really watched him play. All I heard was High IQ, smart, smart, smart, defence, and for that reason I guess my expectations were different/skewed. After watching him play (someone on youtube is doing great work and uploading all of his shifts), I definitely have a completely different opinion on this player than when we first drafted him. I stand by my original statements, however, that he isn't a defence first defenceman, he is a two-way defender who wants to produce offence. The hockey IQ is there, it's evident everytime you watch him play; he's almost too smart for Junior hockey because his teammates aren't operating on the same frequency. One thing I noticed is that he really isn't that great of a defender defensively. Yes, his stick is active and he breaks plays up by being positionally sound, but when I watch him time and time again it appears as though he gets outmuscled and may be a little slow to react (because he's always thinking ahead maybe). His quickness and agility is something that may be something he needs to work on because at higher levels everyone is strong and fast and if he's struggling to keep up with quick OHL'ers than he may not be ready for the NHL anytime soon. http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/juolevi-want-to-improve-everything-particularly-defence-1.633404 His offensive game has grown on me. He may not have a dynamic quality to his offensive game but I really like the way he runs the London powerplay with Cliff Pu. The umbrella powerplay works so well for him because he sees the ice so well and dropping it off to the right half wall to Pu gives me a little excitement for a Juolevi/Boeser combo on the powerplay. We all know that Boeser has a great shot, but he's also a good playmaker and so I really like that potential there. I agree with a lot of you guys that I'll be following Finland closely with Boeser and Brisebois out. I really hope to see the OJ we saw at last year's WHJC, because he really dominated there; something I haven't really seen much in the OHL.
  11. Gaunce took a few shifts last night with Granlund and Sutter. I'd prefer to see Gaunce there over Megna for a few games.
  12. What I failed to explain in my previous post, where I may have gotten a little aggravated, is summed up beautifully here. I never said we should have drafted someone else, I was saying objectively at #5OA we picked a solid and safe defenceman who's game was being misinterpreted by many. Someone said that Juolevi calling himself an offensive defenceman == calling himself a cookie. What kind of argument is that? I completely agree that he's a complementary player and not a driver at this point. You can tell by watching him play in London, what we saw at Penticton and in pre-season. You can tell from his highlights he doesn't shoot particularly hard, nor does he score the traditional style of goals that defenceman in the NHL score. He's going to be top 4 defenceman for us, how long from now has yet to be determined. All i was saying was that so far I haven't been impressed by his play.
  13. You guys seem to know a lot about Juolevi, eh? I think i know someone you knows him better... himself. http://canucksarmy.com/2016/6/24/juolevi-it-s-awesome-to-be-going-to-vancouver Juolevi' interview right after the draft: “I think everybody that goes in the top ten or so, they have to work so hard this summer. And that’s my attitude. I want to play in this league next year and I want to come to training camp and show what I’ve got. I think I’m an offensive defenseman but I can play a two-way game and in all situations, but my offensive assets are my biggest threat.” So telling me I'm not paying attention when you obviously never did your homework either. I'm just stating the fact that he should be considered offensive in that he should compete to be one of the highest scoring defencemen in the OHL; he's a draft +1 top 5 pick, and yet he's second on his own team. I was just stating facts, nothing else. Do I think he's struggling, no. Do I think he's having a subpar year, not yet. I just made an observations and had expectations for the season.
  14. Well if that's the case then why would he be considered the best defenceman in the draft and worthy of a top 5 pick? I think the crutch of "high hockey IQ" and "do the little things right" is being blown out of proportion and we should expect more from the top defenceman picked at the draft. I think the high hockey IQ and doing the little things are very important to what makes him an elite prospect and that won't make him seem flashy or dynamic, however, I completely disagree otherwise because he needs to be offensive. If you watch interviews of him, he thinks he's an offensive defenceman, and looks up to OEL. He's an all around defencemen but he still isn't known for his defence. I'd rather him score, because you can pick quality defender way later in the draft.
  15. I wouldn't mind his slight dip in dominance or production based on the change and turnover of this team, but Victor Mete seems to be doing just fine out there. Obviously Mete is a smaller defenceman who will need to score to play pro, but it seems like Olli isn't really assertive himself, no real highlights 14 games in.